The Appalachian Mountain Range or Ridge


The following are three of my better examples of Lyme Disease Spatial mapping.

Several of the generations of my development of this algorithm/program for mapping disease are demonstrated:

  • national point mapping, with a series of experimental US 3D movements designed to point out the narrow ridge of high lyme disease prevalance; this ridge is defined by the very large appalachian mountains range.
  • regional to small area application of the point mapping algorithms, with a standardized rotating image display; focus is on the nidus for this disease in the US.
  • point mapping conversion to 3D grid mapping, with a controlled and standardized rotating image display of pyramid bar data.


Lyme Disease Videos


  • Lyme Disease (National) — http://youtu.be/jJh26LRU2PU.  Many of the lyme disease maps are my earliest, relating to a 1998 PSU institutional grant funded program.  Some are very basic and hard to follow due to faster image processing speeds.
  • Lyme Disease 2 — New England-New York region —http://youtu.be/lFCQYtqv7rc.  Nice focus on the US nidus for Lyme Disease.  This disease originated in the area of Sweden but we hear very little about this part of the disease history.
  • Lyme Disease, IP — http://youtu.be/0kVntGbNk2E.  A much later version of representation for this data, about 10 generations/renderings into the production of a disease mapping technique.