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This is a description of the visitors of my NPHG sites over the past year.  This site has been in operation now for more than 5 years and receives anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 visitors per month depending on the academic period, with peaks on primary lecture and/or regional and national spatial health conference and seminar dates.   As expected, the usual countries to visit my site on a daily basis are US, England, Canada, India, Australia, China, and parts of South America.

Brian Altonen‘s insight:

 My major inspirations for the topics I cover at this site come from real experiences mapping costs, claims, billing and fraud, prescription drug patterns, age-gender-ethnicity relationships, and most ICDs, V-codes and E-codes considered hot topics or linked to important social issues in today’s day and age.  Like always, I make it a point to focus on the less obvious, metrics that are normally underrepresented but important to understanding the US health care system.  I developed this unique mapping technique more than ten years ago.

My NPHG spatial mapping site is at

My more frequently visited educational site is

My videos of the rotating 3D US maps of epidemiology are being posted at

These are the only sites where hundreds of examples of my NPHG 3D disease mapping algorithms are demonstrated, nationally and at the small area level.

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