The first Eclectic Medical schools were operating as schools of “Reformed Medicine”.  This term for the field is officially associated with Wooster Beach, a graduate of a New York Medical School in 1824, who a year later tried to open his own school that emphasized the practice of medicine without bloodletting or the use of mineral remedies.  This school was short-lived, as he was forced out of the city by a mob just a few years into opening his first program.  Following Wooster Beach’s departure from the city, little is mentioned about where he went or where he practiced.  Around 1830 or 1831, staff at the Worthington school in Ohio who knew of his professional history and current practice state invited him to teach at their college, which he followed up on, making this school the officially recognized first school of Eclectic medicine. 

At least one school however preceded the Worthington school, with staff who were promoting new medicine.  This school had graduates from New York City including a Dr. Van Kleeck, and was started up around 1817, offering classes in the new medicine and much of the traditional practices for the time.  Little is known about how much Thomsonianism, Indian root doctoring, local herbalism, or the newest forms of electric healing were incorporated into its programs, but this school also bear the fame of being one of the first “eclectic” medical school not fully devoted to allopathy (see History of Medicine in Ohio books).

Between 1833 and 1844, little more is again known specifically about the form of medicine being prompted only by certain schools, that called its profession “reformed” or “eclectic” medicine.  During this time, Thomsonianism became a very popular profession, with medical journals already being published demonstrating its initial success, but with numerous journals which began publication in 1832 demonstrating its overall success and advantages over allopathy that year as well as the year previously.  From 1832 to 1837, the major Thomsonian journals were published, with many closing down in just these 5  to 6 years.  Between 1837 and 1844, the regular medical profession was trying to superseded the alternatives, with the legal actions needed to be successful, such as forced closure of hospital or hospital wards devoted to other professions, and the passage of law preventing non-allopathic methods of being practiced without approval by state legislature and medical societies. 

Allopaths were never fully successful during these transitional years.  The non-allopaths continued to succeed, with some of the old-time journals still being published.  During these 7 years the Eclectic physicians, as they were now commonly called, began to prevail over the older traditional Thomsonians, and the midwestern equivalent to Thomsonians–the Botanic Physicians–headed mostly by publisher and initiator, and splitter from traditional Thomsonianism, Alva Curtis.  The Eclectics were able to successfully open their teachings wards and clinics, and report on cases that were treated at these places on a regular, usually monthly to quarterly basis.   The Ohio schools were perhaps the most successful during this time.

Meanwhile, the Eclectic Pharmacy industry had begun to outshine allopathy as well.  Retaining their focus on botanicals, they invented stronger, more potent botanical remedies by the development of a method for producing concentrated extracts from plants, without destroying or altering the traditional herbal medicine value.  Even though some allopathy industries were accomplishing the same about this time, the fact that Eclectics were inventing some of these techniques, and that their remedies were being purchased and promoted by regular pharmaceutical companies devoted mostly to allopathy, made Eclectic medicine appear to be the most successful, most trusted and most successful of the non-homeopathic, non-allopathic medical sects by 1845.

One Eclectic Medical School kept detailed records of its students over time.  The distribution of these students demonstrates the flow of this profession from the mid-great plains states outward to other regions of the country.  These listings of students tell us much about how Eclectic medicine grew successfully by 1875, and demonstrates how it lived through the Civil War period, a time when regular medicine made every attempt possible to regulate medical practice in the war front as well as across the country, converting non-allopathy supporters into pro-allopathy devotees by the end of the war.  It took a few more generations, and this time stubbornness on behalf of the allopaths to fully accept the bacterium theory for disease, that turned against eclectic medicine from 1875 onward.  Even though these physicians remained in practice well into the 1930s (see “New Eclectics” and Utah Study), Eclectic Medicine was successfully replaced by Naturopathy some time between 1930 and 1935 (see naturopathy section and studies).

The following are the attendance lists for the school in Eclectic Medical School that practiced in Ohio.

It was published as an addendum to the 1875 Eclectic Medical Journal and published separately as a light blue paper pamphlet in honor of the anniversary of the Eclectic Medical profession.  (raw data from Scan)

NOTE: forgive the misspellings; the names still need to be compared with the hard copy.



      A. H. Baldridge, Ohio.                               S. Holcombe, Ohio.
      A. P. Baldridge, Ohio.                               W. S. Hoit, Ohio.
      A Bean, Ohio.                                           N. Hubbell, New York.
      J. Beeman, Ohio.                                       H. Hunt, New York.
      P. Beeman, Ohio.                                      P. Huston Ohio.
      D. Bemas, Mississippi.                             T. Ingersoll, Missouri.
      L. A. Bond, Georgia.                                 P. A. Jackson, New York.
      J. Breisford, Ohio                                      B. F. Johnson, Virginia.
      A. Bronson, Ohio.                                     I. G. Jones, New York.
      W. H. Brooks, Ohio.                                 L. E. Jones, Ohio.
      J. Bryan, Kentucky.                                   A. M. Jones, Ohio.
      W. C. Buckley, Kentucky.                         B. Kellogg, Ohio.
      I. Burdett, Kentucky.                                 S. Kellogg, Ohio.
      B. P. Catley, Ohio.                                     J. H. Kern, Virginia.
      D. S. Chapin, Ohio.                                   J. Kilbourne, jr., Ohio.
      13. Cloak, Kentucky.                                D. Lauderdale, Miss.
      J. S. Davis. Kentucky.                               A. H. Lazell, Ohio.
      E. Davis, Tennessee.                                 J. E. Lazell, Mass.
      D. Delaney, New York.                             A. G. L, Lewis, N. Y.
      G. Dunbar, Kentucky.                               J. W. Mattoon, Ohio.
      H. Eckley, Ohio.                                       N. M. W. M’Clelland, 0.
      D. Eckley, Ohio.                                       W. G. Montgomery, 0.
      J. K. Eshleman, Penn’a.                            A. A. Morrison, Ohio.
      T. B. Fisher, Ohio.                                    C. McAnelly, Kentucky.
      J. N. Floyd, Mississippi.                           T. V. Morrow, New York.
      G. C. Gans, Pennsylvania.                         D. McLure, New York.
      G. Granger, Ohio.                                      A. J. Obanon, Kentucky.
      G. F. Greer, Ohio.                                     J. N. Pool, Ohio.
      N. Hawley, Ohio.                                      J. B. Paddock, Virginia.
      B. F. Headen, Kentucky.

X. Phillips, Ohio.                                            J. Vandervort, Ohio.
B. NI. Pinney, Ohio.                                        C. L. Webster, Ohio.
S. H. Potter, New York.                                   J. A. Wakeman, Ohio.
J. L. Riddell, New York.                                  E~ West, Ohio.
S. Bouzee, Kentucky.                                      C. W. Witt, Ohio.
J. H. Starr. Ohio.                                             C. Witt, Ohio.
W. Starrett, New York.                                    I. Wiley, Ohio.
A. A Spencer, Ohio.                                        F. S. Woods, Kentucky.
A. D. Sweet, Ohio.                                          S. J. Woods, Kentucky.
J. M. Sharpe, Kentucky.                                  S. Willis, Kentucky.
H. D. Sheppard, N. Y.                                     J. M. Wynn, New York.
J. Summers, Kentucky.                                   S. Wyatt, Iowa.
H. B. Still, New York.                                     — Wilson, Alabama.
B. B. Showalter, Pa.                                         J. Walters, Penn’a.
D. L. Terry, Ohio.



Bodine Milton S., Ohio.                                  Lang T. M., Kentucky. 2.
Borton J., Ohio.                                              Morgan D. H., Kentucky.
Badger W., Ohio.                                            McGinnis John R., Kentucky. ,
Bower W. W., Pennsylvana.                           Myers Alpheus, Indiana.
Olapp Ela H., Ohio.                                        Palmer James H., Michigan.
Coover Detrick, Pennsylvania.                       Rannels J. Milton, Ohio.
Davis Jephtha., Ohio.                                     Rice R. ID., Indiana. 10
Davis Orrin, New York.                                 Skeen Isaiah. K., Ohio.
Essex Albert, Ohio.                                        Shoot James H., Missouri.
Hubbell Leander, Kentucky.                           Woodward William, Ohio.
Hazelton W. P., Massachusetts.                      Williams C. M., Ohio.


