My top pages in recent months are as follows.


The large response to posting the Texas Cattle Drives page a few years ago has leveled out to the amounts displayed in the graph.  Review of my page on the Oregon Trail thesis, demonstrating how to use mapping to investigate a historical outbreak, is my second most popular page. (There is also a blog site with the thesis and sections of work not included in the thesis for review.)


I am most interested in the hexagonal grid mapping site and its download page for the excel file I used to produce my first hex grid maps.  This methodology is perhaps the most important addition to medical GISing techniques that I decided to undertake around winter of 2004, a technique which has not been fully appreciated as of yet.  My argument for its value focuses primarily on the use of this method to reduce errors in data mapping and analyses.

I am due to develop the hex grid algorithms in several other formats for people to incorporate into their repertoire.  I have to develop the SAS and perhaps SQL formulas for it.  These will be employed within the next year to evaluate urban density patterns for medical research.