“In the U.S., the pneumonic plague is found among prairie dogs in the Southwest, and an estimated 8 people contract it every year. 

“The bacteria that causes all plague, Yesinia pestis, is also found in the infamous bubonic plague, spread by rats in the Middle Ages and responsible for wiping out millions of people in Europe. (Note: pneumonic = respiratory, bubonic = lymphatic)”

Source: www.womansday.com

"And according to a newly-released U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, one Colorado man contracted the potentially fatal infection when his pit bull terrier coughed on him.


His dog started showing symptoms (including fever and a rigid jaw) last summer and was euthanized. But days after the dog’s death, the owner was admitted to the hospital with a fever and a bloody cough. After 23 days in the hospital, he successfully recovered, along with three other people — one of his friends and two veterinarians — who were also infected."



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