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Faculty Projects:  

2013-2014PI: Andrew Curtis
Collaborators: Jason K Blakcburn, Spatial Epiemiology & Ecology Research Laboratory (SEER), Department of Geography, University of Florida; Jocelyn M Widmer, Urban Affairs and Planning, School of Public and International Affairs, Virginia Tech University; J Glenn Morris Jr., Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida

Brian Altonen‘s insight:


Fine-scale and longitudinal geospatial analysis of health risks in challenging urban areas is often limited by the lack of other spatial layers even if case data are available. Underlying population counts, residential context, and associated causative factors such as standing water or trash locations are often missing unless collected through logistically difficult, and often expensive, surveys. The lack of spatial context also hinders the interpretation of results and designing intervention strategies structured around analytical insights. This project offers a ubiquitous spatial data collection approach using a spatial video that can be used to improve analysis and involve participatory collaborations.

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