July 2015 to Present – Projects List

  1. YR:2015. Time frame: 7/30/2015 – 8/20/2015 (0.73 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-01-RSC. Title/Descr: HIV and Mental Health (for Jacobi Grant).
  2. YR:2015. Time frame: 8/10/2015 – 11/19/2015 (3.4 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-02-SUR. Title/Descr: Genomic-Genetic- SICKLE CELL [EXPLORATORY].
  3. YR:2015. Time frame: 8/11/2015 – 12/16/2015 (4.27 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-03-QUE. Title/Descr: QUERY POPN HEALTH SQLs.
  4. YR:2015. Time frame: 8/18/2015 – 11/6/2015 (1.7 mos.), CON Project. CON-2015-04. Title/Descr:  Cardiac Catheters and P-Waves (“Assessment of the Diagnostic Value of P Wave Morphology in Initial Electrocardiogram in Patients with Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction”).
  5. YR:2015. Time frame: 8/20/2015 – 9/2/2015 (0.47 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2015-05. Title/Descr: Childhood BMI (Early Broselow related work) [“A Re-examination of the Accuracy of the Broselow Tape (BT) as an Instrument for Weight Estimation “].
  6. YR:2015. Time frame: 8/28/2015 – 10/10/2015 (1.47 mos.), CON Project. CON-2015-06. Title/Descr: “”Initiative CAUTI Preventive Model in Coney Island Hospital Translating Research into Clinical Practice”” [CAUTI] [n=2196].
  7. YR:2015. Time frame: 8/31/2015 – 12/7/2015 (3.3 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-07-DAT. Title/Descr: Thalassemia (compressed 1/26/18).
  8. YR:2015. Time frame: 8/31/2015 – 9/3/2015 (0.13 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-08-SUR. Title/Descr: Well Visits and Vaccination refusals.
  9. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/1/2015 – 2/28/2017 (18.23 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-09-DAT. Title/Descr: Gouverneur’s Hospital (Adolescent Care Facility) System Wide Review.
  10. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/1/2015 – 9/16/2015 (0.53 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-10-QUE. Title/Descr: Pfizer Sickle Cell Disease Pharmacotherapeutics Studies (incl. Pre- to Post-Research Grant Communications).
  11. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/2/2015 – 9/11/2015 (0.33 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2015-11. Title/Descr: “FAST” Examination or Trauma Victims Study [PRELIM–SAMPLE SIZE WORKED ON; FOR DATA COLLECTION] (“Retrospective review of a Trauma Database: Utility of the FAST examination to identify intra-abdominal injury.”).
  12. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/14/2015 – 9/14/2015 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-12-QUE. Title/Descr: QUERY Use of KID (Kid’s Inpatient Database) review.
  13. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/15/2015 – 9/21/2015 (0.23 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-13-QUE. Title/Descr: Readmissions Rates.
  14. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/16/2015 – 4/5/2016 (6.77 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2015-14. Title/Descr: OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA STUDY (Resident): Analysis of data provided   [IRB: 9-2013; appr. 4/3/2014] (“Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Atherosclerosis: A Case-Control Study (OSA occludes study”)..
  15. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/23/2015 – 9/23/2015 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2015-15. Title/Descr: DIPPER Study (Decline of BP at night only) [NO FOLLOW THROUGH?].
  16. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/29/2015 – 9/30/2015 (0.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-16-DB . Title/Descr: SAS_345 (in SAS_programs folder).  All patients with epilepsy..
  17. YR:2015. Time frame: 9/30/2015 – 10/1/2015 (0.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-17-DAT. Title/Descr: KCH-Epilepsy.  An analysis of visits and procedures details (health care activities) experienced by patients with Epilepsy, at a single Acute Care hospital in Brooklyn.
  18. YR:2015. Time frame: 10/7/2015 – 3/8/2016 (5.3 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2015-18. Title/Descr: ANTIBIOGRAM STUDY (Emergency Department requested and sponsored, KCH ED Research Team).
  19. YR:2015. Time frame: 10/7/2015 – 4/20/2018 (0.03 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2015-19. Title/Descr: [PHARMA] Novartis-Entresto_research Feasibility [data requirements super high and time intensive; insufficient time].
  20. YR:2015. Time frame: 10/13/2015 – 12/11/2015 (2 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-20-GIS. Title/Descr: Regions and “regionalism”: defining spatial regions for the initiation of GIS use for research at H+H.
  21. YR:2015. Time frame: 10/20/2015 – 10/23/2015 (0.13 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2015-21. Title/Descr: Acute Heart Failure Study [Begin with Numbers of Eligibles].
  22. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/1/2015 – 3/25/2016 (4.77 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2015-22. Title/Descr: ALCOHOL/HEAD INJURY PATIENTS: the value of vital signs  (Resident)  [WELL STATED HYPOTHESES].
  23. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/5/2015 – 11/18/2015 (0.47 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-23-DB . Title/Descr: An exploration of Abuse and Violence Mapping in the NYC area (and exploration of ICDs, and V and E codes).
  24. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/6/2015 – 11/6/2016 (12.23 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-24-DAT. Title/Descr: Sickle Cell Carriers, Sickle Cell Patient Geography, for the H+H population.
  25. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/10/2015 – 12/28/2015 (1.63 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2015-25. Title/Descr: Antibiotics Data Pull (Second Query).
  26. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/17/2015 – 11/27/2015 (0.37 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-26-GIS. Title/Descr: Defining the Zip Codes dataset Long-lat data development, for the initation of GIS use.
  27. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/17/2015 – 11/23/2015 (0.23 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-27-SUR. Title/Descr: A Study of Female Genital Cutting  documentation amongst H+H patients residing within the five boroughs.  .
  28. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/17/2015 – 7/27/2018 (32.8 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-28-SUR. Title/Descr: “INFIB” pulls (3 folders, 8 subfolders); incl SAS runs.
  29. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/18/2015 – 2/29/2016 (3.47 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-29-QUE. Title/Descr: NSTEMI in ED patients.
  30. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/19/2015 – 11/19/2015 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-30-SUR. Title/Descr: Distribution by age, gender, and demographics, of Patients with Anencephaly and Similar Anomalies (ICD9 = 740, etc) (see other data pull).
  31. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/23/2015 – 11/23/2015 (0.03 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2015-31. Title/Descr: A D-Dimer lab data study (cases/sample size work) [SAMPLE SIZE].
  32. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/24/2015 – 11/24/2015 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-32-SUR. Title/Descr: Bacterial Surveillance, using Spatial information to display distributions of organisms by Genus name [DATA].
  33. YR:2015. Time frame: 11/24/2015 – 1/23/2019 (38.57 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-33-SUR. Title/Descr: Part II – Other Biologicals (parasites, host-vectors organisms, viral, etc].
  34. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/1/2015 – 9/26/2017 (22.2 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-34-RIS. Title/Descr: RESTRUCTURING TIME: An analysis of all ICDs as groups, ranked in descending order by predefined ICD groups (including emergent care and excluding emergent plus related ICD10 RSTUVWZ codes), based on a Visits:Patient Ratio metric used to define services per ICD group.  Used to produce an  “Epidemiological transition” model and tables for NYC, comparing top disorders per group, for the 12 month time frame around January of 2005, 2010, and 2015. .
  35. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/1/2015 – 6/30/2016 (6.37 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-35-SUR. Title/Descr: TUBERCULOSIS CARRIERS – A complete assessment of all TB Lab data.  First Trial..
  36. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/2/2015 – 12/3/2015 (0.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-36-QUE. Title/Descr: Readmission Rates – 2.
  37. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/2/2015 – 12/2/2015 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-37-SUR. Title/Descr: A General Demographics Review.
  38. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/7/2015 – 12/22/2015 (0.53 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-38-SUR. Title/Descr: ICD Pulls (generic counting), population pyramid modeling.
  39. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/10/2015 – 12/23/2015 (0.47 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-39-DAT. Title/Descr: ICDs Evaluations (Age band risk and signif diff testing between data parts)–developed SAS programming for the Charlson Risk Index, Elixhauser Score, Federal Chronic Disease Index; ran and applied at all levels; combined to produce an H+H Hybrid Risk Score equation. .
  40. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/14/2015 – 12/14/2015 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-40-SUR. Title/Descr: Bellevue ED Utilization review (requested for NIH/CDC visit) – ANOTHER.
  41. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/15/2015 – 3/8/2016 (6.27 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2015-41. Title/Descr: EKG: CKD induced Hyperkalemia tolerance (Research Team, last doc 1/26/16).
  42. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/15/2015 – 1/29/2018 (25.9 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-42-RIS. Title/Descr: “The Top20 Diagnoses of . . . . .” Development of a prototype.    The Top 20 ICD groups (diagnoses), per Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Religion.  [200 step SAS MACRO work] [needs AMPLIFICATION/RERUN].
  43. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/30/2015 – 3/3/2016 (2.17 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2015-43-SUR. Title/Descr: FGC Surveillance and preliminary SAS 3D modeling and mapping.  SAS_Infib (In SAS_Projects folder).
  44. YR:2015. Time frame: 12/30/2015 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2015-44.  Title/Descr: Transvaginal Ultrasound [“Role of transvaginal Ultrasound for IUD Placement in the Immediate Postpartum and Postabortal Period”, original document dated 12/30/2015].
  45. YR:2016. Time frame: 1/4/2016 – 8/9/2016 (7.3 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-01-HIT. Title/Descr: Pulls across all NTWKs for the Top20 / Top40 algorithms recently produced (see also New Set of NetWorks).
  46. YR:2016. Time frame: 1/7/2016 – 1/8/2016 (0.07 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2016-02-HAR. Title/Descr: Harlem CAMP2 and MRSA Projects (Query and Search?).
  47. YR:2016. Time frame: 1/8/2016 – 7/22/2016 (6.57 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-03-RIS. Title/Descr: Risk Modeling, Risk Scores and Scoring.  A Test of the Charlston and Elixhauser algorithms developed for assessing H+H data..
  48. YR:2016. Time frame: 1/8/2016 – 6/11/2019 (41.7 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-04-RIS. Title/Descr: RISK SCORE ANALYSIS.  Including the design of Imagery for presentations..
  49. YR:2016. Time frame: 1/15/2016 – 5/13/2016 (0.33 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-05. Title/Descr: SIREN STUDY – E. Coli testing results for urinalysis, for ED vs IP settings  (Research Team).
  50. YR:2016. Time frame: 2/1/2016 – 12/31/2018 (35.5 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-06-SUR. Title/Descr: Epilepsy [EXPLORATORY].  Applications of the above algorithms and tools to assess this population..
  51. YR:2016. Time frame: 2/1/2016 – 3/24/2016 (1.03 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2016-07. Title/Descr: Low Specific gravity of Urine and its Effects on Detecting Urinary tract Infections in the Young Pediatric Population  [UA, 05_URINALYSIS].
  52. YR:2016. Time frame: 3/1/2016 – 2/9/2018 (23.57 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-08. Title/Descr: ABDOMINAL CT STUDY  (Resident) (“Utility of CT imaging in the evaluation of patients with non-traumatic abdominal pain”).