Anderson Win. L., Maryland.                         Linn Samuel K, Illinois.
Alexander Win. J., Alabama.                          Montfort Win. P., Ohio.
Beckwith L. F., Ohio.                                      Matthews Reuben., Iowa
Backus James H., Ohio.                                  Moore Abner C., Ohio.
Bush J. R, New York.                                     Mulloy David, Ohio.
Bronson Salmon, New York.                          Oliver Coridon R., Missouri.
Davis Joshua E., Mississippi.                         Peck Arvine, New York.
Fellers Samuel, Ohio.                                     Peabody E. S., Illinois.
Hickman Jas. B., Missouri.                             ]~latt Anson H., New York
Heath B. S., New York.                                  Parsons David J, Missouri.
Hall Richard R., New York.                            Russell Charles E., Missouri.
Holmes E. B., Ohio.                                        Rogers John W., Pennsylvania
Humphrey Samuel A., Illinois.                       Steeley Jesse W., Missouri.
Ingalls Edward, Kentucky.                             Taylor Linus P., Ohio.
Justice John W., North Carolina                      Terrill Robert, Missouri.
Jordan J. Henry, New York.                           Watts John S. New York.


Crandall Charles C., Ohio.                              O’Byrne  James, Indiana.
Foster George W., Ohio.                                 Prentiss Obadiah, Ohio.
Freeman Zoheth, Canada.                               Stevens Jeremiah Hayden, Ohio
Gardner Francis Brayton.,Mass.                     Schell Charles C., Louisiana.
Herndon James Henry, Missouri.                   Wilber Mattson Otis, Ohio.
McNeil William Love, Mississippi.                Winans Norman T., Ohio.
Nelson Joseph M., Kentucky.                         Wallace George W., Ohio.
Oxley Thomas J., Missouri.                           Windle Isaac, Ohio.

                                                                                                       — –


Austin David Able Ohio.                                Lodge Edwin A., Ohio.
Bauer Anthony, Ohio.                                    Lowry Win. Holman, Mo.
Behymer Lewis, Ohio.                                    Morey Daniel Parr, Penn.
Birdsong Jesse Monroe, Texas.                  Newton Orrin E., Ohio.
Bowell Bowen C., Indiana.                             Owens William, Ohio.
Brown Charles Carlos, Alabama.                 Pitts James, New York.
Dickey George W., Ohio.                                Radcliff Benjamin F., Ohio.
Donaldson Thomas, Ohio,                             Roe Elzaphan R., Kentucky.
Finley Robert S., Ohio.                                   Rosa Leinuel Kemball, Ohio.
Hadley Win. W., New York.                           Shepherd William H., Maryland.
Hance Joseph Frazell, Ohio.                          Stewart Jacob, Pennsylvania.
Hunt James Georg Ohio.                                 Stille David P., Ohio.

Hutchings George H., Kentucky.                  Walters Thomas H., Ohio.

Lathrop David, Ohio.                                     Wright T. J., Iowa.


Brooks Odna Daly, Wisconsin.                      Raymond R. C., Pennsylvania.
Chatterton Horatio M., Ohio.                        Read George W., Pennsylvania.
Dodge Francis, Indiana.                                  Robbins C. B., Massachusetts.
Garretson Jesse, Ohio.                                    Roberts Theodore, Connecticut.
Glick George, Ohio.                                          Shattuck Alvin, New York.
Gordon James A., Ohio.                                 Simmons ~Ielson, Illinois.
Hopkins R. R., Ohio.                                        Stayman Abraham M., Ohio.
Kerr Augustus, Pennsylvania.                     Taylor II. C., New York.
Milot James, Ohio.                                           Walker Edward, Ohio.

Norton Harris Putman Ohio.


Andrus A., Ohio.                                            Pratt C. ID., Illinois.
Bachley U. M., Pennsylvania.                   Reynolds A. S., New York.
Be R. A. N., Ohio.                                          Robinson T., Ohio.
Bruce J. E., Michigan.                                  Steely W. P., Ohio.
Clarke A. NE., Pennsylvania.                     Sayles J. F., Ohio.
Dennis A., Kentucky.                                    Scroggs J. W., Ohio.
Ewing G., Kentucky.                                      Smith T. J., Kentucky.
Hickman M. D.,Missouri.                               Skurdall M., Ohio.
Hotchkiss MT. J., New York.                       Taffe J., Ohio.
Hoyt J. MT., Ohio.                                          Thornton J. F. II., Missouri.
Johnson H. MT., Ohio.                                  Townsend E. W., Pennsylvania.
Lane J. S.. Ohio.                                             Torrence J. W., Ohio.
Morse A. H., Ohio.                                         Warriner H. A., Ohio.
McLellan E. S., Vermont.                             Walter C.,
MElliott J., Alabama.                                    Williams J. A., —
Wayne W., Ohio.                                             W mans R., Iowa.

Panabaker J. S., Ohio.


Adams J., Ohio.                                             Daily S. ID., Iowa.
Brown H. P., Ohio.                                         IDe Corn L.,
Beadle H., New York.                                   Nye G. W., Ohio.
Boyd S. S., Ohio.                                           Thorn F., Pennsylvania.
Burnham N. G., Ohio.                                  Webster MT.. —
Converse B. C., Ohio.                                   Witt W.B., Ohio.


Baker A. 0., Ohio.                                              Pitts John C., New York.
Chase William, Kentucky.                                Quigley Win. Miles, Ohio.
Clary Win. James, Ohio.                                    Robertson S. L., Illinois.
Dorah James W., Kentucky.                            Robinson Win. MT., Ohio.
Howe Alex. T., Virginia.                                    Shelley M. A., Ohio.
Howell John Gilson, Ohio.                                 Sherer ID. Jackson. Ohio.
Hunter M. R., Ohio.                                             Spangler David, Illinois.
Keith ID. M., Ohio.                                               Smalley Himm H., New York.
Kirby Patrick, Ohio.                                            Smith Liddleton, Alabama.
McWilliams J. Q. A., Kentucky.                       Tampsel A. Senior, Ohio.
Myres Charles Oliver, New York.                   Thomas J. C., Kentucky.
Mellinger J. H., Illinois.                                     Talcott E. John, Illinois.
McKenzie Edward, Ohio.                                   Weaver J., Ohio.

Osborn E. H., Wisconsin.


Ambrose John, Mississippi.                             Martin S. E., Pennsylvania
Allin Thompson Ware, Missouri.                    Marsh Newton F., New York.
Bishop Hiram W., New York.                            McPatrick James, Pennsylvania.
Bevier William, Iowa.                                         Nolen J. George, Ohio.
Burns John B., Ohio.                                            Palmer J. G. W., Michigan.
towan Austin M., Pennsylvania.                     Patterson James, Ohio.
Cox Win. Shotwell, Ohio.                                   Rice Milton, Ohio.
Crisler B. M., Kentucky.                                    Skeer John Dugan, Pennsylvania.
Finney A. B., Tennessee.                                   Sherwood William, Ohio.
Galloway Jos. S., Ohio.                                      Stutzinan C. G., Pennsylvania.
Gilroy Patrick, Ohio.                                          Saches M. H. S., Ohio.
Hull Henry C., Illinois.                                       Thatcher H. H., New York.
Hastings ID. Crocket, Illinois.                          Teift N. Stacy, New York.
Hawkins John S. M., Iowa.                                Williams Allen, Ohio.
Heald Albert,. Ohio.                                            Williams Simpson, Mississippi.

Harrison Harlan, Ohio.


