October 2016


Above: Articles by Thomas Jefferson and Congress about National Security, and two early European articles on the early discussions of warfare practices and the use of chemical tactics

Due to the recent 15th year recognition of 911 and recognition the WTC tragedy, a number of people queried into my work in this field, ultimately convincing me to initiate a new study of the survivors of this incident.

This study, initiated four to six weeks ago, focuses on the long term exposure effects and chronic disease patterns generated by exposure to various physical and chemical substances at this disaster site more than 15 years ago.   It uses spatial analysis and small area modeling of the entire ICD system, to compare documented victims in the registry with their neighbors with suspected causality due to proximity, unknown exposure history, but fully documented medical history in their EMR.

These images, above and below, come from my Bioterrorism Pinterest site at https://www.pinterest.com/altonenb/bioterrorism/

At my Bioterrorism site, I thoroughly review several centuries of military history as it relates to chemical and biological warfare events.  It is the result of a fairly extensive project I have been engaged in on and off since the late 1970s, when I began teaching “Terrorism” classes to Emergency Medicine students, as an expert in neurotoxicology. (I worked in a neurochemistry lab for several years, specializing in axon and synapse chemistry and metabolism.)

These pictures and their discussions cover everything you can imagine, plus more.  In my usual way, I focus on the obvious such as natural toxins, infectious disease warfare, and other substances, events and lessons related to chemical warfare and bioweapons.

Below: United States history and chemical warfare, and the birth of these unique chemical industries in the US, ca. 1880-1910.  The first bioterrorism events in the US–carried out by the Rajneeshi Puram utopian group located in Antelope, Oregon. An International team engaged in discussions on this topic. Victims of one of the recent bioterrorism events and forced relocation.  The development of a policy on how to manage these patients developed by physicians and published in the medical journal Pediatrics. 


Developed for a Poster session 

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What are the consequences of not immunizing your child?


This is an education video I developed for the classroom setting.

I updated it last year to include some additional information on the consequence of catching measles as an older child, because you were not vaccinated.

The presentation style is as a lengthy powerpoint (25 mins perhaps) meant for the classroom or classes at home.  It has no narrative, but an impressive amount of historical photos of events in health that are rarely seen today.

This presentation is automated up until the last text page, before the closing page. (You have to click on that page to finish and see the end page.)

VIDEO >> Conditions linked to Immunizable Diseases, 2015 update