  54. YR:2016. Time frame: 3/16/2016 – 5/19/2016 (2.17 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-10-RIS. Title/Descr: Ageing and Aging.  A focus on geriatric related ICD changes..
  55. YR:2016. Time frame: 3/22/2016 – 4/26/2016 (1.2 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-11. Title/Descr: Parathyroid Hormone (PTH and A1c); PTH, HbA1c, and CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE (“Correlation between Serum Parathyroid Hormone Levels and HbA1C in Secondary Hyperparathyroidism caused by CKD.” (Paper prstd)).
  56. YR:2016. Time frame: 4/5/2016 – 4/5/2016 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-12-SUR. Title/Descr: The development of Antibody resistance across the entire H+H network (KCH study, for grants and presentations).
  57. YR:2016. Time frame: 4/6/2016 – 6/12/2018 (26.6 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-13-SUR. Title/Descr: Immunization refusals at H+H.
  58. YR:2016. Time frame: 4/7/2016 – 4/17/2016 (0.37 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-14-QUE. Title/Descr: Mortalities (by Network).
  59. YR:2016. Time frame: 5/1/2016 – 8/30/2016 (2.6 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2016-15. Title/Descr: GASTROINTESTINAL INFECTION TREATMENT PROTOCOLS: THE VALUE OF STOOL CULTURES  (Resident) [AECM affiliated] (“Efficacy of Stool Studies in Admission for Gastroenteritis”).
  60. YR:2016. Time frame: 5/3/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), KIN Project. KIN-2016-16.  Title/Descr: Stats for ED visits; head trauma and bleeding; non-neural trauma.
  61. YR:2016. Time frame: 5/4/2016 – 1/18/2017 (8.67 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-17. Title/Descr: SIREN STUDY – E. Coli testing results for urinalysis, for ED vs IP settings  (Research Team) (OTHER PULL)  Phase 2 of Small Grant supported work..
  62. YR:2016. Time frame: 5/13/2016 – 8/10/2017 (20.17 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2016-18. Title/Descr: Kidney Fon/SIRS Prediction Modeling-review RISK MODELING (incl  SIRS).
  63. YR:2016. Time frame: 5/26/2016 – 5/26/2016 (0.03 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2016-19. Title/Descr: PsychPatientsVisits (Exploratory background query for research team).
  64. YR:2016. Time frame: 5/30/2016 – 1/2/2018 (19.43 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-20-SUR. Title/Descr: Cost-Burden Analysis (Defining the Burden Index algorithm for assessing the value and cost-effectiveness of care).
  65. YR:2016. Time frame: 6/2/2016 – 6/29/2016 (0.93 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-21-SUR. Title/Descr: Bellevue ED Utilization review (requested for NIH/CDC visit)  [AS ABOVE?  REPEAT?].
  66. YR:2016. Time frame: 6/7/2016 – 6/29/2016 (0.77 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-22-SUR. Title/Descr: Sepsis, All Cases (for Grant already submitted, pending award).
  67. YR:2016. Time frame: 6/14/2016 – 6/16/2016 (0.07 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2016-23. Title/Descr: COMPARTMENT SYNDROME STUDY [Research team] [Data Pull].
  68. YR:2016. Time frame: 6/16/2016 – 6/16/2016 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-24-QUE. Title/Descr: Compartment Syndrome (Extended across All H+H Networks).
  69. YR:2016. Time frame: 6/17/2016 – 7/27/2016 (1.37 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2016-25. Title/Descr: REGISTRY. Aortic Dissection Aneurysms Case Files/Registry/Study Dataset half are generic pulls under Bellevue folder, not special topic folder).
  70. YR:2016. Time frame: 6/18/2016 – 7/18/2016 (1.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-26-DB . Title/Descr: Epilepsy 02 – a more detailed analysis of Epilepsy Patients using above data modeling programs and processes.
  71. YR:2016. Time frame: 7/1/2016 – 9/1/2017 (16.13 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-27. Title/Descr: SEPTICEMIA CASE STUDY (Research Team)  [1st and 2d attempt] [3d attempt – Feb 2017].
  72. YR:2016. Time frame: 7/1/2016 – 7/15/2016 (0.67 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2016-28. Title/Descr: OPTIC ATROPHY [MMA] STUDY: COMPLETE CASE REVIEW FOR H+H [SURVEILLANCE/PRELIM CHECK FOR CASES – None found].
  73. YR:2016. Time frame: 7/1/2016 – 7/1/2016 (0.03 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2016-29. Title/Descr: Oral bacteria and COPD [for IRB submission part of this study only].
  74. YR:2016. Time frame: 7/13/2016 – 7/14/2016 (0.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-30-SUR. Title/Descr: Sleep Apnea [Exploratory Data Pull for resident. (8/9/2016 folder)] [See Jacobi/SleepApnea].
  75. YR:2016. Time frame: 7/18/2016 – 7/18/2016 (0.03 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2016-31. Title/Descr: PPH & UTEROTONICS. Uterotonics and PPH (“A retrospective review of the Effectiveness of utilization of a second utero-tonic”) 10/14-10/15 data.  Retrospective Chart review/Data Pull/Multinetworks.
  76. YR:2016. Time frame: 7/19/2016 – 7/19/2016 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-32-QUE. Title/Descr: Terrorism Coding (Regions_Work folder).
  77. YR:2016. Time frame: 8/4/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2016-33.  Title/Descr: C-SECTION vs. NON_C-SECTION PATIENT L&D [Internal Study for developing protocols; 3 analyses completed, 4th due]  REMOVE OR MOVE? [Part of  Duramorph Study, Michael Girshin].
  78. YR:2016. Time frame: 8/16/2016 – 8/16/2016 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-34. Title/Descr: Research Question:  Does coronary collateral circulation mask the presence of a Wellens sign in patients with critical stenosis of the left anterior descending artery?.
  79. YR:2016. Time frame: 8/18/2016 – 10/31/2016 (2.5 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2016-35. Title/Descr: ANGIOPLASTY/CABG Procedures–Cardiac Catheterization (Registry requested?).
  80. YR:2016. Time frame: 8/25/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), KIN Project. KIN-2016-36.  Title/Descr: KCH-Downstate Genomic Study – CHILDREN AND BMI (need 30,000 childhood patients for acceptible recruitment)  (This is NOT the Bipolar Disx vs new ICD DISS/grant with a similar request).
  81. YR:2016. Time frame: 8/28/2016 – 8/10/2017 (2.67 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-37. Title/Descr: Fetal Fibronectin and Pre-Term Labor (“Performance of Fetal Fibronectin Testing in Patients at Risk for Preterm Delivery”)  [SAS sheet provided] [did this go into SAS?].
  82. YR:2016. Time frame: 8/29/2016 – 12/1/2016 (3.17 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-38-QUE. Title/Descr: Anaphylaxis Study (FU to local outbreak, PRODUCT QUALITY CONCERN).
  83. YR:2016. Time frame: 8/31/2016 – 9/1/2017 (12.23 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-39. Title/Descr: Septicemia (Exploratory pull).
  84. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/1/2016 – 1/18/2017 (4.67 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-40. Title/Descr: 4 Septicemia Data Pulls.
  85. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/1/2016 – 9/22/2016 (0.73 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-41. Title/Descr: “The significance of the use of Transesophageal Echocardiography in Patients with 1/4 positive blood cultures for gram positive cocci in clusters and at low risk for infective endocarditis”.
  86. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/1/2016 – 10/23/2018 (26.1 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-42-DB . Title/Descr: WTC911  [EXPLORATORY] – AN UPDATE ON THE ORIGINAL PATIENTS, Last reviewed in 2009.
  87. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/1/2016 – 10/23/2018 (26.1 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-43-DB . Title/Descr: WTC911  [EXPLORATORY] – DEVELOPMENT OF A TOOL FOR ASSESSING DIAGNOSTIC CHANGES OVER TIME.  [Applied prior utilization algorithms developed) 210MB DB developed in SQL, for approximate 2900 patients. [pre Lifetime health modeling algorithm].
  88. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/6/2016 – 9/8/2016 (0.1 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-44-QUE. Title/Descr: Cancer (incl. some SAS work) – Counts and Surveillance Rates.
  89. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/7/2016 – 9/21/2016 (0.5 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-45. Title/Descr: Prostate Ca Scrng, Urinary Tract (Surgery Readm Rates); Drug resistance and Prostate Biopsies; PDE5  Inh utilization [QUERIES FROM DEPT HEAD, G MATTHEWS].
  90. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/8/2016 – 6/2/2017 (8.93 mos.), DR Project. DR -2016-46.  Title/Descr: Initial Data merge from Complete Diabetes Registry output  (100,500 patients, 5 years history)  [RESIDENCY LEVEL COMMENCEMENT].
  91. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/9/2016 – 2/4/2018 (17.13 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-47-GRA. Title/Descr: Assessment of “Surgical Disparity” (data were ultimately applied to grant that was awarded at Metropolitan)  [LATER IMPLEMENTED GIS].
  92. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/12/2016 – 4/25/2018 (8.73 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2016-48. Title/Descr: Mandible Fractures Study (IRB Stage) [Some queries developed]  [See Prelim in JAC].
  93. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/19/2016 – 10/16/2016 (0.9 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-49. Title/Descr: Mammography Compliance/Volunteer Navigator Program. Breast Cancer Screening/Cases Study  [RELATE TO COUNTS, which follows?]  ADMIN LEVEL?.
  94. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/19/2016 – 9/29/2016 (0.23 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-50. Title/Descr: CHF and Chronic Kidney Disease: CHF type, CKD, Cr/eGFR/ cystatin C.  .
  95. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/20/2016 – 10/19/2016 (1 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-51. Title/Descr: Breast Cancer cases, for comparison with other networks [General Counts made; graphs showed missed opportunities].
  96. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/22/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), KIN Project. KIN-2016-52.  Title/Descr: Prosthetics (Application only).
  97. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/22/2016 – 6/19/2017 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-53. Title/Descr: Assessment of Knowledge of two Frequently used Antibiotics in a Provider Survey Completed at Coney Island Hospital [SURVEY].
  98. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/23/2016 – 9/23/2016 (0.03 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-54. Title/Descr: Osteopenia/Leptin Study (“Lepten and Ghrelin Levels in Preterm Infants: Correlation with the Severity of Osteopenia or Prematurity”  TX00000796 Vatcharapan Umpaichtra, 9/22/06) .
  99. YR:2016. Time frame: 9/23/2016 – 9/23/2016 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-55. Title/Descr: Acute Coronary Syndrome, Percutaneous Coronary Interventions, and Ticagrelor, Clopidogrel, Prasugrel use.
  100. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/3/2016 – 5/24/2017 (0.2 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-56. Title/Descr: Palliative Care Consult (PCC) [Mostly Death in relation to Care Patterns].
  101. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/4/2016 – 10/4/2016 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-57-QUE. Title/Descr: CBN Chronic Disease/High Risk Review.