 Anton James, Georgia.                                      Mitchell Francis P., Ohio.
 Aldrich Richard L., Ohio.                                  MeFatrich Hugh A., Pennsylvania.
 Beach Edward E., Ohio.                                    Pearson James C., Indiana.
 Bunker Ledyard C., Indiana.                            Phillips John T., Virginia.
 Cady Jesse L., Michigan.                                   Pitts Vincent, Pennsylvania.
 Cross Charles G., Ohio.                                      Reece John H., Illinois.
 Curtis Jonas B., New York.                               Redfield Sylvester, Indiana.
 Der3ham Moses H., Pennsylmnia.                 Sherwood Rowland R., Indiana.
 Dunster Martin, Vermont.                                 Smith Alvin R., Pennsylvania.
 Dill Solomon, Indiana.                                      Shepard William, New York.
 Ellis Thomas C., Missouri.                                Severance William S~, Mass
 Franklin Freeman, Ohio.                                   Squier John B., Ohio.
 Frisbie John B. S., Kentucky.                           Spear Benjamin MT., Ohio.
 Gates William MT., Ohio.                                   Stanton Daniel, Pennsylvania.
 Hale Patrick H., Virginia.                                   Tisdale Denison, Michigan.
 Hitchcock Joseph G., Pennsylvania.             Underwood Israel, ludiana.
 Hollister James, Ohio.                                       Vaile DeWitt Clinton, Peuna.
 Keller George, Ohio.                                          Waugh Elam H., Indiana.
 Kraps John, Ohio.                                               Ward Thomas R., Alabama.
 Loy John, Ohio.                                                   Williams Isaiah, Ohio
 Long Henry C., Ohio.                                          Wilson John B., Indiana.
 Lester Robert, Kentucky.                                  Whitaker George MT, Ohio.
 Martin William C, H., Pennsylvania.              Youart John Milton, Ohio.
 Miller Jonathan G., Ohio


Adams Joseph MT., Georgia.                     Holland David T., S. Carolina.

Benham Harvey R., Ohio.                           Hull John, Ohio.

Brown Caroline, New York.                       Hewett Austin C., Ohio.

Burns Joseph A., Tennessee.                    Hammer Isaac A., Iowa.

Burnside Aaron MT., Ohio.                         Johnson John R., South Carolina.

Cuscaden Thomas, Ohio.                           Lattner Joseph T., Georgia.
Doty Hylon, New York.                              Lake Elias H., Vermont.
Llstun Eli, Ohio.                                            Nobles Allen B., N. Carolina.
Fentress Thomas J., Virginia.                  Terry William, Ohio.
Finkbine William, Ohio.                            Yibbitts Isaac, Kentucky
Gray James H., Mississippi.                     Tuke Edward, Indiana.


Anderson Samuel Brooks, Ohio.               Judd Harriett A., Connecticut.
Armstrong Zaceheus, Ohio.                        Judge John French, Ohio.
Bailey Abram, Kentucky.                              Kyle Samuel, Ohio.
Baily Mary Malin, New York.                       Lane John H., Ohio.
Barber Lewis, Ohio.                                         Latta William S., Ohio.
Beadle William, Ohio.                                      Laws Ovid S., Ohio.
Beachley Nathaniel Jacob, Penn’a.            Leech Jerry, Illinois.
Bethea William Laurin, Georgia.                 Lewis Henry H, Kentucky.
Barnes Orville Julius, Ohio.                         Long George, Ohio.
Benton George Root, Illinois.                     Mauney George Rush, Arkansas.
Blythe Baughman Ohio.                                 Mershon Elias H., Kentucky.
Brown Zachariah Cox, Pennsylvania.       Monahan Isaac Thomas, Ohio.
Burdsall J. S., Iowa.                                        Myers Henry A., Pennsylvania.
Burkitt Samuel, Kentucky                             MeKinny Archibald, Ohio.
Burke Francis Noel, Ireland.                       Neely Levi H., Ohio.
table Abram H., Ohio.                                   Newman Lane L., Michigan.
Carman John, Ohio.                                      Payne William W., Michigan.
Cleis Margaret, Pennsylvania.                    Pearce George Charlton, Ohio.
Conway John, Ohio.                                        Rice Henry Olin ton, Ohio.
Ooombs William Franklin, Kentucky.        Roe James, Kentucky.
Coates Edmund John, Ohio.                       Rumsey Julia, New York.
Davis Jephtha, Ohio.                                      Short Wesley, Iowa.
Dickinson Simeon, Alabama                       Shultz Francis Asbury, Towa.
Dove Alpheus, Virginia.                              Smiley James, Ohio.
Doyle John, Missouri.                                   Smith James A, Iowa.
Durant Joseph Fuller, Illinois.                    Stearns Elias Phinney, Iowa.
Ellis Jonathan MT., Iowa.                            Stick Jesse, Pennsylvania.
Fans Michael, Kentucky.                             Stuve Bernard, Missouri.
Faulkner Thomas Lamb, Iowa.                    Sullivan Ulysses T., Kentucky.
Fisher Wilson, Illinois.                                  Swan Grosvenor, New York.
Foote Thomas Whiteside, Illinois.             Sorber Jacob L., Iowa.
Frease Solomon, Ohio.                                  Turrentine Joel, Alabama.
Gans Oliver C., Pennsylvania.                    Walker Edward, Iowa.
Gartrell Luther S., Tennessee.                    Wilkerson William N., Tenn.
Geddes Robert MT., New Hampshire.       Wilson Richard M., Michigan.
Gibbs George Lundy, Iowa.                        Wiley John Huston, Iowa.
Gullett Andrew, Iowa.                                   Woolley Edward.
Holland Willis Siddons, Missouri.             Work Samuel L., Iowa.
 Holmes Luther C., New York.                     Wright Win. B. H., Mississippi.
Ing Joseph Henry, Tennessee.                  Wonsetler Gideon, Ohio.
 Jacoby George T., Pennsylvania.             Wuist Jacob P., Ohio.
 Jones Enoch Pearson, Iowa.                      Yeagly Andrew, Pennsylvania.


Averdick Henry G., Ohio.                                Leeper John A., Iowa.
Brown Leroy Wood, New York.                     Murphey Andrew J. K., Ohio.
Bonebrake Moses MT., Ohio.                          Noble George MT., Ohio.
Croshaw Mary Eliza, NewYork.                     RuhI Joseph B., Pennsylvania.
Cropper Charles, Ohio.                                     Russell Abraham, Ohio.
Chubb Orville P., Michigan                             Smizer Sarah, Ohio.
Campbell Joseph G., Ohio.                              Swift John M., Michigan.
Curtis Erskine ID., Connecticut.                     Shotwell Jeremiah, Ohio.
Dolley Jeptha George, New York.                   Stowell Courtland C., Michigan.
Erneis August Julius, Illinois.                         Thomas David H., Tennessee.
Everingham Joseph, Iowa.                              Van Buskirk Landy, Ohio.
Ferguson Christopher C., Kentucky.               Wohlgemuth Henry, Illinois.
Gans Phillip T., Pennsylvania.                        Woods Peter N., Ohio.
Huggins Howell H., Mississippi.                    White Handford MT., Ohio.
Joslen Oliver Chase, Iowa.                            Zimmerman H. E., Pennsylvania.

Lagore Enoch, Ohio.


Arnoldia Peter, Illinois.                                     Holton John H. Kentucky.
Bras Thomas Henry, Iowa.                               Hostetter Absalom B., Wisconsin
Barren Marcus Newton, Alabama.                  Jasper Francis M., Kentucky.
Beall John Sunderland, Ohio.                           Jay Joseph MT., Indiana.
Beam Lemon Thomas Pennsylvania.              Jenks George MT., Ohio.
Carlisle James A., Mississippi.                       Jones Yearsley H., Ohio.
Clayton Marion Francis, Ohio.                       Kersey Samuel, Ohio.
Cooper Elijah T., Pennsylvania.                     Kight William F., Alabama,
Dixon John Cain, Indiana.                                Knott Ananias B., Ohio.
Dora Thomas Beacham, Kentucky.                Jackey Ira, Iowa.
Dial William Collins, Ohio.                               Morriss James F., Missouri.
Eagon Elijah, Illinois.                                        Martin Elijah N. Carolina.
Fain John Wesley, Georgia                             Neely Moses S., Tennessee.
French Martha Ann, Vermont.                        Powell Oner R., Kentucky.
Frease Hiram, Ohio.                                           Potter Homer C., Ohio.
Frease Cecilia P. R., Ohio.                                  Rodgers John F., Kentucky.
Gerrish James Win. F., Indiana.                      Robins Benjamin M., New York.
Green John Nelson, Ohio.                                 Stinson William MT., Mississippi.
Herr Levi Seth, Illinois.                                     Stocum Charles MT., Michigan.
Hall James Zachos, Missouri.                         ~erser Fort P., Tennessee.
Hamill Thomas, Pennsylvania.                       Williams Urbane V., Kentucky.
Hyde Amos Augustus, Ohio.                            Wright .Joseph B., Indiana.


