You wouldn’t know it, but there is this social epidemic spreading throughout this country faster than the flu, STDs, or Ebola – – – it has to deal with childhood, adolesecent and teen suicides that occur due to bullying.

The news travels about bullying-linked suicides spread faster than any lessons we are learning right now about why these events happen.  And sometimes we tend to respond first, think later, producing news stories that result in more guttural responses than anything productive.

Sidetracked so much by the Ebola outbreak these past 6 months, another such event even in my own community led me to ask:  How many news stories have been posed in this past week about bullying at schools?  Are these stories more about the programs being developed to understand and manage bullying, or complaints about the system and how we are inadequately dealing with these bullying problems?

Well, there is a lot of evidence for the programs being developed right now.  But just as much evidence for the ongoing complaints that exist for the recurring deaths of younger and younger children.

In view of the most recent news development, a new form of anti-culturalism has even developed, leading to yet more bullying cases and more demonstrations of underlying racism within the school settings.  It ends up that social media is the main reason this behavior spreads.

Current counts in this new war seem to be 50:50 for either side.

Our typical reaction to a news story like this is to go all out trying to makes amends for this very social and culturally defined behavioral health problem repeated throughout this country.

But due to the events that just occurred, public frustration about about how to best deal with this public health problem is growing.

The following are examples the news posted about this problem in just the past month, followed by some links to the tales about the faces represented by the photos I assembled for this posting.


12/21/2014.  Minnesota.  Spring Lake Park school district revises bullying prohibition policy. By Sun Focus Editor, Olivia Alveshere. 

12/21/2014.  Students, parents seek bullying policies change.  by Ed Richter.  Ohio.  Fairfield Journal-news.   [life of Emilie Olsen]

12/21/2014.  Human Rights Commission to sue Brunswick schools over bullying.   Brunswick, Maine [VIDEO]. 

12/21/2014.  Glastonberry CT.  Glastonbury school combats bullying through song. 

12/20/2014. Utah.  Their Voice: Understanding the impact of bullying . by Monica Villar. 

12/19/2014.  NJ. North Hunterdon-Voorhees tops county in 2013-14 violence, bullying reports, says DOE.   By Christine Lee | Hunterdon County Democrat. 

12/19/2014.  Pierce County, ND.  The Tribune.

Beyond the Classroom: Addressing bullying is complex for schools. Robert Bubach – Leeds Superintendent , Pierce County Tribune.  – See more at:–Addressing-bullying-is-complex-for-schools.html?nav=5005#sthash.HiL9LBYx.dpuf 

12/18/2014.  Michigan.  The Detroit News.  Kolka: Parents and bullying.  by Kurt J. Kolka . 

12/18/2014.  Ocean City, MD.  Ocean City school board asked to do more about bullying.  by Claire Lowe. 

“Maliha Mahbub Chowdhury. A name that will forever be engraved in the minds and heart of the people she loved. Maliha was a beautiful talented young lady who was so full of live. She had so many different talent. Drawing, dancing, singing, and bringing a smile to everyones face. Yet Maliah didnt notice the positive things about herself, and bullying in school which brought her self-esteem down she got tired and decided she woud give up [sic],”

12/18/2014.  Detroit.  Dearborn Heights teen charges anti-Arab bullying at school. Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press . 

12/18/2014. Students ‘Cross The Line’ To Stop Bullying In Schools. Eric Johnson, Move2Stand leader, engages eighth-graders with songs after a “Cross the Line” activity.  By Emily R. West.  The Greenville Sun, TN.  

12/18/2014.  Lehigh Valley, NJ.  Express Times Staff.

How much violence, bullying was reported in your N.J. school?.   [Supports “declining” stats]

12/17/2014.  Our daughter killed herself because of racist bullies, claims devastated father. Darren Boyle. Read more:   [Emilie Grace Olson]
12/17/2014.  Las Vegas.  KNPRnews.

Las Vegas Schools Challenged By Cyber Bullying, Threats.  By CHRIS SIEROTY. [Preventive]

12/17/2014.  East Grand Forks.  Bullying: EGF Students Punched & Called Fat & Ugly.  by Neil Carlson.–Called-Fat–Ugly–286127711.html 

12/16/2014.  Did racial bullying spur girl’s suicide? Dad thinks so
Michael D. Clark, 

12/11/2014.  The Sacramento Bee.  Folsom Cordova schools chief calls for stronger bullying response following suicide. BY LORETTA KALB AND DARRELL SMITH

12/10/2014.  Metro Detroit schools face lawsuit claiming transgender child was bullied

Author: Hank Winchester, 

12/10/2014.  Conestoga Public Schools promote anti-bullying policies . [Preventive]

12/9/2014.  Armonk, NY. Stacey Sager, WABC Eyewitness News (Ch7).   ‘BEAUTY BULLYING’ AT SCHOOL ON THE RISE DUE IN PART TO SOCIAL MEDIA. 

12/9/2014.  Ohio.  Students play role in reducing bullying in Lorain County schools.  by Carol Harper.  [Preventive]

12/5/2014.  California boy, 12, on cheerleading squad tragically took his life. By Amy Graff on December 5, 2014 12:43 PM. 

12/4/2014. Escambia warns parents about new cyber bullying app New App targets Middle and Highschool Students. 

12/4/2014.  New Mexico.  Schools seeing inroads on curbing bullying. By Thomas Garcia . 

12/4/2014.  Massena, NY.  Watertown Daily Times.

Massena woman supports anti-bullying initiatives in Massena schools By BOB BECKSTEAD. 

12/3/2014.  Myrtle beach.  8 Socastee High School students arrested in bullying incident. BY CLAIRE BYUN . 

12/3/2014.  After School Is The Latest Anonymous App Resulting In Student Cyberbullying And School Threats. [Yik Yak After School App].  Matt Burns. 

12/3/2014.  Unique Anti-Bullying Program Making a Difference in Worthington Schools by Elizabeth Faugl. 

11/24/2014. (Included because it is from the Huff Post.)  Hundreds Of Students Protest Norman High School Over Alleged Bullying Of Rape Victims. The Huffington Post | By Rebecca Klein . 


More links for 2012-2014 VICTIMS (if not noted in above bibliography). — Fatalities brought on by Bullying.

4/17/12.  Kenneth Weishuhn, Gay Iowa Teen, Commits Suicide After Allegedly Receiving Death Threats. 

9/13/2013.  Florida.  Rebecca Ann Sedwick Bullied For Months Before Suicide, Sheriff Says (VIDEO).   [12 yo]  Lakewood, FL. 

12/12/2013.  Hailee Lamberth. (Dec. 12, 2013 suicide event. ; 

Emily Grace Olson.  

Lamar Hawkins.  Family: Boy who committed suicide was ‘repeatedly attacked’ by bullies. Lamar Hawkins III’s mother addresses media . ; ;





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The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide: What We Know and What it Means for Schools. 

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