  102. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/8/2016 – 6/28/2017 (11.4 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2016-58. Title/Descr: Breast Cancer [summary of prior exploratory run].
  103. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/8/2016 – 12/28/2017 (17.33 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-59. Title/Descr: A Protocol for deciding whether to perform an Epidural vs. Not during a delivery [RPT] [DURAMORPH] // L&D Epidurals [DURAMORPH, Michael Girshin]  [DATA ENTRY ACTIVE] (N=205).
  104. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/8/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2016-60.  Title/Descr: Appendicitis/Appendectomy (discussed only).
  105. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/8/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2016-61.  Title/Descr: Code Red Response training (proposal stage).
  106. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/13/2016 – 11/9/2017 (13.1 mos.), SIM Project. SIM-2016-62. Title/Descr: Basic SIM Prediction Model (Time Segments)  (For evaluations of Simulation Training Tools).
  107. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/15/2016 – 11/30/2016 (0.53 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-63. Title/Descr: “Impact of legionnaire’s disease on function” (fatigue study) [Background Base Data Pull; 213 patients identified; KPFR pulls; 3 datasets pulled].
  108. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/22/2016 – 1/11/2017 (0.03 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-64. Title/Descr: IUD Implants (new products) [RQ: is this data mineable?] [Rschr: Michael Girshin].
  109. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/26/2016 – 2/6/2017 (3.47 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-65. Title/Descr: “Acute Kidney Injury in Cirrhosis”.
  110. YR:2016. Time frame: 10/27/2016 – 11/1/2016 (0.2 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-66-SUR. Title/Descr: Septicemia  (Request Repeated).
  111. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/5/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2016-67.  Title/Descr: CAD & HIV [Ultimately include Bellevue?].
  112. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/15/2016 – 2/24/2017 (3.4 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-68. Title/Descr: Dental Patients Visits activity query (large data pull, Pts, Evts, Vsts, for QI].
  113. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/15/2016 – 11/30/2016 (0.53 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-69. Title/Descr: Physical Therapy Treatment of Patients with a history of Legionnaires Diagnosis [A Study of Fatigue].
  114. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/15/2016 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2016-70.  Title/Descr: Surgical Disparity: A Rerun of all data pulls for final submission and DB development, including new GIS data component and figures to submit with the Grant  [GRANT. New Grant; forwarded data to new Data manager]; Surgical FU registry (see later)  [GRANT]   [GIS].
  115. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/15/2016 – 2/24/2017 (2.67 mos.), MET Project. MET-2016-71. Title/Descr: Dental Pain Patients [2/16/17: repull, add Date of Service to each line]  .
  116. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/18/2016 – 11/21/2016 (0.13 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2016-72. Title/Descr: Pregnancy and STDS [Data pull].
  117. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/1/2016 – 11/1/2016 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-73. Title/Descr: Request for Patient list, for patients eligible for an upcoming study.
  118. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/21/2016 – 11/21/2016 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2016-74. Title/Descr: H pylori at CIH [flowchart and letter requesting prelim query] .
  119. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/23/2016 – 11/29/2016 (0.23 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2016-75. Title/Descr: Prostate Cancer request — Histological Specimens [NYU Grant $ payout].
  120. YR:2016. Time frame: 11/30/2016 – 12/14/2016 (0.5 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-76. Title/Descr: Platelets and Bleeding Disorders (Prelim., related to NIH grant funding to be requested for SOAR study at KCH).
  121. YR:2016. Time frame: 12/14/2016 – 9/26/2017 (9.57 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-77-PI . Title/Descr: SOAR study; Sept 2017 re-request for unfunded data pull; request refused 9/7/17 – – NO GRANT FUNDING REWARDED.
  122. YR:2016. Time frame: 12/14/2016 – 12/28/2017 (3.83 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2016-78. Title/Descr: SOAR study [Transfusion patients have to identified on a regular basis, for recruitment]. Sept 2017 re-request for unfunded data pull; request refused 9/7/17 – – NO GRANT FUNDING.  Developed data into useable dataset for Rsch Asst.
  123. YR:2016. Time frame: 12/22/2016 – 3/5/2019 (26.8 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2016-79-SUR. Title/Descr: Domestic Abuse Study – Surveillance, Monitoring, and Grant Proposal.  Department Level surveillance initiated across all of H+H, for a grant team established to write the proposal .
  124. YR:2016. Time frame: 12/27/2016 – 12/23/2016 (0.07 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2016-80. Title/Descr: HIV, Substance Abuse Grant (Telephone monitoring/visits, across H+H) [GRANT MEETING] [Internetwork]  Only relavent HIV Surveillance data pulled..
  125. YR:2017. Time frame: 1/1/2017 – 12/31/2019 (36.5 mos.), GOU Project. GOU-2017-01. Title/Descr: Domestic Abuse Study (Tested Quality of Data Use, quality and content; see alsoGrant funded  Sackler’s Study, for same evaluation process].
  126. YR:2017. Time frame: 1/6/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2017-02.  Title/Descr: A Preeclampsia Study.  [THESIS?].
  127. YR:2017. Time frame: 1/10/2017 – 12/29/2018 (8.13 mos.), MET Project. MET-2017-03. Title/Descr: FGM.  [PUBLISHED; PRESENTED IN SWITZERLAND] FGC-Interviews; Advancing the health of African Immigrants through Research, Advocacy and Community Engagement; “Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: sharing data and experiences to accelerate eradication and improve care: part 2” ; also Oct 6 2017 presentation for U.S. Conference on African Immigrant and Refugee Health (USCAIH-2017) .
  128. YR:2017. Time frame: 1/12/2017 – 7/31/2018 (18.87 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-04-DB . Title/Descr: Infibulation [Another Data Pull and Mining], for defining eligible patients (Still active at H+H) for extending the Metropolitan Hospital study..
  129. YR:2017. Time frame: 1/14/2017 – 12/20/2017 (6.77 mos.), GOU Project. SAC-2017-05. Title/Descr: Obesity and Adolescent Pregnancy [Sackler Study].
  130. YR:2017. Time frame: 1/19/2017 – 11/15/2017 (10.03 mos.), MET Project. MET-2017-06. Title/Descr: LARC (“Role of Transvaginal Ultrasound for IUD Placement in the Immediate Postpartum and Postabortal Period”) [DUPE Request?].
  131. YR:2017. Time frame: 1/23/2017 – 2/1/2017 (0.33 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-07. Title/Descr: “Likelihood of culture positive patients in the setting of moderate to severe Clostridium difficile infection ” [Gastroenterology 2017]  [START-UP, SAMPLE SIZE, ELIGIBLE PATIENTS REQUEST].
  132. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/1/2017 – 12/20/2017 (10.77 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-08-SAC. Title/Descr: Sackler Study — Teen Pregnancy and Pre- and Post-partum QOL/QOC Study.  BEGIN DEVELOPMENT OF ALL FOLDERS (A 3 stage process), DUE in 15 mos..
  133. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/7/2017 – 5/15/2017 (3.27 mos.), QUE Project. QUE-2017-09. Title/Descr: Geriatric Oncology and Breast Cancer [Articles review, metaanalysis].
  134. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/9/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2017-10.  Title/Descr: NIDA Substance Use & HIV Care (Part of the above mentioned rewarded NIH RFA).
  135. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/17/2017 – 5/19/2017 (3.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-11-QUE. Title/Descr: HIV (Pharma/Drugs use; Folder HIV, HIV2).
  136. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/23/2017 – 3/8/2017 (0.3 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2017-12. Title/Descr: Sacral Fractures and their Surgical Treatment [Extension as a Qualitative Case Study Pending]  Margetis16 (“Surgical treatment of traumatic sacral fractures at a single level 1 trauma center”).
  137. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/23/2017 – 5/25/2017 (2.9 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2017-13. Title/Descr: Traumatic Brain Injury and DVT [Extension as a Qualitative Case Study Pending] tbi17.
  138. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/23/2017 – 6/1/2017 (3.1 mos.), MOR Project. SAC-2017-14. Title/Descr: Sackler Study review – Dataset 1 Pull [SEE LATER].
  139. YR:2017. Time frame: 2/23/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2017-15.  Title/Descr: [PRE-PUBLICATION] DIABETES CARE: Study of long term management of HgA1c, BP, and LDLs [first data pull completed; submitted to PI]  [PRELIM WORK COMPLETED by Resident PI; THEN MOVED TO CTSI for 100,500 DM patients POPN WORK].
  140. YR:2017. Time frame: 3/1/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), KIN Project. KIN-2017-16.  Title/Descr: Well Child Psychiatry study; prelim discussion [BEGIN-SUNY DS as well].
  141. YR:2017. Time frame: 3/2/2017 – 3/2/2017 (0.03 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2017-17. Title/Descr: APPENDICITIS (ELIGIBILITY LIST?) Case Studies.  See Rosario Above .
  142. YR:2017. Time frame: 3/2/2017 – 5/25/2017 (2.83 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2017-18. Title/Descr: VTE Venous Thromboprophylaxis in Severe TBI (“Retrospective Case Series of Early Pharmacologic Venous Thromboprophylaxis in Severe TBI”).
  143. YR:2017. Time frame: 3/17/2017 – 8/23/2017 (12.83 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-19. Title/Descr: ASK Program/Gun Violence Survey (“Effectiveness of the ASK Campaign in the South Bronx”, 7/8/2016)  [Review of ‘ASKING SAVES KIDS’ project survey].
  144. YR:2017. Time frame: 3/24/2017 – 4/5/2017 (0.07 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-20. Title/Descr: “Use of xarelto, amiodarone, to treat bleeding events.” (“Clinically Relevant Bleeding and Mortality in Patients taking Rivaroxaban Concurrently With Amiodarone: a Retrospective Study at Coney Island Hospital” )   CHAD VASC; HAS BLED scores.
  145. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/5/2017 – 4/12/2017 (0.27 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2017-21. Title/Descr: ED Drugs – IV; Cannabinol Substitutes Use [So Bronx 2015 Epidemic] [Data pull only?]  [SEE JACOBI]  [See also 07_ED_Drugs] aka VTErisk.
  146. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/5/2017 – 6/29/2017 (2.2 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-22. Title/Descr: Hypernatremia case comparison Study (Andrew Gerwitz).  [All cases pulled] [BIG DATA PULL].
  147. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/10/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), ELM Project. ELM-2017-23.  Title/Descr: Cranioplasty Qualitative Case Study [Proposed, pre-IRB].
  148. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/12/2017 – 4/12/2017 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-24. Title/Descr: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Left Ventricular Apical Aneurysm.  HCM articles. A Metaanalysis Study.
  149. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/14/2017 – 11/9/2017 (7 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-25. Title/Descr: Obesity and Infectious Disease [Skin Conditions].
  150. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/17/2017 – 4/17/2017 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-26. Title/Descr: Gestational Diabetes and Association with Language Development in Diverse Inner-city Population.