Allemong John Win., Indiana.                        Hyde Harriet, Ohio.
Ashton William Adolphus, Ohio.                   Kiernan Robert Emmett, Ohio.
Barbour Nemiah, Minnesota.                          Major John Milton, Illinois.
Beardsley Charles, Ohio.                                   May Benjamin F., Alabama.
Byrne William, Tennessee.                               Miner Charles Edward, Iowa.
Collins John Dillard, Kentucky.                      McEowen Samuel F., Missouri.
Chandler Jonathan N., Indiana;                       Pence William, Kentucky.
Dodge James Russell, Texas.                          Robinson David MT., Virginia.
Dolley Jane Elizabeth, Ohio.                           Ruinbold Thomas F., Iowa.
Ewing James, Indiana.                                      Sample William R., Alabama.
Finney Mary Elizabeth, Ohio.                         Smith Daniel A., Georgia.
Fitzgerald William, Ohio.                                Strickland Sarah, New York.
Freeman Silas Childs, Vermont.                     Stockham G. Henry, Ohio.
Gardner Robert ID., Ohio.                               Taylor David Enyart, Ohio.
Gordon John F., Kentucky.                             Thurston Wilson B., Wisconsin.
Henderson John F., Indiana.                           Wheeler John Burr, Indiana.


Adams David, Ohio.                                          Plews Jane M., Canada West.
Bates Henry T., Massaschusetts.                    Prunk Daniel H., Illinois.
Birch Bright, Pennsylvania.                            Reid James Anderson, Iowa.
Burnett Flavius J., Indiana.                             Richard G. H. C., Ohio.
Bybee John, Missouri.                                     Ridgway John Frank, Ohio.
CaIdwell William S., Michigan.                       Rosendale Charles, Ohio.
Coon James V. ID., New York.                      Spurlock Thomas J., Tennessee.
Couen Young H., Canada West.                      Staton Samuel, Indiana.
Dale Harvey N., Indiana.                                St. John Thomas E., Wisconsin.
Day Isaac Harrison, Ohio.                              Suinmey Frederick C., Tennessee.
Eveleth Francis Marion, Maine.                      Surber William H., Virginia.
Giffin James Harvey, Ohio.                            Suttle John T., Mississippi.
Goodrich Charles G., Maine.                          Sweezey William C., Ohio.
Hammock Elijah B., Missouri.                       Tandy Alexander S., Kentucky.
Henderson James E., Georgia.                        Witham Charles E., Ohio,
Lathrop Byron P., Ohio.                                  Wadsworth Henry W., New York.
McMullen William, Ohio.                                Williams William M., Mississippi
Penniman Alexander B., Ohio.                       Wright Samuel B., Indiana.
Phillips Luther, Pennsylvania.                        Yarrell Thomas A., Kentucky.


Buck Thomas B., Pennsylvania.                 Freeman Edwin, Nova Scotia.
Carr Slocum, Ohio.                                         Knowlton James F., Indiana.
Duff H. Morrow, Ohio.                                  Martin Geo. A., Arkansas.
Duke Elijah, Mississippi.                               McGrew John, Illinois.
Durr Abram, Wisconsin.                                Quigley Thos. V. S., Virginia.
Eckert Daniel H., Ohio.                                   Schell Frederick A., Indiana.
Fife Amos B., Canada West.                           Scudder John M., Ohio.
Berger Jacob,                                                    Martin George Alexander,
Clemmer Jacob Jefferson,                              Morrill John Lorenzo,
Codding Louisa B.                                            McGrew John,
Davison James,                                                Nickles Samuel.
Puff Heury Morrow,                                       Osgood Howard Gates,
Henry Peyton William,                                   Talmadge James,
Hostetter Joseph A. W.                                   Van Voorhis John Philip,
Jessop Comly,                                                   White Rufus Putman,
Kemble William Elkanah,                               Winter George Washington,

 Manser Miles Benjamin,


BettisJerome N., Canada West.                      Hale John Spooner, Maine.
Bass Marquis Larome, Indiana.                      Jared Lorenzo Dow, Illinois.
Cayce Brice Martin, Tennessee.                    Kirk Clement T., Mississippi.
Compton Andrew Jackson, Ohio.                 Kessling Isaac, Ohio
Crook John Wesley, Indiana.                        Milam William S., Georgia.
Cook William, Kentucky.                                 Owen Edith L., Mississippi.
Craig John, Indiana.                                         Parish John MT., Indiana.
Duling William I., Mississippi                         Picking George MT., Ohic.
Davis Dixon Lewis, S. Carolina.                     Payne Benjamin F., Ohio
Depuy Abraham H., Indiana.                           Ferry Henry H., Indiana.
Deener Richard H., Tennessee.                     Rice Cornelius ID., Ohio.
Elder William Gore, Missouri.                        Smith Hiram Leslie, Ohio.
Fish William Sidney. Indiana.                        Smith William MT., Virginia.
Fisher Harris, Georgia.                                    Satterfield Levi ID., Kentucky.
Fuller George H., N. Hampshire.                    Squire William B., Indiana.
Griswold Ralph B., Connecticut.                   Spangler Isaac, Virginia.
Hart Rolland T., Mississippi.                          Steelman John, Ohio.

     Shipp William, Alabama.                                Williford George W., lllinois.
     Sprague Romulus C., Illinois.                        Walton Charles H., Kentucky.
     Steele John MT., Tennessee.                          Weatherby Lewis H., Ohio.
     Smizer Wesley, Ohio.                                       Wescott Austin B., New York.


     Barber Joseph, Illinois                                   Linn Levi W., Louisiana.
     Bucey Azariah J., Tennessee.                         Loomis Joel., Mi.chigan.

     Bywaters Branson, Virginia.                         McCarthy Daniel W., Ohio.
     Clover William M., Pennsylvania.                 McGaughey Nehemiab R., Miss.
     Crandall Orson A., Illinois.                            Naudain William M., Louisiana.
     Dodd Erasmus S., Michigan.                         Pratt Willis Virgil, Kentucky.
     Fisher John H., Michigan.                             Spivey William Fellers, Texas.
     Fisk Francis H., Indiana.                              Stahl George MT., Mississippi.
     Fraim John M., Tennessee.                          Sucese John M., Pennsylvania.
     Garrison Herod D., Ohio.                               Tillery Richard C., Tennessee.
     Kendrick William H., lndiana.                        Wells Charles P., Michigan.

     Leech Joseph A., Mississippi.


     Bowers James Brazil, Georgia.                     Marsh Richard, Ohio.
     Chase Alven Wood, Michigan.                     McClenny William S., Virginia.
     Campbell William, Pennsylvania.                 McDonough Christopher, Ala.
     Connett Mahlon C., Indiana.                         Prichard Louis, Kentucky.
     Cooper Samuel Austin, Iowa.                       Rice Wesley T., New York
     Dalton Lewis Ferguson, Missouri.               Ross William S., Kentucky
     Diggins William Giles, Indiana.                     Sewell James P., Georgia.
     Everly Nathan Harrison, Kentucky              Siddall James P., Illinois.
     Gould Charles Louis, Ohio.                            Stewart William MT., Mississippi.
     Hewitt William, Tennessee.                           Welch Jacob, Ohio.
     Hill I. Elexis, New York.                                 Wilson John F., Illinois.
     Howard Martin MT., Mississippi.                  Williams Salathiel T., Ohio.
     King Robert Win., N. Carolina.                      Wonsetler John, Ohio.

     Lawrence Joseph J., N. Carolina.



     Allison John Pryor, Mississippi.                     lsgrigg Nathan Lynn, Indiana.

     Brown Hosea Bethel, Mississippi.                  Lynn Matthew Henry, Illinois.

      Branstrup Win. T., Pennsylvania.                    Martin Joseph P., Pennsylvania.

     Curtis Julien Eliezer, Ohio.                            MeCreary John A., Alabama.
     Cutshaw Joshua B., Michigan.                     MeCully James M., Tennessee.
     Dunlap Robert, Ohio.                                    MeCollough James H., Penn.

      Darby John, Missouri.                                  Parsons George E., Indiana.

