Produced 1-29-15.


This is a video, minus the audio, produced from a powerpoint that I developed on the history of vaccinated diseases.

The focus of this presentation is kids or young adults who come down with an immunizable disease.

In the figure provided above, the two pictures present views down the pharynx of a child with diphtheria.  The white covering on the mucous membranes is due to dead organisms, respiratory passage tissue, and debris left behind by a bacterial colony residing on the air passage.  This debris essentially forms a perfect casting of the lung, and can extending more than a foot into the lung in some sections.  For the worst cases, it may extend as far down as the upper to middle bronchioles, stopping just before the alveoli are reached.  In the alveoli, oxygen – carbon dioxide exchange takes place.

In severe cases of airway blockage, the best treatment is typically a tracheotomy and/or intubation.

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