  151. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/18/2017 – 1/16/2018 (9.13 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-27. Title/Descr: DEXA.  Vit D study.   Osteoporosis; DEXA DIR DR 5 Yrs Data review; Vit D Deficiency; Mgmt of Pt after Falls (“Management of osteoporosis after the first time hip or other low trauma related fracture in CIH and its effect on occurrence of subsequent fracture compare to patients without medical treatment after osteoporosis related fracture”.
  152. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/19/2017 – 9/19/2017 (3.7 mos.), SIM Project. SIM-2017-28. Title/Descr: SIM/NYU Summertime Internship — Dystocia Case Study [9/20/17 email mtg]  [BEGIN SIMS DYSTOCIA].
  153. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/21/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2017-29.  Title/Descr: Survey/Data Previewed; worked on statistically  [SIMILAR TO, BUT NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH “ASK” Survey] .
  154. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/27/2017 – 4/27/2017 (0.03 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-30. Title/Descr: Alarms, Reaction of Residents to [Data provided]  Discussed.  [Ventilator-Infusion Pump study]  Discussion of results provided as raw data.
  155. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/28/2017 – 4/28/2017 (0.03 mos.), MET Project. MET-2017-31. Title/Descr: Fetal Fibronectin Lab testing and Fetal Health Outcomes [“Performance of Fetal Fibronectin Testing in Patients at Risk for Preterm Delivery”] [IRB PROPOSAL ONLY].
  156. YR:2017. Time frame: 4/28/2017 – 5/22/2017 (0.83 mos.), QUE Project. QUE-2017-32. Title/Descr: Geriatric Oncology (Sepsis, Cancer and Aging)  GRANT PROPOSAL WORK ONLY. (“The Effect of Centralizing Cancer Care in an Urban Public Hospital”).
  157. YR:2017. Time frame: 5/2/2017 – 8/14/2018 (15.67 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-33-QUE. Title/Descr: Data cleaning, merging. CTSI Diabetes registry [size of data storage  confirmed. 100,500 patients, 28000 with 4+-5 years complete care and documentation of metrics defined for study].
  158. YR:2017. Time frame: 5/9/2017 – 5/9/2017 (0.03 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2017-34. Title/Descr: Hereditary Spastic paraplegia.
  159. YR:2017. Time frame: 5/10/2017 – 5/10/2017 (0.03 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-35. Title/Descr: NOAC and Atrial Fibrillation.  (“Comparative Efficacy and Complications of Novel Oral Anticoagulants in Management of Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation”)  [FINAL SUMMARY DATA PROVIDED–GENL DESCR.].
  160. YR:2017. Time frame: 5/18/2017 – 10/3/2017 (4.63 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2017-36. Title/Descr: BIOTERRORISM CODING–INFX and VECTORED DISX PATTERNS; BioterrProgramAffiliate_requested_ED_use_by_ImmigrantPopn [JAC facility chk] [Prelim].
  161. YR:2017. Time frame: 5/20/2017 – 9/20/2017 (4.13 mos.), SIM Project. SIM-2017-37. Title/Descr: Birth trauma Cases (767 series).  Pediatric Obesity research Planning (EMR Query).
  162. YR:2017. Time frame: 5/20/2017 – 12/7/2018 (0.07 mos.), SIM Project. SIM-2017-38. Title/Descr: Smoking Rates Query (Ctl Office query, Lisa Marinil, via Pili)  [GRANT ASSISTANCE-Demog].
  163. YR:2017. Time frame: 6/1/2017 – 12/19/2017 (5.3 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2017-39. Title/Descr: Dept Homeland Security: ED use by Uninsured Foreign Born pts [Immigrant Patient Population, see Homeland Sec Folder]    6-2-6 Month Review [See IMMIGRANT BIG DATA PULL BELOW] [ELMHURST_HOMELAND SEC  FILE] [See also JACOBI pull of this data].
  164. YR:2017. Time frame: 6/7/2017 – 2/9/2018 (0.6 mos.), WOO Project. WOO-2017-40. Title/Descr: Rhinoplasty Study [Metaanalysis of publications] [ABOVE FOR ELMHURST].
  165. YR:2017. Time frame: 6/12/2017 – 6/12/2017 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-41-SUR. Title/Descr: Chromosomal Abnormalities [EXPLORATORY] – Full Assessment, Population pyramid graphics.
  166. YR:2017. Time frame: 6/13/2017 – 7/21/2017 (1.3 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2017-42. Title/Descr: REGISTRY.  Endocarditis Valve Replacement Cases.  All data pulled DB produced.
  167. YR:2017. Time frame: 6/19/2017 – 1/23/2018 (7.3 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-43. Title/Descr: Pain Study (graphics prstn) Steroid vs Non-Steroid Users: Osteoarthritis and Pain Therapy NSG-608a (“Comparing the Effectiveness of Different Treatments in Managing Knee Osteoarthritis Pain. A Retrospective Chart Review Quality Improvement Project”, Start Date May 2017)  [THESIS].
  168. YR:2017. Time frame: 6/19/2017 – 6/11/2018 (11.93 mos.), CON Project. CON-2017-44. Title/Descr: Post-CME Survey evaluation – Frequently Used Antibiotics at CIH; Pharmacy Use Assessment–Internal vs External Facilities.
  169. YR:2017. Time frame: 6/22/2017 – 6/22/2017 (0.03 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-45. Title/Descr: Urine bacteria findings, based on generic diagnosis, not specific organisms.
  170. YR:2017. Time frame: 7/14/2017 – 8/18/2017 (1.2 mos.), POPN Project. POP-46. Title/Descr: Encephalitis cases query and identification, assessment.
  171. YR:2017. Time frame: 7/14/2017 – 6/15/2018 (10.57 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-47. Title/Descr: Obesity Patients List BMI>30 (one of several studies at NYU on BMI).
  172. YR:2017. Time frame: 7/21/2017 – 7/22/2018 (12 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2017-48. Title/Descr: REGISTRY.  Endocarditis Post-Surg Patients [Pt Hx review; incl. Request for Deathdates, 7/19/17].
  173. YR:2017. Time frame: 7/26/2017 – 9/1/2017 (1.43 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2017-49. Title/Descr: Ventilator Withdrawal (Survival Plot; Failure Plot; Lifetest Runs).
  174. YR:2017. Time frame: 7/27/2017 – 8/29/2017 (1.83 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2017-50. Title/Descr: Psychiatric ED  visit Follow-ups [may still need CPEP v data) SEE BENABBAS’ 9/7 EMAIL [RESIDENT RELATED?].

“175. YR:2017.  Time frame: 7/31/2017 – 9/1/2017 (1.1 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2017-51.  Title/Descr: Residency Burnout Survey (see below) (“”Determination of Burnout in Residents Training at an Urban, Public, Community Medical Center – An application of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) – Human Services Survey (HSS) at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, in Bronx, NY . . . aka “”The Lincoln Resident Wellness Survey””.”

  1. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/2/2017 – 12/9/2017 (4.33 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-52-HIT. Title/Descr: Immigrant ED visits patterns , 2 years (Large Data Pull, DHS request; for comparison of pre and post election).
  2. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/7/2017 – 8/14/2017 (0.27 mos.), NOR Project. NOR-2017-53. Title/Descr: Mandible Fx Cases study [NUMBERS FOR STATS MOVED TO JAC].
  3. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/17/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2017-54.  Title/Descr: Geriatric Gunshot Wounds [Metro].
  4. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/17/2017 – 10/31/2017 (2.53 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-55. Title/Descr: Geriatrics and Severe Trauma (incl. Gunshot wounds)  [FOR SAS data = Harlem (?)]  .
  5. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/22/2017 – 8/22/2017 (0.03 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-56. Title/Descr: Orthodontist Survey review [Perspective on Interpretation requested; for results only; results were not analyzed]     HAS 2×2 SCORE RANGES FIGURES.
  6. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/22/2017 – 8/22/2017 (0.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-57-SUR. Title/Descr: The South Bronx epidemic (fatality of K2 use, etc]   [NO FOLLOW THROUGH–LINCOLN?].
  7. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/24/2017 – 9/11/2018 (15.47 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-58. Title/Descr: Epilepsy Study.  Requested for Citywide Big Grant from NIH, SUSB, Columbia, etc., sponsored research; H+H is linked to NYU; related team members made this request; only Bellevue cases were identified in the grant and provided for this grant..
  8. YR:2017. Time frame: 8/24/2017 – 7/3/2018 (11.73 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-59. Title/Descr: BMI>=30 List (CTSI).
  9. YR:2017. Time frame: 9/5/2017 – 7/20/2018 (10.63 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2017-60. Title/Descr: SOAR (ditto-other files).
  10. YR:2017. Time frame: 9/8/2017 – 9/14/2017 (0.23 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-61. Title/Descr: Lichen Platanus.
  11. YR:2017. Time frame: 10/5/2017 – 5/4/2018 (7.07 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-62. Title/Descr: Literacy and Childhood Obesity.
  12. YR:2017. Time frame: 10/6/2017 – 9/27/2018 (16.7 mos.), SIM Project. SIM-2017-63. Title/Descr: Dystocia Study – 8-9 week Capstone Project [COMPLETED].  All EMR data, pulled and deidentified for Columbia use, of the selected Dystocia patients at H+H.
  13. YR:2017. Time frame: 10/16/2017 – 12/20/2018 (28.3 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-64. Title/Descr: BULLY1. Bullying Survey (Assessment of Parent Awareness about Bullying Involvement in Relation to Physician Practice)  Results presented at Conference  [START UP].
  14. YR:2017. Time frame: 10/16/2017 – 10/17/2017 (0.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-65-QUE. Title/Descr: Einstein – Montefiore RIF meeting notes (George Cowan and QMED data)[re: communique with Ms. Mindy Ginsberg (Director, Research Information Management – RIF) from the Einstein Medical School ]: CFAR/NBHN ; shared access.  Plans to develop Cardiac Risk Modeling DB.  [OUTSIDE DISCUSSION].
  15. YR:2017. Time frame: 10/26/2017 – 8/2/2018 (9.37 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-66. Title/Descr: SSTI.
  16. YR:2017. Time frame: 10/31/2017 – 3/6/2018 (4.6 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2017-67. Title/Descr: TOA. [TUBO-OVARIAN ABSCESS RISK FACTORS] Infectious Disease outcomes for hospitalized patients with and without surgery (Queens and Elmhurst Hospitals compared); in preparation for publication   Risk Analysis incl..
  17. YR:2017. Time frame: 11/9/2017 – 11/9/2017 (0.03 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-68. Title/Descr: YAP_Suicide (Harlem-YAP-001: Descriptive analysis of Young Adults 18-24 served in Community Clinic Protocol 1.20.17) (SUBMISSION ONLY).
  18. YR:2017. Time frame: 11/13/2017 – 11/30/2017 (0.6 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-69. Title/Descr: Irritable Bowel Disorder.
  19. YR:2017. Time frame: 11/13/2017 – 5/10/2018 (4.8 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-70. Title/Descr: Harlem  Psych Patient Visit Rates Study [see related YAP_VISIT_RATES_STUDY].
