Johannes Christophorus Homann.  The inventor of modern mapping, who defined the need for mapping cultures, living styles, health, and disease.  I translated a portion of this thesis, reviewable at ;


The page this ScoopIt! links you with is several years old, but still one of the best and longest demonstrations of the national population health grid project.    


I produced it with the goal of marketing NPHG to several of the top Healthcare Quality/Patient Safety companies in the U.S.  The goal is to merge NPHG with a standard GIS module already in place.  NPHG does mapping exceptionally fast; GIS can be used to follow up on the discoveries made utilizing NPHG.    


NPHG is valuable at the small area and national health level .   In theory, a company could produce a page for internal staff to access that is updated on a regular basis.  This process can be used to a standard reporting module, such as a report focused on : African/African American Health, Asian American Crosscultural Physical and Mental Health, Latino/a Healthcare Programs, High Risk/High Cost Patient Care, SES, CDM Risk-Cost and National Mental Health Cost modeling.   PW :  Homann   

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