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Managed Care Organizations benefit from GIS software’s use of patient demographics and market and provider data to make better decisions regarding Medicaid, disease management & utilization.

Brian Altonen‘s insight:

In some of my past discussions with student about population health monitoring, I referred to a successful GIS that is already operating and managing several hundred metrics or more per month as our "sixth sense."
Even when nothing appears in the forefront about health matters, viewing the images you are used to seeing every day  can often bring about new attention whenever a new health problem is surfacing, and its appearance on the map suddenly changes.
This is the major reason GIS works better for population health analyses and surveillance than any other method out there that is predominantly word or table based.
On a single page, single screen, one can review several dozen outcomes in just a few seconds.  This rapid processing is what enables us to utilize these methods as a ‘sixth sense" approach to analyzing population health.


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