  20. YR:2017. Time frame: 11/15/2017 – (Midway/Ongoing), ELM Project. ELM-2017-71.  Title/Descr: Geriatric Head Trauma (Requested return to dataset, review, for publication).
  21. YR:2017. Time frame: 11/21/2017 – 11/22/2017 (0.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2017-72-QUE. Title/Descr: H+H EMR use of FieldsProfiles data – for Analysis, Review, Reclass.
  22. YR:2017. Time frame: 12/1/2017 – 2/15/2019 (14.1 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2017-73. Title/Descr: BULLY2. CONTINUATION for Publication:  REINITIATED/EXTENDED. Bullying Survey (Assessment of Parent Awareness about Bullying Involvement in Relation to Physician Practice)  Results presented at Conference.
  23. YR:2017. Time frame: 12/11/2017 – 12/1/2019 (23.9 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2017-74. Title/Descr: Pregnancy/C-Sxn Px Reduction – The clinical testing of an Electronic Pain Reduction Device [ONGOING] Folder: ‘ElectronicPainTx’.
  24. YR:2017. Time frame: 12/18/2017 – 5/3/2018 (0.03 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2017-75. Title/Descr: LEAD EXPOSURE [LincolnHospital/09_LeadStudy] – A complete study of all services provided to Child, in relation to their Lead Exposure findings and history (focused on values >5, tested for learning disability diagnoses, etc.).
  25. YR:2018. Time frame: 1/1/2018 – 1/1/2019 (12.2 mos.), DIS Project. DIS-2018-01. Title/Descr: “Association of Serum BDNF with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity: a Framingham Cohort Study” [DISSERTATION].
  26. YR:2018. Time frame: 1/3/2018 – 6/12/2018 (5.37 mos.), CON Project. CON-2018-02. Title/Descr: Endocrine QI on Pharma refill details [File: EndocrineQI]; Inner versus Outer Pharmacy Utilization; relative to A1c Control.
  27. YR:2018. Time frame: 1/23/2018 – 2/9/2018 (0.6 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2018-03. Title/Descr: Rhinoplasty (metaanalysis).
  28. YR:2018. Time frame: 1/26/2018 – 6/22/2018 (4.93 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-04-QUE. Title/Descr: Infibulation metro FGM3_GenlDemog_H+Hlist_Datapull [Data for Registry].
  29. YR:2018. Time frame: 1/29/2018 – 1/29/2018 (0.03 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2018-05. Title/Descr: HIV and CAD.  Incidence of in-stent restenosis if patients with HIV.
  30. YR:2018. Time frame: 1/30/2018 – 2/8/2018 (0.33 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-06. Title/Descr: Obesity Modeling – 1: BMI, Hgt, Wgt (Med Hx; Mother Child still pending).
  31. YR:2018. Time frame: 2/5/2018 – 6/19/2019 (16.67 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-07. Title/Descr: Obesity Modeling – 2: BMI, Hgt, Wgt (Med Hx; Mother Child still pending)  (This has multiple steps / phases of reporting, thus the dates).
  32. YR:2018. Time frame: 2/8/2018 – 7/5/2019 (29.97 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-08. Title/Descr: Saudi-Syrian Optic Atrophy [Full study for publication] [ART PUBL 7/5/19].
  33. YR:2018. Time frame: 2/9/2018 – 2/16/2018 (0.27 mos.), CON Project. CON-2018-09. Title/Descr: LBBB (Left Bundle Branch Block) (“Left Bundle Branch Block Morphology on Surface Electrocardiogram, Can It Be Correlated to Etiology?”).
  34. YR:2018. Time frame: 2/12/2018 – 3/9/2018 (0.83 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2018-10. Title/Descr: “Use of Telepsychiatry in Pediatric Emergency room to decrease length of stay for psychiatric patients and to improve clinician time burden and physician satisfaction” (1/3/18 title).
  35. YR:2018. Time frame: 3/1/2018 – 5/31/2018 (3.07 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-11-QUE. Title/Descr: PHARMA  [EXPLORATORY].
  36. YR:2018. Time frame: 3/2/2018 – 4/5/2018 (1.2 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2018-12. Title/Descr: Pain Treatment Evaluation (graphics prstn)   [folder PainMedicationTX_Pietme].
  37. YR:2018. Time frame: 3/6/2018 – 3/9/2018 (0.13 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-13-REC. Title/Descr: SBN-Religion, all years reclassifying religion — testing applications for this dataset.
  38. YR:2018. Time frame: 3/12/2018 – 4/11/2018 (1.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-14-DB . Title/Descr: Epilepsy01.
  39. YR:2018. Time frame: 3/19/2018 – 12/25/2019 (11.13 mos.), MET Project. MET-2018-15. Title/Descr: FGM3 = FGM Database [4 main datasets pulled, ready for complete analyses] [Initial pull: FGM2=955 selected for contact).
  40. YR:2018. Time frame: 3/27/2018 – 5/10/2019 (13.67 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-16-SUR. Title/Descr: Lead Exposure Histories across H_+_H.
  41. YR:2018. Time frame: 4/12/2018 – 7/17/2018 (3.23 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-17-QUE. Title/Descr: Anorexia.
  42. YR:2018. Time frame: 4/17/2018 – (Midway/Ongoing), KIN Project. KIN-2018-18.  Title/Descr: Ejection Fraction Study [Data Test].
  43. YR:2018. Time frame: 4/25/2018 – 6/30/2017 (0.5 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-19. Title/Descr: Optic/Ocular Infectious Disease history.  Full pull of eligibles and date of diagnosis, etc..
  44. YR:2018. Time frame: 5/30/2018 – 12/29/2018 (8.13 mos.), MET Project. MET-2018-20. Title/Descr: FGM2 [Continuation; added new data. See ABOVE]  Defined Eligible H+H Members for broadening and extension of Research Program.
  45. YR:2018. Time frame: 6/5/2018 – 8/29/2018 (0.27 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-21-QUE. Title/Descr: Prisoner Population Study.
  46. YR:2018. Time frame: 6/7/2018 – (Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2018-22.  Title/Descr: Sickle Cell Anemia and Contraception (combined JAC and NCB?) .
  47. YR:2018. Time frame: 6/7/2018 – 6/20/2018 (0.47 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2018-23. Title/Descr: Flu Shots for Nurses (Pre-Post CME) (“Providing an education about the benefit and risk to improve the compliance rates of Influenza Vaccine among Registered Nurses (RNs)”).
  48. YR:2018. Time frame: 6/19/2018 – 7/19/2018 (1.03 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-24-QUE. Title/Descr: Emerging Adults/LGBTQ (NLP processes) – Design of an NLP to assess for key words used to identify a high risk group. Duplication of Childhood violence and “Bullying” algorithm..
  49. YR:2018. Time frame: 6/20/2018 – 1/4/2019 (6.63 mos.), KIN Project. KIN-2018-25. Title/Descr: Psych Risk Assessments.
  50. YR:2018. Time frame: 6/25/2018 – 6/28/2021 (36.67 mos.), DIS Project. DIS-2018-26. Title/Descr: “Global health” project: South Asian population, ED uses (sampling for eligibles; nlp; language; country)   [DISSERTATION] .
  51. YR:2018. Time frame: 7/2/2018 – 7/18/2018 (0.57 mos.), CON Project. CON-2018-27. Title/Descr: CAMP-2 (CAMP-2_Computable Phenotype_rev.xlsx)  Harlem Folder, Regions Work // CAMP2 Data Extraction Request [Chamanara Khalida].
  52. YR:2018. Time frame: 7/6/2018 – 8/2/2018 (0.93 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-28. Title/Descr: Guns in the Bronx – STAND UP program [Exploratory EMR]  (‘Jacobi STAND-UP To Violence Program’)  [Not to be confused with “ASK” project].
  53. YR:2018. Time frame: 7/6/2018 – 2/28/2019 (3.73 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-29. Title/Descr: CHORD – 1.
  54. YR:2018. Time frame: 7/12/2018 – 1/11/2019 (6.13 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-30. Title/Descr: Broselow Study [“A Re-examination of the Accuracy of the Broselow Tape (BT) as an Instrument for Weight Estimation “]  Return to the dataset, for second attempt to publish..
  55. YR:2018. Time frame: 7/20/2018 – 7/24/2018 (0.17 mos.), SIM Project. SIM-2018-31. Title/Descr: LGBTQ Query  [Forwarded to LGBTQ specialist/CO and department].
  56. YR:2018. Time frame: 7/21/2018 – 7/24/2018 (0.03 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2018-32. Title/Descr: Childhood Asthma Care Processes Survey [Dr. Bajaj]; review of results only, without much beyond basics stats  [PEDIATRIC ASTHMA SCORE STUDY? (Sonali Bajaj, 7/24/18 email)].
  57. YR:2018. Time frame: 8/2/2018 – 8/31/2018 (1.03 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2018-33. Title/Descr: EKOS (has Hypothesis Tool)  (“A retrospective review of efficiency and safety of catheter directed ultrasound enhanced thrombolysis in the management of high intermediate risk pulmonary embolism in an inner-city hospital.”).
  58. YR:2018. Time frame: 8/3/2018 – 1/16/2019 (5.57 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-34-DB . Title/Descr: Diabetes – Entire Network (in CTSI folder) [100,500 fully assessed, data ready for publication].
  59. YR:2018. Time frame: 8/25/2018 – 12/26/2018 (3.53 mos.), MET Project. MET-2018-35. Title/Descr: Colorectal Cancer Study (PCP CME and Training; Survey)  SURVEY.
  60. YR:2018. Time frame: 8/27/2018 – 11/30/2018 (1 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-36. Title/Descr: Neurocognitive Performance Study:  Normal Tension Glaucoma [DB].  NTG=804,and 1410  ; NAION=674, and 568.
  61. YR:2018. Time frame: 9/10/2018 – 9/14/2018 (0.03 mos.), MET Project. MET-2018-37. Title/Descr: Breastfeeding Survey Analysis.

“237. YR:2018.  Time frame: 9/13/2018 –  (Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2018-38.  Title/Descr: Saccadic Eye Movements and Sleep Quality (Intravitreal Injection; KDT study) [NAION study] (“”Assessment of Neurocognitive Consequences of Call Duty in Hospital Medical Staff Using Saccadic Eye Movements””).”

  1. YR:2018. Time frame: 9/19/2018 – (Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2018-39.  Title/Descr: Intravitreal Injection/GAD7. (“The Impact of Anxiety Level and Sleep Patterns on Perceived pain during Intravitreal Injections”).
  2. YR:2018. Time frame: 9/19/2018 – 6/24/2019 (9.3 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2018-40-DUP. Title/Descr: Sickle Cell and related Hgb Genomic CD  [EXPLORATORY].
  3. YR:2018. Time frame: 10/9/2018 – 6/19/2019 (8.47 mos.), POPN Project. POP-41. Title/Descr: Sickle Cell – A total population health review.  Development of the “Lifetime Care model” for assessing Chronic Disease patients with 5 or more years of EMR documentation..
