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Additional References

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Sources for non-text/book images (book figures):

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For more information on electric cure or other electric cure devices, see:

  1. Albany display on the same, with slide show:
  7. Perkins Tractors:


Biographical Information:

  • The career of Shadrach Ricketson was reviewed as part of the 28th Beaumont Lecture, “Some landmarks in preventive medicine,” presented at Yale University School of Medicine, 6 December 1963.


Other References

Chapter 1.


Chapter 4.  Food and Diet


Other medical books Ricketson may have come in contact with regarding longevity include:

  1. James Easton.  Human Longevity.  (Salisbury, J. Easton, 1799).  A review of indviiduals in England with exceptionally long lives (>100).

Chapter 11. Vaccination/Inoculation

Peter Plett

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