COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Doug Hamilton is just fine with plans to put a woman’s portrait on U.S. paper money, but he’d prefer that the Treasury Department leave the $10 bill alone — particularly the prominent visage of his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Alexander Hamilton.

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How naive people are about history. 


If we’re going to make a change, I say "REPLACE JACKSON, NOT HAMILTON".


According to many, Jackson did much to deserve heavy criticisms in retrospect.   He was not always the best example for being a president.  And when it came to medicine, Jackson felt the MD wasn’t worth his few bits for a simple bloodletting, which he routinely did on his own to himself at night.


Alexander Hamilton, on the other hand, was of utmost important to national security.  In medicine, Hamilton was the first to take control of the tropical fever problem developing in troops.  Due to yellow fever, he established protocols for packing and unpacking or exchanging goods from ships, military wagons and carts.  All goods were sealed in fabric, placed in a vehicle under a secured cover that was sealed and had to be recorded each time it was opened.  In just one year, this proved beyond doubt that yellow fever could not be carried by the military wagons, and therefore was not transmitted by air that got caught in sealed containers and wrapping materials.


As for his greatest accomplishment outside medicine and his work as a Military leader, Hamilton worked alongside Thomas Jefferson when the nation’s first National Homeland security act was passed and signed. [see ]  


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