  4. YR:2018. Time frame: 10/11/2018 – 1/22/2019 (3.67 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-42. Title/Descr: Tordol Use by Patients (Eligibility Query) – prelim for possible funded study of these patients.
  5. YR:2018. Time frame: 10/16/2018 – 2/14/2019 (4.07 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-43. Title/Descr: Opioids (see 12/5/18 letter, Jennifer Horn)–Buprenorphine use  [CATCH data-JAC, NOR, ELM, QUE].
  6. YR:2018. Time frame: 10/26/2018 – 3/18/2019 (4.8 mos.), ELM Project. ELM-2018-44. Title/Descr: Meier Clinic QI work.
  7. YR:2018. Time frame: 11/1/2018 – 11/30/2018 (1 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-45. Title/Descr: Ischemic Optic neuropathy [DB] and Sleep Apnea [entire HHC] DATA SEARCH/QUERY.
  8. YR:2018. Time frame: 11/1/2018 – 11/8/2018 (0.13 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-46. Title/Descr: Ped Emerg CSF/Blood Infx, Jan to Dec POS Cultures for ED [Prelim: Data Pull only].
  9. YR:2018. Time frame: 11/9/2018 – 4/10/2019 (5.1 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-47. Title/Descr: Skin Biopsy – 1.
  10. YR:2018. Time frame: 11/26/2018 – 1/25/2019 (2.03 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-48. Title/Descr: CATCH.
  11. YR:2018. Time frame: 11/27/2018 – 3/15/2019 (3.63 mos.), POPN Project. POP-49. Title/Descr: Colonoscopy List [CIH].
  12. YR:2018. Time frame: 11/30/2018 – 7/3/2019 (5 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2018-50. Title/Descr: PULMONARY EMBOLISM. PE de novo (Eligibility List request) [ DESCRIPTIVE ONLY REVIEW].
  13. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/5/2018 – 12/6/2018 (0.07 mos.), POPN Project. POP-51. Title/Descr: Smoking (Popn Health Dept query).
  14. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/6/2018 – 12/31/2018 (0.87 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2018-52. Title/Descr: Neuropathy Pain Management (A QI project) [Eufemia N. Garcia, ANP] (“Effectiveness of Compounded Topical Pain Cream and Systemic Pain Medication in Managing Neuropathic Pain: A Quality Improvement Project”).
  15. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/11/2018 – 2/6/2019 (4 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2018-53. Title/Descr: GERIATRICS CGA (Ger Hd Traum2) [n=188].
  16. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/14/2018 – 1/10/2019 (1.37 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2018-54. Title/Descr: Geriatrics Patients and Penetration trauma [GeriatricsHeadtrauma] [n=153, 157].
  17. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/14/2018 – 6/4/2019 (5.57 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2018-55. Title/Descr: Male Breast Cancer Cases [DESCRIPTIVE ONLY; MINIMAL WORK DONE].
  18. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/14/2018 – (Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2018-56.  Title/Descr: Colonic pneumatosis [lactulose study]; Lactulose, Colitis and the Emergency Surgical Removal of Colon .
  19. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/14/2018 – (Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2018-57.  Title/Descr: Diverticulitis treatment  .
  20. YR:2018. Time frame: 12/27/2018 – 6/10/2019 (5.53 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-58. Title/Descr: Literacy and Childhood Obesity – 2d Pull.
  21. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/1/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), POPN Project. POP-01.  Title/Descr: HIV Missed Opportunities [FU to Popn health dept request].
  22. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/1/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2019-02-SUR.  Title/Descr: Child Adolescent Psychology [EXPLORATORY].
  23. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/1/2019 – 1/31/2019 (0.23 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2019-03. Title/Descr: Geriatrics Assessment 3: The impact of initial comprehensive Geriatric Assessment of elderly new patients in an inner city hospital population: a retrospective study [n=100].
  24. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/2/2019 – 1/23/2019 (0.73 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2019-04-DB . Title/Descr: Labs  [EXPLORATORY — all labs pulled after reclassification]  PART 1.
  25. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/7/2019 – 1/23/2019 (0.57 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2019-05-DB . Title/Descr: Labs – PART 2 – Infectious Disease focus [General Data pull].
  26. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/7/2019 – 6/3/2019 (4.8 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2019-06. Title/Descr: Ankylosing Spondylitis [DESCRIPTIVE ONLY, ALL NTWKS] (“Demographic of Ankylosing Spondylitis in Black, Asian, Asian Indian and Hispanic population In areas of New York and Bronx”).
  27. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/9/2019 – 6/12/2019 (5.17 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2019-07-RIS. Title/Descr: CORNELL TIPPING POINTS [PROPOSAL/REQUEST from Weill-Cornell].
  28. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/11/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2019-08.  Title/Descr: Cholecystotomy [data with death dates; we have prelim data–no analysis done yet].
  29. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/18/2019 – 2/4/2019 (0.6 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2019-09. Title/Descr: GERIATRIC FALLS.
  30. YR:2019. Time frame: 1/24/2019 – 2/28/2019 (1.17 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2019-10. Title/Descr: Appendicitis [Initial Data Pull, all ntwks]  Children vs Adults (Screening and Care processes).
  31. YR:2019. Time frame: 2/3/2019 – 5/31/2019 (3.6 mos.), WOO Project. WOO-2019-11. Title/Descr: Childhood Lead Exposure [GIS, Popn Curve]  [Registry or Study Set developed for entire H+H].
  32. YR:2019. Time frame: 2/14/2019 – 3/29/2019 (1.47 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2019-12. Title/Descr: BULLY3. .
  33. YR:2019. Time frame: 2/19/2019 – 3/1/2019 (0.37 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2019-13. Title/Descr: Lung Cancer Survey (Referral Rates) [SURVEY].
  34. YR:2019. Time frame: 2/19/2019 – 2/27/2019 (0.3 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-14. Title/Descr: Colon, Polyps and H.Pylori.
  35. YR:2019. Time frame: 2/22/2019 – 5/21/2019 (2.97 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2019-15. Title/Descr: Yoga for Residency Stress (“18-001 The Effect of Living a “Yogic Lifestyle” on a Stress Response & Self Image in Health Care Professionals. “) – A Follow Up.
  36. YR:2019. Time frame: 2/28/2019 – 5/3/2019 (2.17 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-16. Title/Descr: CHORD – 2,3  General Citation for information– https://clinicaltrials.med.nyu.edu/clinicaltrial/1256/chord–cholesterol-lowering/.
  37. YR:2019. Time frame: 3/13/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2019-17.  Title/Descr: STDs, Pregnancy and Teens SURVEY; 24Q; “Health Education, Family Planning and Career Choices” [PRELIM PHASE]  [SURVEY].
  38. YR:2019. Time frame: 3/25/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2019-18.  Title/Descr: Colonoscopy (DQ check) [Project start up].
  39. YR:2019. Time frame: 3/28/2019 – 5/23/2019 (1.87 mos.), MET Project. MET-2019-19. Title/Descr: Geriatric Readmissions [most basic].
  40. YR:2019. Time frame: 3/28/2019 – 4/16/2019 (0.53 mos.), MET Project. MET-2019-20. Title/Descr: Diastolic Dysfunction Heart Failure, 30 and 90 day readmits.
  41. YR:2019. Time frame: 3/29/2019 – 12/31/2019 (10.67 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2019-21. Title/Descr: Psych Services Demographics; Zip Code popns request (incl. and for Research Department meeting).
  42. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/1/2019 – 4/12/2019 (0.33 mos.), WOO Project. WOO-2019-22. Title/Descr: Query (8 cases): PED DENTAL RSCH: Dental Survey results, 8 cases.  Incl Application of ‘ Mcknight Hanes model’ [Unique graphics].
  43. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/2/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2019-23.  Title/Descr: Internal  Performance project; 700 chart reviews.  Assessment of scores generated by reviewer..
  44. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/4/2019 – 4/12/2019 (0.3 mos.), HAR Project. HAR-2019-24. Title/Descr: [File: PI_IMPROVEMENT] Discharges and readmits Evaluation – PI Improvement (n=9047).
  45. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/9/2019 – 4/26/2019 (0.6 mos.), POPN Project. POP-25. Title/Descr: Data for the Cocaine Addiction Study.
  46. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/25/2019 – 5/3/2019 (0.33 mos.), LIN Project. LIN-2019-26. Title/Descr: A-Fib study; analytics of chart review scoring; methods question; CHADS, CHA2DS2-VASc, etc (“Comparing the utility of CHADS2 vs. CHAS DS2-VASc score in a stroke cohort with atrial fibrillation with cerebrovascular event”).
  47. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/25/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2019-27.  Title/Descr: Popn Size question: Hbglyc, Vit D, lipopp/Chol/hvy metals.
  48. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/29/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-28.  Title/Descr: QI: “Application of recommendations and guidelines in use of telemetry in in-patient setting leads to judicious use of resources.” .
  49. YR:2019. Time frame: 5/2/2019 – 6/28/2019 (1.93 mos.), NYU Project. NYU-29. Title/Descr: Skin Biopsy – 2.
  50. YR:2019. Time frame: 5/16/2019 – 5/21/2019 (14.43 mos.), MET Project. MET-2019-30. Title/Descr: Metro Knee-Hip Surgery data for Grant, on Race and QOCare grant [Uploaded for them]  [GIS results included].
  51. YR:2019. Time frame: 5/22/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2019-31.  Title/Descr: Cervical PAP testing  [analyze HSIL, LEEP in HIV+] [PRELIM/PRE_IRB]    [Data search issues].
  52. YR:2019. Time frame: 6/11/2019 – 6/11/2019 (0.03 mos.), BEL Project. BEL-2019-32. Title/Descr: Child-Adolescent Psych Cases (pulls requested) [PENDING?] (Bellevue Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  Clinical care within the child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient service)  [RELATE TO GOUV CHILD_ADOL PCP DEMANDS REVIEW].
  53. YR:2019. Time frame: 6/12/2019 – 6/18/2019 (0.2 mos.), MET Project. MET-2019-33. Title/Descr: “Effects of postprandial hyperglycemia on cardiovascular events and mortality”. Proposal–narrative–method and table; graphability [Metaanalysis; LogAvgs Scatter Plots–Exceptional]  METAANALYSIS.
  54. YR:2019. Time frame: 6/18/2019 – 7/5/2019 (0.5 mos.), MET Project. MET-2019-34. Title/Descr: APACHE IV Scoring low risk people graded.
  55. YR:2019. Time frame: 6/19/2019 – 6/20/2019 (0.2 mos.), HIT Project. HIT-2019-35-GRA. Title/Descr: Sickle Cell ASH Program Grant: Patient Load across the System [BIG GRANT.  Review Sickle Cell pull and report on current estimates].
  56. YR:2019. Time frame: 7/1/2019 – 7/1/2019 (0.03 mos.), WOO Project. WOO-2019-36. Title/Descr: Septicemia Cases – Initial Pull [Risk of death w/I one year].
