The following are the pdfs produced to summarize the grant sponsored portion of this work on Oregon Toxic Release Sites.  This report was submitted in Winter 2002/3.


APPENDIX C – ELECTRONIC INFORMATION SOURCES [NOTE: these site addresses may have changed since 2000; also, this is from a draft so watch for misspelled links]



General Listing (includes links to most related information sites, incl. HazDat Database,  Hazardous Materials Incident, Environmental Clean-up Site Information (ECSI),  Confirmed Release List Report (CRIs), CRTK info), National Priority Lists, Superfund Sites, Toxics Release Inventory (USEPA), TRI: Oregon Companies, Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Site List, etc. )



Public Health Assessment. Provides information on history of Superfund Sites in Oregon. Provides detailed tables on chemical type, amount and location. CAD Maps provided.



Community Right to Know information


CERCLIS Hazardous Waste Sites Data


ECSI/CRI List Oregon Confirmed Release List




Disposal Sites Data (Oregon Disposal Sites Permitees listed by County)


Per Capita Solid Waste Disposed 1997 to 1998 by Watershed


Oregon Material Recovery Facilities




Data on chemicals in Oregon; amounts released since 1987, “success” in clean-up, etc. 

Transfer Stations and Material Recovery Facilities (valuable data not used due to lack of specific addresses)

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