      Bert Herrin, Kentucky.                                 Reichard Valentine, Maryland.
     Damien William Lewis, Virginia.                 Reat James Lee, Illinois.
     Douglas Henry Texas.                                     Shockley IDe Witt C., Louisiana.
     Fielder Marshall L., Alabama.                         Templeton Orange Scott, Vt.
     Flood Jonathan M., Indiana.                           Tuck Ryland, Missouri.
     Goldin William, Alabama.                                Warner Elisha S., Pennsylvania.
     Hart Charles Thomas, Georgia.                     Wright John Thomas, Indiana..
     Harriman John Pryor, Virginia.                       Werts Daniel H., S. Carolina.

      Hockett Charles, Ohio.



     Allen B. W., Georgia.                                      Barham R. G., N. Carolina.
     Andrews J. L., Georgia.                                 Chapman W. S., Virginia.
     Alexander A. E., Mississippi.                       Cook S. S., Iowa.
     Andrews G. MT., Georgia.                             Coulter A. P., Illinois.

     Darden H. K., Virginia.                                 Jay Milton, Indiana.
     Demaret M. E., Louisiana.                           Johnson S. P., Kentucky.
    Eley MT. T., Virginia.                                   Martin J. S., Ohio.
     Graves T. A., Mississippi.                           Otts J. V., Louisiana.
    Greve T. I. A, Illinois.                                   Pittman J. T. C., Mississippi.
    Hardt C. F., Illinois.                                      Stapp J. S. S., Kentucky.
     Harris MT. B., Iowa.
    Howser MT. MT., Illinois.                             Temple MT. B,, Illinois.
    Hewitt A. B., Illinois                                         White David, New York.




     Alexander M. P., Georgia.                             Hulbert H., Ohio.
     Antle F. P., Illinois.                                         Inglefield C., Iowa.
      Beacham J. ID., S. Carolina.                         Johnson R. J., Missouri.
     Boynton S. MT., Maine.                                 May J. H, Mississippi.

      Brady J. T, Alabama.

     Cary E. H., New Jersey.                               Macy L, Missouri.
                                                                                Redlick C. A. MT., Pennsylvania. ‘(

     Cox MT. P., Illinois.                                        Strong E. S., New York.
    Cox T. J., Illinois.                                           Stockaleger A., Maryland.
     Duncan J. R., Iowa.                                       Taylor A., Indiana.
     Fulkerson G. MT., Ohio.                               Wallace MT. R., Texas.
     Gates J., Missouri.                                        Winters MT. MT., Illinois.
     Gunkel H. C., Kentucky.                               Wilie A. L., Virginia.

     Harden J., Ohio.


Arnholt Jr. M. A., Illinois.                                Moorman J., Ohio.
Backesto J. P., Missouri.                              Pruitt J. MT., Arkansas.
Brock ID. S., Tennessee.                              Pettiner M.,Ohio.
Cobb H. ID., Michigan.                                  Pritchard A., Kentucky.
Castle MT. H., Ohio.                                      Rig C., Kentucky.
Clinginan A. M., Arkansas.                            Reichard J. P., Maryland.
Cory A. F., Indiana.                                       Spencer E. E., Massachusetts.
Dever I. Ohio.                                                Stewart C. M., Tennessee.
Eddy R P., Rhode Island.                              Stevenson E., Tennessee.
Ewing ID., Indiana.                                         Spiegel C. B. V., Tennessee.
Faloon M., Indiana.                                        Shultz J. B., Indiana.
Gaskins J., Ohio.                                          Smith L. MT., Illinois.
Garner L S., Michigan.                                  Sawyer A. R., Illinois.
Hays G., Indiana.                                          Smith C. P., Ohio.
Haynes J. R., Kentucky                                Seay G. MT., Kentucky.
Henshall J. A., Ohio.
Jones R., Mississippi.                                   Tankersley J. H., Mississippi.

Kirkham F. M., Iowa.                                     Thompson J. H., Iowa.
                                                                      Walford R. A., Indiana.

Kelley A., Tennessee.                                   Winters E. M., Indiana.
Masterson J. S., Illinois.                                Whitfor4 H. P., New York.
MeKinney A., Ohio.                                        White H. B., Pennsylvania.
MurphyJ. MT., Indiana.                                 Wilbur MT. L., Illinois.



Anderson J. C., Mississippi.                          Carr J. 0., Kentucky.
Anderson R. P., Ohio.                                   Conklin A. V., Ohio.
Barr A. J., Missouri.                                       Crosby ID. H., S. Carolina.
Barnes L. Michigan.                                       Curran R., New York.
Brown I. N Ohio.                                            Dawson A. J., Texas.
Bolton R. L, Missouri.                                    Day ID., Missouri.
Bolton J. J., Missouri.                                    Edwards MT. B., Tennessee.

Blakey T. C., Missouri.                                  Ewing J., Indiana

Cameron V. H., Indiana.                              Fenner M. M., Michigan                  

Gwin T. M., S. Carolina.                                 Musgrove J. MT., Alabama.
Gatewood V. B., Virginia.                               Orr J. P., Ohio.
Heath E., Kentucky.                                       Pearcy J. MT., Georgia.
Hollingsworth I. N., Mississippi.                    Rhinehart J. L., Illinois.
Lampman J. C., New York.                            Richardson W. H., Illinois.
Lyle G., Ohio.                                                Scally J. MT., Mississippi.
McLaughlin J. B., Illinois                               Snyder A. L., Ohio.
Mitchell J. B., Missouri.                                 Stapleton G. C., Missouri.




Clark Anson L., Illinois.                                   Lord Thomas J., Indiana.

Cole Augustus W., Tennessee.                         Medlock Benjamin 5, Miss.

Cushing Edward N., Mississippi.                     Mitchell John H., Missouri.

Etheridge Henry S., Virginia.                            Moore William W., Mississippi.

Esten Smith W., Rhode Island.                         Perry Edwin C., Ohio.

Edwards Charles S.. Arkansas.                         Plumley George H., Vermont.

Field George H., Illinois.                                  Robbins Henry C., Massachusetts,

   Griffith Orris K., Illinois.                               Sidwell, Nathan H., Ohio.

Hull George W., Missouri.                                Stine Joseph G., Ohio.

Hutchins Rollin, Indiana.                                  Stone William O., Indiana.

Jones William E., Georgia.                                Teague Webster W., Indiana.

Jones John D., Mississippi.                              Walling George W., R. I.

Kibler Robert C., S. Carolina.                           Whitford Henry K., Illinois.

Lewis John B., Indiana,                                    Youst Fielding H. , Virginia.

Lincoln Francis R., Illinois


   Barnett Eli B., Kentucky.                               Nesmith Milton W., Miss.
 Huse Edward C., Wisconsin.                                  Tesmer Henry, Illinois.
 King David M., Missouri.                                       Thorp Abner, Ohio.
   King Henry R., Ohio.                                     Vanschoiack John G., Indiana.


Dakin George M., Illinbis.                                McKinzie Homer E., Ohio.

Fahnestock William S., Ohio.                           Spencer Charles B., Canada West.

Jordan John P., Ohio.                                       Tilison Oliver E., Ohio.

Long Henry, Indiana.                                       Van Voorhis Alouzo E., N. Y.

Lucas Thompson A., Indiana.


Barnes Calvin C., Missouri.                              Waters Zera, Illinois.

Cary Joshua M., Pennsylvania.                         Wilbur Hannibal P., Mass.

Rulison Hiram M., Ohio.


   Bradford William E., Illinois.                         McNeil Richard J., Illinois.
   Champe George W., Indiana.                         Powell John M., Ohio.
   Erhman Albert H., Ohio.                                Ross David D.,
   Emerson Samuel B., Ohio.                             Sutton Robert, Illinois.
   Haymaker George W., Indiana.                      Weaver Henry S., Ohio.
   Johnson William M., Indiana.


Coffeen John Q. A., Kentucky.                      Luellen Ephrairn, Ohio.
Darby A. Byron, Indiana.                              McKay Archibald, Ohio.
Gray William, Wisconsin.                              Ness Alexander W., Ohio.
Goshen Charles A., Nebraska.                       Tyrell George H., Ohio.

Jerome Charles C., Canada West.


