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Everything you need to know, or want to know, about suicide, age, gender, and regions of the United States

Brian Altonen‘s insight:

One of my first age – specific endeavors into exploring the national suicide activities and patterns was defining how to break these claims down into the right age groups.


Knowing that the Pacific Northwest had its own unique patterns involving runaways, children no longer attending school, and those living on the streets, my focus was on young parented children followed by teens, and then teens who were older, and had more than we wanted living on the streets.

Next, I experimented with this data modeling technique for young, middle age, and older adults, and then people of retirement age or at an age well into the retirement and/or assisted living years.


Finally, I focused on the questions,


–where in the country do teens, and older and younger kids try to commit suicide–was it in fact the Pacific Northwest due to its unusually high number of street kids support services?


and which age group did Niagara Falls fit into this scenario, commonly referred to as Lovers’ Leap impact?

These and other questions were reviewed, and my first attempts to apply 3D rotating imagery mathematics to my U.S. spatial mapping algorithms was developed.

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