The number of Ebola cases has risen in Guinea and Sierra Leone for the second consecutive week, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. In Guinea, 16 new cases were found in the week ending June 7, with 15 more found in neighbouring Sierra Leone. In the previous week, 13 new cases had been found in Guinea, a clear increase on the nine reported a week before that.

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. . . Third Base . . . . Forgive me for being a political satirist here, but I would like to say (and post) the following for this news :

“Let the games begin! We will start out the season with WHO vs. MERS, and then follow it up with games involving the Ebola team. Then WHAT’s Second?. Counter-Defense Crews (the anagram here) will make their way into the games, once they win out in the American BA (BS Artists’) series. ABsA and NBsA will then go face to face for the greatest game of all—the World Series. But only those customers caught distracted by watching the games are the real losers here–forgetting their safety when it comes to wild throws and foul-balls. But isn’t that really what this “game” is all about? Errors by in-field mistakes?

(What we don’t know is when is ‘I DON’T KNOW’ up to bat? That’s the big question here!)”

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For those in need of a refresher:  Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” :