  57. YR:2019. Time frame: 7/25/2019 – 6/6/2020 (10.6 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2019-37. Title/Descr: OPTIC ATROPHY – III. Genomic Surveillance (11 identified by PI; perhaps use generic search protocols established)  [TOO SMALL].
  58. YR:2019. Time frame: 7/25/2019 – 6/6/2020(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2019-38. Title/Descr: Neurocognitive Performance Study:  ISCHEMIA..
  59. YR:2019. Time frame: 7/25/2019 – 6/6/2020(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2019-39. Title/Descr: NAION. PREVALENCE QUERY.  Ischemic Optic neuropathy [DB] and Sleep Apnea [entire HHC].
  60. YR:2019. Time frame: 7/28/2019 – 6/6/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-40. Title/Descr: The Use of CORB Score versus CURB 65, for predicting the severity of community acquired pneumonia.
  61. YR:2019. Time frame: 8/1/2019 – 6/6/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-41. Title/Descr: ON SITE RESIDENCY RESEARCH TRAINING (3 MONTHS) incl. METRO, WOO, LIN, JAC.
  62. YR:2019. Time frame: 9/13/2019 – 4/30/2020(Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2019-42. Title/Descr: TXA Survey Analysis.
  63. YR:2019. Time frame: 9/15/2019 – 5/2/2020(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2019-43. Title/Descr: “Dreams Matter.”  Survey Monkey. [Through Jacobi, by Montefiore].
  64. YR:2019. Time frame: 9/28/2019 – 5/15/2020(Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2019-44. Title/Descr: Sickle Cell Anemia and Contraception: The Use of Birth Control Pills by Sickle Cell Patients.
  65. YR:2019. Time frame: 10/16/2019 – 6/2/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-45. Title/Descr: Pulmonary Embolism Patients “Obstruction Index” tool.
  66. YR:2019. Time frame: 10/20/2019 – 6/6/2020(Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2019-46. Title/Descr: Infants and Young Children with Septicemia (n=129).
  67. YR:2019. Time frame: 11/1/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), CEN Project. CEN-2019-47.  Title/Descr: Prevention of Smoking  GRANT.
  68. YR:2019. Time frame: 11/1/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), CEN Project. CEN-2019-48.  Title/Descr: Homelessness and Smoking GRANT.
  69. YR:2019. Time frame: 11/1/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), CEN Project. CEN-2019-49.  Title/Descr: Mental Health Status and Smoking GRANT.
  70. YR:2019. Time frame: 11/14/2019 – 7/1/2020(Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2019-50. Title/Descr: Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service Program,  Performance Audit.
  71. YR:2019. Time frame: 11/19/2019 – 7/6/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-51. Title/Descr: Children with Head Injury.
  72. YR:2019. Time frame: 11/27/2019 – 7/14/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-52. Title/Descr: CTOI.
  73. YR:2019. Time frame: 12/1/2019 – 7/18/2020 (7.7 mos.), JAC Project. JAC-2019-53. Title/Descr: “THE IMPACT OF ANXIETY LEVELS AND SLEEP PATTERNS ON PERCEIVED PAIN DURING INTRAVITREAL INJECTIONS”  [PRELIM – – NO  DATA AS OF 7/19/19].
  74. YR:2019. Time frame: 12/23/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-54.  Title/Descr: Lifespan Health Care Analysis Project.
  75. YR:2019. Time frame: 12/24/2019 – 8/10/2020(Midway/Ongoing), ELM Project. ELM-2019-55. Title/Descr: “E-vap product use and mental health status, suicidal ideation – secondary data analysis”.
  76. YR:2019. Time frame: 12/26/2019 – 8/12/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2019-56. Title/Descr: Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA) Inpatient Study.
  77. YR:2019. Time frame: 12/27/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2019-57.  Title/Descr: Identifying Children with Sepsis [Data is in EPIC, First such study].
  78. YR:2019. Time frame: 12/30/2019 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2019-58.  Title/Descr: AGERERZip programming for DKA projections.
  79. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/3/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-01.  Title/Descr: Epilepsy Database, Reviewed at Meeting.
  80. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/3/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2020-02.  Title/Descr: Sickle Cell Database, reviewed at Meeting; plans made..
  81. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/4/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-03.  Title/Descr: COVID Research Team at Woodhill.  54 residents, 20+ studies planned, Meetings with Discussion, Monthly Follow-ups.
  82. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/4/2020 – 8/21/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-04. Title/Descr: COVID 4e – Temporal patterns of the outbreak, according to 575 and 520 case datasets with complete data pulled (total 300+ cols), for use in various special studies and analyses  .
  83. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/5/2020 – 8/22/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-05. Title/Descr: COVID 4f – prevalence by Zip Codes (future SES study).
  84. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/15/2020 – 9/1/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-06. Title/Descr: A study of Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis (TPP, G72.3) in a specific group of Patients. A Case Study.
  85. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/21/2020 – 9/7/2020(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2020-07. Title/Descr: Ankyloglossia–the Frenotomy treatment of “Tongue-tied” Infants. for improving Breastfeeding..
  86. YR:2020. Time frame: 1/28/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-08.  Title/Descr: Child Abuse (a subgroup of the Domestic Violence research).
  87. YR:2020. Time frame: 2/3/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), ELM Project. ELM-2020-09.  Title/Descr: Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) Patients.
  88. YR:2020. Time frame: 2/7/2020 – 9/24/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-10. Title/Descr: A Survey on Breast Feeding [IRB] (Dental Rx and Breast Feeding).
  89. YR:2020. Time frame: 2/9/2020 – 9/26/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-11. Title/Descr: Post-Oral Surgery Patients and Follow-up Visits.
  90. YR:2020. Time frame: 2/9/2020 – 9/26/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-12. Title/Descr: Survey – IT Use by Residents.
  91. YR:2020. Time frame: 2/20/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-13.  Title/Descr: Culturally-bound, Culturally-linked ICDs.
  92. YR:2020. Time frame: 3/4/2020 – 10/20/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-14. Title/Descr: TXA Study, research and evaluation of Patients [Prelim].
  93. YR:2020. Time frame: 3/6/2020 – 10/22/2020(Midway/Ongoing), CUM Project. CUM-2020-15. Title/Descr: Greenpoint Patient Refusals of Colonoscopy – a dependency upon Alternate Screening Methods (FOBT, FS, etc), and the impacts of this upon overall compliance rates.
  94. YR:2020. Time frame: 3/10/2020 – 10/26/2020(Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2020-16. Title/Descr: Cardiology Patients Prediction Tool Development.
  95. YR:2020. Time frame: 3/10/2020 – 10/26/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2020-17. Title/Descr: Tuberculosis Exposure: Study of Quantiferon Need and Use for Immigrant Patients.
  96. YR:2020. Time frame: 3/29/2020 – 11/14/2020(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-18. Title/Descr: High Risk Diabetes Patients, receiving Inpatient Care for Ketoacidosis.
  97. YR:2020. Time frame: 4/10/2020 – 11/26/2020(Midway/Ongoing), ELM Project. ELM-2020-19. Title/Descr: An Assessment of lab Results related to the treatment of Liver Failure in Covid patients.
  98. YR:2020. Time frame: 4/27/2020 – 12/13/2020(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2020-20. Title/Descr: Estimating Cost Analysis, based upon a Protocols Flowchart for Care for Renal Failure – A Review of Modeling these Data.
  99. YR:2020. Time frame: 5/5/2020 – 12/21/2020(Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2020-21. Title/Descr: A Survey of 900 Employees Tested for Covid [published].
  100. YR:2020. Time frame: 5/6/2020 – 12/22/2020(Midway/Ongoing), ELM Project. ELM-2020-22. Title/Descr: Evaluating the Use of a home oxygen saturation meter to reduce mortality due to Covid.
  101. YR:2020. Time frame: 5/20/2020 – 1/5/2021(Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2020-23. Title/Descr: Review of a Younger Patient Population at H+H (18-35).
  102. YR:2020. Time frame: 5/26/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2020-24.  Title/Descr: [Unnamed Ob-Gyn, IRB stage].
  103. YR:2020. Time frame: 6/12/2020 – 1/28/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-25. Title/Descr: Cervical Cancer Screening Study – 5 years period – HSIL patients.
  104. YR:2020. Time frame: 6/25/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-26.  Title/Descr: Preliminary Review (from above, 5/20).
  105. YR:2020. Time frame: 7/6/2020 – 2/21/2021(Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2020-27. Title/Descr: Reverse Engineering: Focus for surgical outomes of Post-Bariatric Patients.
  106. YR:2020. Time frame: 7/6/2020 – 2/21/2021(Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2020-28. Title/Descr: Obesity and Childbirthing.
  107. YR:2020. Time frame: 7/23/2020 – 3/10/2021(Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2020-29. Title/Descr: TXA in Postpartum hemorrhage–Survey, Part 2, the Follow Up.
  108. YR:2020. Time frame: 8/6/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2020-30.  Title/Descr: [Mother-Child Obesity].
  109. YR:2020. Time frame: 8/7/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-31.  Title/Descr: [Covid 4 preliminary review, for further studies] [ALL of AUG].
  110. YR:2020. Time frame: 8/7/2020 – 3/25/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-32. Title/Descr: COVID RA (4a) – Rheumatoid/RA.
  111. YR:2020. Time frame: 8/7/2020 – 3/25/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-33. Title/Descr: COVID AI  (4b) – Autoimmune; Rx, Immunology. 19 cases. (see 4/19).
  112. YR:2020. Time frame: 8/7/2020 – 3/25/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-34. Title/Descr: COVID 9 (4g) – endocrine.
  113. YR:2020. Time frame: 8/7/2020 – 3/25/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-35. Title/Descr: COVID GI/NVD (4h) – NVD data and Covid cases.
  114. YR:2020. Time frame: 8/25/2020 – 4/12/2021(Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2020-36. Title/Descr: Concierge (begin article) [see 1/13].
  115. YR:2020. Time frame: 9/3/2020 – 4/21/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-37. Title/Descr: Cervical Cancer Cohort Study (HSIL?)  SEE Above, 3 months.
  116. YR:2020. Time frame: 9/18/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-38.  Title/Descr: Epilepsy [Big Data] DB and development.
  117. YR:2020. Time frame: 9/18/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-39.  Title/Descr: Genomics [Big Data] DB and development.
  118. YR:2020. Time frame: 9/22/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2020-40.  Title/Descr: Childhood Lead Exposure at H+H [Big Data] DB and development.
  119. YR:2020. Time frame: 9/23/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2020-41.  Title/Descr: A review of 10 years of HSIL/LEEP/CIN data.
  120. YR:2020. Time frame: 10/7/2020 – (Midway/Ongoing), NOR Project. NOR-2020-42.  Title/Descr: Septicemia in Kids (Data pull, data quality review)  DATA PULL ONLY.
  121. YR:2020. Time frame: 10/9/2020 – 5/27/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-43. Title/Descr: SISQ – uses A1c Substances Abuse questionnaire, counseling FU.
