In straightforward defiance against the White House position of non-transparency, previous communication from the Center of Disease Control discovered Tuesday a


I mapped immunization refusals, demonstrating the peak in the Pacific Northwest, and the distribution of outbreaks of diseases, as noted in claims, that we should be immunized against.      


These pages and videos (some of the first such videos I produced and presented) are at the following sites.       




In general:      .     


As a Pacific NW issue:      .     



The Pacific NW cluster, up close, NPHG video–      .     


My insights at the time Measles struck NY:      .     


The controversy I caused by first posting these projections, which unexpectedly turned in my favor over a weekend.      .     


Applications of GIS to MANAGED CARE based on my study of well visits and immunization rates, Medicaid population in Denver, 2005-6.  This and more reviewed at :      



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