Ayres Hiram M., Ohio.                                  Locke Frederick J., Ohio.
Arnold Martin B., Indiana.                             Moore George W, Ohio.
Boyer William T., Missouri.                           Newman John H., Indiana.
Bainbridge James A., Missouri.                      Paramore William C., Indiana.
Barr Thomas A., Illinois.                               Redd Lewis H., Ohio.
Crofford George, Ohio.                                  Stemen Christian B., Ohio.
Davis Frank B., New York.                            Sharp Julius, Ohio.
Ellis Henry J., Indiana.                                   Tufford John F., Canada West.
Edwards Oscar F., Ohio.                                Thrailkill John W., Missouri.
Ekermyer William, Ohio.                               Van Trump Lafayette, Ohio.
Hunsicker John W., Ohio                               Williams Phil. T., Ohio.
Hall Edward, Michigan.                                  Wilmouth George B., Ohio.
Keller Michael, Ohio.                                     Williamson Marion F., Ohio.

Keeling William W., Nebraska.


Beckwith Nelson W., NewYork.                     Moo Hiram, Iowa.
Bower Abraham H., Indiana.                          Parsons George W., Indiana.
Chase Owen C., Idaho.                                   Preston George H., Canada West.
Fraser Thomas R., New.York.                        Stewart Charles F., Nebraska.
Greenamyer Enos, Ohio.                                Summerfield Marcus, Kansas.
Harter Scott A., W. Virginia.                           Vernon Lewis C, Ohio.
Jenkins Daniel P., Ohio.                                 Willis Lafayette, California.

McChristie John, Indiana.


Beebe William B., Michigan.                          Penick Mark, Illinois.
Camp Charles, Indiana.                                  Penn Benjamin A., Indiana.
Carter Edwin H., Iowa.                                 Phinney Marcellus P., Illinois.
Cooper Hugh M., Ohio.                              Pierce Ray V., Pennsylvania.
Covert George M., Indiana.                        Perkins Alfred J., Illinois.
Davis William H., Indiana.                          Preston Charles M., Indiana.
Doughty George W., Kentucky.                 Raymond Peter J., Illinois.
Gadd Benjamin T., Iowa.                            Surber David, Kansas.
Gard Brookileld, Ohio.                               Stewart Alexander S., Nebraska.
Gee Isaac G., Illinois.                                  Sage Phineas, Iowa.
Howland Charles E., New York.                 Simmons Noah, Indiana.
Hudson Lycurgus H., Kentucky.                 Simmons Adam, Indiana.
Johnston William W., Indiana.                  Teegarden Matthias R., Wis.
Lacey Charles B., Illinois.                           Toothman Win. H., Kansas.
Meckstroth H. Henry, Ohio.                        Young James J., Missouri.
McKinney Thomas C., Tennessee.            Yarnall William, Iowa.

McKean John T., Ohio.


Cargill Pardon, Michigan.                          Fulton, William, Illinois.
Crill Edward S., New York.                          Hanse William, Indiana.
Colliver Jefferson T., Ohio.                        Wood Jairus, Michigan.
Davis William H., Michigan.                       Walden Francis, Canada West.
Emeis Henry T. C., Iowa.                             Williams Robert J., Tennessee.
Ewing William H., Illinois.

WINTER SESSION OF 1865-6.                              

   Brigham Leonard R., Missouri.                      Molesworth William, Iowa.
   Blair J. Fletcher, Ohio.                                   Massey Tence F., Indiana.
   Blackman Edson, Michigan.                          Michener Joseph H., Canada West.
   Bowen Omer C., Michigan.                            Null Lycurgus, Indiana.
   Conner Alpheus, Kentucky.                           Prince William, Ohio.
   Callaway James E., Illinois.                           Pickerill George W., Indiana.
   Chapman Jonathan B., New York.                 Patty William, Ohio.
   Channel Joseph S., Kansas.                           Pitzer George C., Illinois.
   Crispell Edward P., Illinois.                           Riley Wilishire, IllinQis.
   Church William B., Michigan.                        Reed Peter W., Michigan.
   Cook James F., Canada West.                        Roberts Philip, Kentucky.
   Chambers George, Canada West.                   Rowe Mark, Illinois.
   Darby Francisco S., Indiana.                          Robinson Oscar L., Illinois.
   Dakin James B., Indiana.                               Rockwood Roswell 0., Ohio.
   Dunning William P., New York.                     Sandineister Charles, Ohio.
   Garth Thomas, Iowa                                      Thwing Orson 0, Ohio.
   Hodges William N., Indiana.                          Thayer Ira A., Ohio.
   Hostetler Christian M. L., Illinois.                 Tyrrell Pierce, Illinoib.
   Jacobs Maurice C., Missouri.                         Tuttle William L., Missouri.
   Judy Joseph J., Ohio.                                     Weld Salem E., Illinois.
   Kent William, Iowa.                                       Woodward James H., Indiana.
   Knouff Elhanan W., Kansas.                         Walker Hinckley W., Michigan.
   Monroe John S., Illinois.                               Watkins Harrison C., Ohio.
   Marcum Reuben C., Illinois                           Wood Burgess K., Illinois.
   Musick James T., Missouri.                           Yingling Daniel, Indiana.

Mosteller Edward, Illinois.


   Bertenshaw Thomas F., Ohio.-                      Langstaff William H., Ohio.
   Black Luther C., Ohio.                                   McMurtrey David L., Ohio.
   Barber George M., New York.                       Marvin Jerome P., Ohio.
   Chord Aaron M., Indiana.                              McTavish James, Michigan.
   Cobel William, Indiana.                                 Nicolay William J., Ohio~
   Collins Thomas C., Kentucky.                       Offutt Felix G., Louisiana.
   Douglass Robert P., Ohio.                              Points John T., Kentucky.
   Eversole Alfred C., Indiana,                          Pennock Townsend L., Penn.
   Freeman Andrew P., Ohio.                             Rutherford Comfort E., Indiana.
   Garwood Thomas S., Ohio.                           Skene Charles A., Scotland.
   Hannah Thomas C., Ohio.                             Taylor Amos, Ohio.’
   Kemp W. Sanford, Ohio.                               Wagstaff Win. H, Tennessee.
   Lagore Joseph R., Illinois.                             Younkin Edwin, Iowa.


   Bishop Willard J., Illinois.                             Perlee Benjamin, Ohio~
   Dunning Isaac R., Michigan.                          Peregrine Reuben, Indiana.
   Frazer Jerome B., Illinois.                              Powers Charles, Michigan.
   Fry John, Canada West                                  Preston Wooster B., New York.
   Hensley James S., West Virginia.                   Robison Felix B., Indiana
   Knight John M., Indiana.                            .  Riley Charles H., Maine..
   Kirkpatrick James L., Ohio.                           Robinson William J., Tenneasee.
   Lewis George B., Illinois.                              Shellhamer Doctor C., indiana.
   Longley Fyfield H., California.                      Terry Nathan W., Pennsylvania
   Moore J. Samuel, Tennessee.                         VanCamp Ira, Nebraska;
   Milton William M., Kentucky                        Walker John R., West Virginia.
   Mortos Robert B., Pennsylvania.                   Whiting Elisha C., Iowa,
   McLaughlin John T., Ohio.                            Wright Peter H., Indiana.
   Null Abraham C., Indiana.                             Watson Lewis H., Maine.


ArmstrDng Wesley, illinois.                           McKinney Thomas C., W. Va.
Bayer Frederick A., New York.                      Meserve John W., Illinois.
Bibbens E. Weed, New York.                         Mahr John M., Illinois.
Chenoweth Nelson T., Indiana.                      Parke E. Chester, Indiana.
Cooper William C., Ohio.                               Pearson Henry J., Indiana
Coop er William, Indiana.                              Reeves John L., Indiana.
Cochran C. Greene, Indiana.                          Stockinger Henry, Indiana.
Chenoweth John T., Indiana.                          Shaw E. Mosrill, Michigan.
Doyle George W., Illinois.                              Simmons Adam B., Indiana.
Firebaugh Joseph H., Kansas.                        Wells Nathan, Kentucky.
Greene J. Alonzo, Massachusetts.                  Watkins Edwards W., Georgia.
Howard Labon A.., Michigan.                        Wright T. Arthur, Illinois
Hartpence George C., Ohio.                            Worline Michael, Ohio.

Jewett Jr. Amory, Massachusetts.


