Helping to provide an approximate date of this page, the following is evidence for when this recipe was being sold.  The following advertisement is from a Connecticut newspaper dated 1793 (source: http://www.ctgenweb.org/county/cowindham/records/newspaper/windhamherald/oct1793.html):

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886. WH Sat Oct. 19, 1793: Drugs & Medicine. Benjamin Dyer, has just imported from London, a large and general assortment of Genuine Drugs & Medicine. Which he is now selling on the lowest terms, at his store in Windham, of which the following are a part. Genuine Hooper’s Lockyer’s and Anderson’s Pills; Hill’s Balsam of Honey; Turlington’s Balsam of Life; Bateman’s Drops; British Oil; Godfrey’s Cordial; Hungary Water; Harlem Oil; Huxham’s tinct. Of the bark; Stoughton’s Elixir; Daffy’s Elixir; Eaton’s Styptic, per bottle; Dr. Bateman’s Cordial Elixir; Francis’s Female Elixir; Essence Burgamot; Essence Lavender; Essence Lemons; Essence Peppermint; Oil Lavender; Oil Cloves; Oil Cinnamon; Giauber Salts; Aether Vitriol; Gum Camphor; Borax; Colombo Roots; Red Peruvian Bark; Second do. [ditto]; Pale do.; Rad. Quassia; Opium, Jalap.; Manna; Magnesia Alb.; Scria; Flour Sulphur; Flos. Zinc; Spunge; Hair Pencils; Tooth Brushes, forted; Pewter and Ivory Syringes, with Pipes; Oil Cloth; London, Birmingham, and Shell Lancets; Surgeon’s Pocket Instruments; Surgeon’s Needles, sorted.; Horse Phlemes, sorted; Oval smelling Bottles, sorted.; Pungent Smelling Bottles, sorted; Glass Ink-stands; Phials and Phial Corks, by the gross; Apothecaries Scales & Weights. Also, Ink-Powder and Cake-Ink, Wafers and Sealing-wax, Raisins,
Mace, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs, Ginger, Alspice, Salep, Gold-Beaters’ Skins, English Glue, Durham Mustard, Rotten Stone, Spelter, ivory Black, Clothier’s Jacks, Roll Brimstone, genuine London Court Plaster, Pomatum, best Shaving Soap, Spirits Turpentine, Common Varnish, Rosin, Seed and Shell Lac, Saltpetre, Gold Litharge, Rose Pink, Carmine, King’s Yellow, Spruce yellow, Brown Pink, India Red, Flake White, Drop Lake, fine Prussian blue, white Vitriol, Vermillion, Stone Yellow, Umber, Red and White Lead, Spanish White. Dye Stuffs. Ground Madder, ground Camwood, Fustic, Redwood, Logwood, Copperas, Allum, Verdegrease, Blue Vitriol, Spirits Nitri Fortis, Gum Arabic, Oil Vitriol, Aquafortis, Argol, Cochineal, Crem. Tartar, Nutgalls, Annatto. Madeira, Malaga, Lisbon ad Teneriff Wines, Claret Wine in Bottles. October 16, 1793.

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