  122. YR:2020. Time frame: 10/15/2020 – 6/2/2021(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2020-44. Title/Descr: A1c and Dental Care Survey of Dental School Staff ; Survey Monkey Project; Oral Health Surveys: Womens Health, ACS (HIV, AIDS), Diabetes Care.
  123. YR:2020. Time frame: 11/11/2020 – 6/29/2021(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2020-45. Title/Descr: The A1c CME/DDS residents study – continued (Survey Monkey project #2).
  124. YR:2020. Time frame: 11/12/2020 – 6/30/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2020-46. Title/Descr: ObGyn data review for study [FGM, 3].
  125. YR:2020. Time frame: 11/30/2020 – 7/18/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2020-47. Title/Descr: APACHE V – New Pneumonia Patients w Sepsis – APACHE testing Cases Study.
  126. YR:2020. Time frame: 11/30/2020 – 7/18/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-48. Title/Descr: COVID 5 – Cardiometabolic Disorder.
  127. YR:2020. Time frame: 12/11/2020 – 7/29/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-49. Title/Descr: COVID 6 – Diagnosis/Prevalence – Prediction Chart (Heart Failure CO study).
  128. YR:2020. Time frame: 12/21/2020 – 8/8/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-50. Title/Descr: COVID 7 (4c) – The effect of the COVID outbreak upon QOC received by “Lockdown” Diabetes Patients duuring the COVID crisis.  Endocrine, A1c focus (99 cases).
  129. YR:2020. Time frame: 12/23/2020 – 8/10/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2020-51. Title/Descr: COVID 8 (4d) – A1c (60 cases), incl Mortality Rate review.
  130. YR:2021. Time frame: 1/7/2021 – 8/25/2021(Midway/Ongoing), GOU Project. GOU-2021-01. Title/Descr: Pediatric Dental Care [KROHL and CAMBRA Scores] study  [later add WHO, Qualtrics] IRB 4/9.
  131. YR:2021. Time frame: 1/7/2021 – 8/25/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-02. Title/Descr: APACHE Scores and Tuberculosis [TbQUANT data required].
  132. YR:2021. Time frame: 1/19/2021 – 9/6/2021(Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2021-03. Title/Descr: Bariatrics post-surgery patients: A five year review of their Health and QOL change.
  133. YR:2021. Time frame: 1/20/2021 – 9/7/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-04. Title/Descr: COVID 10 – Commentary Style review of methods and results (becomes article)  see Covid 12 as well.
  134. YR:2021. Time frame: 1/22/2021 – 9/9/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-05. Title/Descr: COVID 11 – Presentation, Virtual.
  135. YR:2021. Time frame: 2/9/2021 – 9/27/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-06. Title/Descr: COVID Hep case assessments.
  136. YR:2021. Time frame: 2/24/2021 – 10/12/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-07. Title/Descr: COVID 12 – Population Health (see article).
  137. YR:2021. Time frame: 2/25/2021 – 10/13/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-08. Title/Descr: COVID DM2 – reassess more detail, few cases; but newer cases.
  138. YR:2021. Time frame: 3/5/2021 – 10/21/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-09. Title/Descr: APACHE VI (New study for publication).
  139. YR:2021. Time frame: 3/15/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-10.  Title/Descr: Child health care QOC/QOL assessments, by Zipcode tracts, using the new SES dataset developed for NYC and vicinity.
  140. YR:2021. Time frame: 3/22/2021 – 11/7/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-11. Title/Descr: Covid readmits linked to Pneumonia complications .
  141. YR:2021. Time frame: 3/24/2021 – 11/9/2021(Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2021-12. Title/Descr: A Study of Bariatrics Patients (skin folds measurements).
  142. YR:2021. Time frame: 3/25/2021 – 11/10/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-13. Title/Descr: Hepatitis Testing in Williamsburg.  Woodhull, Greenpoint cases reviewed..
  143. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/1/2021 – 11/17/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-14. Title/Descr: Infectious Diseases and COVID (ID_COVID); Post-Covid and Infectious Diseases.
  144. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/1/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2021-15.  Title/Descr: Query regarding large study of Domestic Violence [EPIC checks].
  145. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/1/2021 – 11/17/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-16. Title/Descr: Influenza vaccine rates during the COVID outbreak [Covid Flu] see 5/10].
  146. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/5/2021 – 11/21/2021(Midway/Ongoing), LIN Project. LIN-2021-17. Title/Descr: Covid admits and Follow ups due to Pneumonia.
  147. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/5/2021 – 11/21/2021(Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-18. Title/Descr: COVID 12+/13 – City Wide SES and Distribution of cases (merge data); make zips DB.
  148. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/5/2021 – 11/21/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-19. Title/Descr: Readmits.  (CovReadm). Covid Survivor Readmits.
  149. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/9/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-20.  Title/Descr: ‘SES-ZIP’.  COVID 13 – Zipcode based SES DB (184 zips) (see later versions).
  150. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/9/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-21.  Title/Descr: SES/Small Area (Neighborhood review, incl. Religion linked community service sites and facilities) (see 4/23).
  151. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/27/2021 – 12/13/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-22. Title/Descr: COVID SaO2, PaO2, ABG statistical review using ROC [AUROC] analysis, in two parts [see also 5/5].
  152. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/27/2021 – 12/13/2021(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-23. Title/Descr: COVID_ID (4i) – Antibiotics use and Patients.  Focus on HIV patients (n=14); review of methodology, analysis, Antibiotic assessment.
  153. YR:2021. Time frame: 4/29/2021 – 12/15/2021(Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-24. Title/Descr: COVID 13+ SES/Demog Cases data, for n=935 (data merge).
  154. YR:2021. Time frame: 5/3/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-25.  Title/Descr: Zip Code/SES DB–Census Region Economics Educational Value data devt.
  155. YR:2021. Time frame: 5/4/2021 – 12/20/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-26. Title/Descr: APACHE IV – Part 2.
  156. YR:2021. Time frame: 5/6/2021 – 12/22/2021(Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2021-27. Title/Descr: Interrater Reliability Testing and Statistics (for Bariatrics2 study).
  157. YR:2021. Time frame: 5/6/2021 – 12/22/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-28. Title/Descr: AOBP Project: BPs and the Metro KIOSK “KioskBPs”.
  158. YR:2021. Time frame: 5/10/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-29.  Title/Descr: Melding Popn Databases (SS, Epil, ChMH, DomViol, etc)  with SES/Zip DB.
  159. YR:2021. Time frame: 5/11/2021 – 12/27/2021(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-30. Title/Descr: APRON: Dementia patients Study (n=30)  (LOS, falls, etc).
  160. YR:2021. Time frame: 6/1/2021 – 1/17/2022(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-31. Title/Descr: COVID19.  Cardiometabolic Stress Study-3. [analyze for Abstract]  Symptomatology used to run AUROC..
  161. YR:2021. Time frame: 6/2/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-32.  Title/Descr: Full NYC DEMOGRAPHICS (For Zip areal data DB), incl. EMR request.
  162. YR:2021. Time frame: 6/3/2021 – 1/19/2022(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-33. Title/Descr: COVID 20.  AUROC on DNR and Covid Cases (Prelim for Abstract submission; a RaceEthn, Med Hx, insurer, and recovery study).
  163. YR:2021. Time frame: 6/7/2021 – 1/23/2022(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-34. Title/Descr: COVID 21.  CovidDKA.  DKA study. Highest Risk Diabetics from Woodhull Hospital (n=26).
  164. YR:2021. Time frame: 6/25/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-35.  Title/Descr: COVID 22. n=960 review.  SES Study of Covid Patients with Moderate to High Quality, Multilevel Clinical Data.
  165. YR:2021. Time frame: 6/25/2021 – 2/10/2022(Midway/Ongoing), BEL Project. BEL-2021-36. Title/Descr: COVID 23.  Staff Survey, Patients/Employees about engaging in the vaccination program.
  166. YR:2021. Time frame: 6/28/2021 – 2/13/2022(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-37. Title/Descr: Blueroom/”White Coat” syndrome BP Readings, evaluation of White Coat study data [Restart].
  167. YR:2021. Time frame: 7/2/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-38.  Title/Descr: FGC2.  Labor and Delivery Population reviewed; continued review of a patients’ QOL based upon the Lifetime Care Model..
  168. YR:2021. Time frame: 8/4/2021 – 3/22/2022(Midway/Ongoing), JAC Project. JAC-2021-39. Title/Descr: Broset Study.  “Implementation of the Broset Violence Checklist Tool”   Proposal on..
  169. YR:2021. Time frame: 8/10/2021 – 3/28/2022(Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2021-40. Title/Descr: COVID 24.  (SES).  Research Question: “Where are child impacts and increases in IP most likely be seen within H+H Service areas?”.
  170. YR:2021. Time frame: 8/23/2021 – 4/10/2022(Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2021-41. Title/Descr: AMA Hypertension/Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home, Non-compliance Behaviors.
  171. YR:2021. Time frame: 9/3/2021 – 4/21/2022(Midway/Ongoing), HAR Project. HAR-2021-42. Title/Descr: Non-compliance.  Elopement, Leaving AMA, and other Non-Compliant Behaviors in Mental Health Unit Inpatients  [more data: Intervtn OSHA 9/17].
  172. YR:2021. Time frame: 9/21/2021 – 5/9/2022(Midway/Ongoing), QUE Project. QUE-2021-43. Title/Descr: New Projects tbd.
  173. YR:2018. Time frame: 2/19/2018 – (Midway/Ongoing), HIT Project. HIT-2018-01.  Title/Descr: For More, see 10/15/2020 pulls; Information Services/Clinical Information Systems/CIS/Release Data/Clinical Research 6/15-12/31/2019 missing?.
  174. YR:2019. Time frame: 4/20/2019 – 3/1/2019(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-02. Title/Descr: Quality Improvement Study of Patients Serviced by an Endocrine Inpatient Treatment Unit.
  175. YR:2019. Time frame: 6/15/2019 – 3/1/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2019-03. Title/Descr: Assessment of 30 day Readmissions of patients treated for a Diastolic related Heart Disorder .
  176. YR:2021. Time frame: 9/28/2021 – 3/1/2020(Midway/Ongoing), MET Project. MET-2021-04. Title/Descr: A meta-analysis of studies devoted to Diabetes and Severe Heart Disease.
  177. YR:2021. Time frame: 11/18/2021 – 12/1/2022(Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-05. Title/Descr: A meta-analysis of Myocard Inf lit.
  178. YR:2021. Time frame: 11/18/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-0.  Title/Descr: Gyn/Pregnancy or FGC (discussed).
  179. YR:2021. Time frame: 11/18/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), WOO Project. WOO-2021-0.  Title/Descr: Sepsis and A-Fib, etc.
  180. YR:2022 Planned. Time frame: 11/1/2021 – (Midway/Ongoing), ELM Project. ELM-2021-0.  Title/Descr: Covid and Pulmonary (CDV, Renal?).