Location of Shekomeko village


The following is a document I had the chance to view during my earliest period of reviewing the history of Shekomeko, a hamlet in Dutchess County, NY, where the Moravian Christian Indians were formed as a culture.  The year of its review was about 1993, the same year I came upon articles published in the late 1890s magazine Missions, found in the Western Baptist Seminary library in Portland, Oregon.

Map of Shekomeko, hand drawn in 1745, reprinted as part of Moravian Missions historical society report ca. 1845.

This was produced about the time the Shekomeko site was recognized as an important historical landmark by the Moravian Historical Society.  The stone pillar that sits at the corner of a crossroad about a half mile from the encampment site (covered elsewhere on this site) still stands to this day.

link to page with the above picture





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