Review of the history of Vaccination and Inoculation, and the diseases that have been reduced due to the immunization program. An epidemiological transition a…


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I produced a lengthy review of this vaccinated diseases topic that has evolved in recent weeks.  I have been watching the anti-immunization movement grow for quite a few years, and decided it was time to publish my rendering of what this movement could do to the history of medicine and how these diseases can impact the lives of kids who don’t get vaccinated.  This version lacks an incidence-prevalence statistics review, but covers the history of inoculation/vaccination in detail, going back to the 1770s.  A few recent postings show the graphs I was developing for this, with the results of my temporal analysis of the immunization programs and immunizable diseases.  I avoided several “hot topics” for now, but will re-review them and add them in at a later time.  The major point here is to provide a detailed visual presentation of what the diseases look like within the clinical setting.   People seem pretty much decided upon this matter for the time being.  So I may be preaching to the choir with this posting.

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