I did these studies years ago about African health history, disease patterns, linked human behaviors, genetic, and culturally-bound disease patterns into the US.     


I broke down the African cultures in-migrating into the slavery era defined, post slavery and predominantly Muslim related in-migration periods.  These ICDs related to African heritage were then  reclassed into those groups,  and about 180 definitive ICDs for African influence defined.     


This 3D rotating map is one of the first I produced depicting my study results.  It was used to demonstrate the value of the Remote Sensing equations when applied to grid modeling techniques, the mathematical method I designed for implementing this detailed US epidemiological surveillance technique.   


Other examples of my cultural ICD 3D mapping studies are at [Topic: Inmigrating Disease Patterns]    


The primary, secondary and tertiary mapping developed begins with the basic in-migration patterns, followed by cultural-behavioral and then genetic diseases, all identified based upon ICDs.   


This Youtube site is also rich in sociological, zoonotic, genetic, V-code and numerous other foreign born and/or re-emerging disease patterns that I developed NPHGs for.   




My REGIONS & HEALTH pages provide specific applications for these techniques.  The Pacific Northwest issue for example was detailed and discussed extensively a few years ago, beginning with    


Regional Health Planning and the Pacific Northwest Medical GIS and Regions series    


I posted hundreds of examples of the 3D mapping in this series, 

with GIS applied specific to Pacific NW issues on the page at    

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