There are several innovations in my research approaches worth reblogging here. In particular, the numbers of people citing my work in their various fields are quite gratifying. Mind you, some of these mentions involve work that is over 20 years old. But that’s fine. Better late than never, so they say.

Brian Altonen, MPH, MS


I designed a way to score health care programs for their GIS savviness using this scoring process, which evaluated the different spatial modeling software tools, methods of analyses, mapping processes, applications of GIS use, types of GIS (point, raster, vector) employed for surveillance and public health monitoring.  This survey ran from 2015-2019 and focused on the use of GIS by Health Care Organizations and Facilities.

Middle of Outbreak update.

A number of historic epidemiology researchers, like myself, have stated that more than three years is a lengthy stay for a pandemic event.  The ways that yellow fever and cholera tended to stay, and re-emerge, was in two or three year clusters during the late 1700s and 1800s.  Each had varying numbers of years apart between their cycles, a source for our reasoning.

The first tendency is to look at past epidemic history and try to assign some sort of natural…

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