AndrewsJames C., Ohio.                                McMurtrey Jasper N., Missouri.
Arnold Josiah, New York.                   .          Miesse Adam, Indiana.
Blake Samuel M., Vermont.                           Maynard Charles S., Michigan.
Cessna Robert A., Mississippi.                      McCarthy Justin, Ohio.
Claypool Albert, Ohio.                                   Norton Pryor N, Missouri.
Cheney Nelson, New York.                            Perry Jasper N., Iowa.
Collins Nathan P., Illinois.                             Peters James D., Michigan.
Clark Lewis H., Illinois.                                 Perrin George T., Texas.
Douglass George, Canada.                              Page Robert S., Ohio.
Doyle Nicholas, Illinois.                                Palmer James F., Illinois.
Emeis Harry T., Iowa.                                    Rosenberg David H., Ohio.
Fortner Thomas B., Indiana.                          Salee John, Michigan.
Foreman Josephus, Illinois.                           Spencer George W., Pennsylvania.
Forbush Bridginan G., Wisconsin.                 Sage John W.,Ind iana.
Gaskins Bartholomew A:, Ohio.                     Stover Henry W., Indiana.
Higgins Lorenzo D., Illinois.                          Shaw Alex. B., Illin ois
Hamilton William, Iowa.                                Scott John F., Illinois.
Hill Almond M., Illinois                                 Thompson Sidney W., Michigan.
Huribut William H., Wisconsin.                     Wright Philo B., Wisconsin.
HQllister Quincy A, New York.                     Webster Elery C., Indiana.
Jones Robert E., Mississippi.                         Whitehall Samuel, Indiana.
Jones John W., Wisconsin.                             Webster Edward G., Illinois.
Kirk Ellis L., Indiana.                                    Youst Permetus D., West Virginia.

Maclin William T., Tennessee.


Arey Robert N., Ohio.                                    L4imer James 0., Ohio.
Augur James T, Ohio.                                    Moore William S., Ohio.
Barber Henry A., Illinois.                               Parsons Josephus, Ohio.
Corbin David L.. Ohio.                                  Reynolds William R., Illinois.
Dykeman James F., New Yerk.                      Riley Samuel H., Indiana..
Fulgham Fenton L., Mississippi.                    Severance La Grange, Maine.
Ferris Jacob, Ohio.                                         Tinker George L., Ohio.
Farquhar Allen H., Indiana.                            Todd Ste p hen C., Ohio.
Holmes George W., Ohio.                              Vincent John A., Ohio.
House W. Poyntell, Mississippi.                    VanWickle Robert D., Ohio.
Hogin William E. L., Indiana.                         Wrightsman Peter R., Tennessee.
Hooper Marion S., Missouri.                         Williams Evan, Ohio.
Jenkins Elbanan W., Indiana.                         Wyatt John W., Ohio.
King, George H., New York.                          Warwick David A., Ohio.


      Andrews Hiram.                                             Houghman John S., Indiana.

      Brower John J., Ohio.                                     Minard Levi, Nova Scotia.,
      Bennett, Joseph B., Indiana.                           Munk Joseph A.. Ohio.
      Beaumont Godfrey L., W. Virginia.                Morrow Charles W., Ohio.
      Blagg, David F., Ohio.                                    Miller Hiram G., Illinois.
      Bright Christian B.,-Ohio.                           Mosteller Martin S., Illinois.

      Buckham Robert N., Missouri.                    Marsters Paul, Illinois.
      Babbitt Dwight S., Wisconsin.                    Northern John B., Tennessee.
      Bracy Edward B., Ohio                                Palmer Owen A., Ohio
      Courtney George W., Missouri.                 Reynolds Jacob T., Illinois.
      Crandel Thomas, Indiana.                          Reynolds Albert, Illinois.
      Clements George M. D., Tennessee.         Rosenberg Jacob, Ohio. –
[     Crawford William J., Ohio                          Rosenberg John H., Iowa.
      Eidson Ansel M., Indiana                           Smith Nelson G., Indiana.
      Faith James, Illinois.                                   Shaw Francis C., Ohio.
      Fellers Joseph, Illinois.                              Smith Samuel, Massachusetts.
      Frey Jacob J., Ohio.                                    Spitler Levi, Ohio.
      Grove Jacob A., Ohio.                                Swan Alexander W., Ohio.
      Gapen Charles W., Indiana.                       Tanner Thomas Canada.
      Griffith Thomas E., Ohio.                            Taylor David B., Illinois.
      Hughey C. M., Illinois.                                 Yates Oscar E., Michigan.

      Hildreth Amos Illinois.


      Brown William H. G., Canada.                    Hall Samuel C., Illinois.
      Bryant ‘Randolph F., Ohio.                        Millhouse Jacob J., Ohio.
      Conaway John B., Ohio.                            Molony John H., Ohio.
      Carney John, Indiana.                                Moats William W., Ohio.
      Chapman Daniel F., Illinois.                       Powers Abram M., Ohio.
      Clark William W., Ohio.                              Pendery Newton S., Indiana.
      Cornwall Frank, Iowa.                                 Renner Uriab, Ohio
      Dice James P., Missouri.                             Rathbun John B., Illinois.
      DeCrow Marion G., Ohio.                           Rollins James A., Canada.
      Davis Robert P., Indiana                             Rowe Sylvanus, Michigan.
      Darnall George D., Illinois.                         Spencer John F., Indiana.
      Eubank George T., Ohio.                            Sirpless James, Illinois.
      Engle Nathan, Minnesota.                          Vinson William H., Missouri.
      Estabrook Francis C., Ohio.                       Wilson James W., Ohio.
      Eversole John H., Indiana.                         Webster Herbert T., New York.
      Foreman Absalom L., Illinois.                     Williams James M., Ohio.
      Flickinger Samuel A., Ohio.                        Watkins Thomas W., Michigan.

Hale David B., Ohio.


      Adye George F., Indiana.                           Luttrell James H., Illinois.
      Burns Judson D., Ohio.                              Mills Joseph, Ohio.
      Boots Samuel S., Indiana.                           Maxfield Carl M., Illinois.
      Cook Joseph M., Indiana.                          Overbeck William, Missouri.
      Cox Nathaniel ‘D., Indiana.                         Purdie Alex. J. N., New York.
      Crockett Martin J., Indiana.                        Pickett Cyrus, Indiana.
      Catron Robert P., Indiana.                          Potter Charles B., Ohio.
      Daily -William M., Nebraska.                       Reefy Solomon L, Ohio.
      Fulkerson Richard M., Illinois.                   Rollman John C., Michigan.
      Frey John, Ohio.                                         Simpson John Y., Iowa.
      Housman Zachara T., Indiana.                   Schiller Silas, Ohio.
      Hale Henry M., Ohio.                                   Stephens William M., Illinois.
      Hall William H., Indiana.                             VanRussell Robert, Indiana.
      Hudson James B., Indiana.                        Wade William D,illinois.
      Hicks Robert A., Tennessee.                      Waldrip William B., Mississippi.
      Lewis John V., Ohio.                                   Winans Jotham C., Ohio.
      Long Cornelius P., Indiana.                       Walters John W., Kansas.


