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Some weeks ago I visualised the Swiss cantons (states) and their population numbers using what information visualization scientists call a linked view. You can click through to the actual, interact…

Brian Altonen‘s insight:

One web site that effectively demonstrates the value of hexagonal grid mapping GIS for medical surveillance is Spatialists by Ralph Straumann.  On this page he displays a useful technique for displaying public health using hexagonal grids.  This method produces more accurate results, enabling more correct interpretations of health and space to ensue, which in turn can can be used to produce intervention programs.  


Small area spatial analysis using hexagonal grid techniques allows us to focus more on the details of public health, to define where and upon whom our new interventions must be developed and targeted.  

Most current applications of medical GIS focus on retrospective studies, a review of the past in order to determine which activities we wish to engage in to make changes in the future, afterwhich, we don’t always monitor our performance using the same GIS approach.    

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