Allen Jabez A., Tennessee.                             Minard Jacob D., Michigan.
Abbett Francis M., Indiana.                            Platta Frederick, New York.
Allen John W., Tennessee.                             Powell Charles B., Iowa.
Alden Loyal W., New York.                           Rigg Richard B., Missouri
Armstrong John W., Minnesota.                     Smith Thomas W., Indiana.
Coomba Horace W., Kentucky.                      Spaulding Thomas, Indiana.
Cooper John, Indiana.                                    Stevens James S., Maryland:
Jones W. Roscoe, New York.                         Sargent Sampson S., Ohio,
Kenncdy Daniel P., Indiana.                           Smith Daniel Indiana.
Lambert George W. E., Ohio.                         Timmerman John D., Ohio
Leonard John M., Tennessee.                        True Hiram L., Ohio.
Monahan Stephen, Ohio.                                Williams David, Illinois.
Marmon Joshua W., Ohio.                             Wheeler James D., Illinois


Akins James S., Illinois.                                 Lowry Lewis S., Illinois.
Butcher John C., Ohio.                                   Leech Monroe S., Missouri.
Barnes Joshua T., N. Carolina.                       Lytle Robert, Ohio.
Butler James W., Indiana.                               Moore William Y., Louisiana.
Case George B, Michigan.                              McLeod Wil!iam 0., Missouri.
CaIdwell T. Addison, Illinois.                        Morgan Abraham, Ohio.
Cox Samuel,                                                   McLean Chambers A., illinois.
Devore Commodore P., Illirois.                  Park James M., Mississippi.
Darling William R., Michigan.                    Potts John W., Indiana.
Dix John A., Iowa:                                       Rubard George, Ohio
Evarts Henry P., Michigan..                        Ray Dennis, California.
Evans John D., Ohio.-                                Reynolds Ephraim M., Iowa.
Fisher Lucius H., New York.                       Shriver Win. A., Illinois
Fogle lilias T., Indiana.                               Shoemaker Oliver H., Iowa.
Hartley Charles A., Ohio.                            Scott David W., Wisconsin.
Hubbell Philo C., New York.                        Shutt Jacob M., Indiana.
Holton Quincy AR., Indiana.                      Smaill William, Ohio.
Hanby William 0., Ohio.                              Shepard Newton P., Michigan.
Hackleman Francis W., Indiana.                Taylor Anthony P., Ohio.
Henry Charles A., Ohio.                              Turner William D., Illinois.
Knott Felix H, Illinois.                                  Van Hook Henry T., Kentucky.
Lyon, George F., Ohio                                Wirt John H., Indiana.
Long Madison S., Ohio.                             Yates Eugene 5, Massachusetts.

Lenhart John J., Pennsylvania.


Abbott George C., Indiana.                           Ellis Milo D., Indiana.

Brown Wesley, Ohio.      –                           Greve Charles M., Ohio.

Baird John P., Tennessee.                          Griffis William, Ohio.

Buxton B. DuBois, Ohio.                               Gere George G., Nebraska.

Behymer Eben, Ohio.                                    Howard Lucas R., California.

Bishop Alva C., Nevada.                               Hoyt Oliver M., Indiana.

Ballard Edward C., Indiana.                         Hubbard Charles M., Illinois.

-Bowie Thomas C., Indiana.                        Huddleston David B., Missouri.

Brown Ira, California.                                    Helm William M., Indiana.

Brackin James R., Ohio.                              Jaques William S, Ohio.

Clark William S., Canada.                            Jamison Milton B., Ohio.

Clanton David, Texas.                                  Kent James T., New York.

Dingman James A, Canada.                         Kendrick Joseph J., Texas.

Dobbin William A., Canada.                         Kendrick Julian C., Texas.

Davis Charles G., Missouri.                         Leymaster Samuel S., Ohio.

Denham John G., Kansas.                           Maxwell Samuel, indiana.

MortenFranklin N., Penn.                               Slayback Charles M., Illinois.
Mc Summers George, California.                   Schwin Ephraim P., Ohio.
Redding Aaron J., Indiana.                             Tustison Andrew F., Illinois.
Richards John, Indiana.                                  Temple Bynum, Ohio.
Richie J. Wilson, Mississippi.                        Webb Joseph L., Illinois.
Stoddard Luke F., Illinois.                             Wall John F., Indiana.
Seifert C. Charles, Illinois. –                        Williamson James M., Miss.
Snyder Xdward E., New York.                    Young Newton, Indiana.


Brown Quincy A., Ohio. –                            Moyer Walter E., Pennsylvania.
Baird William C., Tennessee.                     Morgan Win. A., West Vrginia.
Barnes Wright, N. Carolina.                       McCormick Samuel R,, Ohio.
Bennett Jonathan H., Indiana.                   McClung William M., Nebraska.
Beeson Charles, Indiana.                           McGee J. Park, Indiana.
Baird William, Kansas.                                McVey William R., Indiana.
Beem Alvin B., Ohio.                                   Rawn Joseph M., Indiana.
Cross Pleasant B., Ohio –                           Reynolds Robert H., Ohio.
Chase Augustus L, Massachusetts.           Ross John G., -Indiana.
Dunn George W., Missouri.                        Steward Wallace, Vermont.
Dodd Oliver B., Iowa.                                  Shultz John H., Indiana.
Greene William E., Indiana.                        Snoddy Adolphus P., Missouri.
Harrison Kirnmel K., Ohio                          Sampsel Isaac S., Ohio.
Hughes Rowland S., Missouri.                   Snook William R., Michigan.
Hollis Henry T., Illinois.                              Smith Jehiel, Wisconsin.
Harris Christopher C., Tennessee.            Spencer Eli T., Indiana.
Hunter Franklin C., Ohio.                           Sherrick John W., Ohio.
Haynes George F., Ohio.                           Titsworth Alvadus, Illinois.
Hollin gshead Eli, Canada.                        VanKirk Thomas H., Ohio.
Jones John W., Ohio.                                Whittier Bently S., Missouri.
Luckado James R. G., Tena.                      Wolf David, Ohio.


Abbott June, Indiana.                                  Moyce George E., Kansas.
Beasley Richard W., Illinois.                      Newlin William L., Indiana.
Baldwin Daniel C., Kansas.                        Palmer Ira F., Illinois.
Coe George D., Ohio.                                 Prince Isaac, Ohio.
Clark Cicero V., Illinois.                              Payton Harvey H., Indiana.
Clark J. Herbert, Canada.                            Potter Alfred M., Ohio.
Catheart Charles P., Indiana.                     Russell Linus E., Ohio.
Duncan Samuel V., Iowa.                            Smith Andrew J., Indiana.
Dakin Philip R., Indiana.                             Smith John Ross, Illinois.
Felsing Frederick C., Wisconsin.              Spangler Charles L., Indiana.
Gemmill William T., Qhio.                           Schooley Ebenezer W., Olrio
Grats John, Indiana.                                   Smith Arthur W., Idaho.
Graham John W., Virginia.                         Tobias John M., Indiana.
Holt Martin L., Indiana.                                Taylor Henry W., Indiana.
Jones Wilie D., Mississippi.                       Tilden John H., Illinois.
Johnson R. Wesley, Illinois.                      Vail Isaac N., Indiana.
King John A., Missouri.                              Wildasin Henry F., Ohio.
Lewis Jacob F., Illinois.                              Walker Gustav F., Louisiana.
Low Alvin C., Illinois.                                  Wood Haskel R., illinois.
Liner William C., Texas.                              Wilbur Palmer, Michigan.
McKelvy William M., Iowa.                          Yeakel Charles, Indiana.
Maynard Henry C., Michigan.

                                  WINTER SESSION 1872-3.

Anderson Nathan, N. Carolina.                         Lewis William S., Pennsylvania.
 Brittain William C., Pennsylvania.                    Morton Martin W., Alabama.
 Bennett Stephen M., Indiana.                           Merrill J. Frank, Ohio.
 Baldridge John H., Indiana.                              McElhinney Joseph H., Ohio.
 Curtis James D., Illinois.                                  Outland Warren H., Ohio.
 Dowling Martin L., Michigan.                          Pynchon Edwin, New York.
 GTiffith Amos S., Ohio.                                   Perrins John, Massachusetts.
 Gates Carroll E., Vermont.                               Poston John W., Tennessee.
 Graves McKenzie N., Iowa.                             rrentiss Melvin M., Illinois.
– – Gideon David C., Illinois.                             Rosenburg Frank J., Illinois.
 Garwood J. Stokes, Ohio.                                 Stoddard William H., Illinois.
 Henry Asa G., New York.                                Smith Leonard A., Pennsylvania.
 Hart James G., Kentucky.                                 Taylor Zachary, Illinois.
 Hamilton Frederick A., Indiana.                       TobeyO non W., Ohio.
 Hildreth Henry A., New Hampshire.                Wilson David C., Indiana.
 lagerson Augustus W., Nevada.                        Wiginton John B., Florida.
 Lang Bayles B., Indiana.                                  Wicken a L. Edward, Michigan.


Allen Ethan, Indiana.                                       Leathers William P., Illinois.

&sbury Isaac M., Illinois.                               McCurdy Columbus, Illinois.

Barber Silas E., Missouri.                                McGavren George W., Ohio.

Baldridge John A., Indiana.                             Moon Ezra, Indiana.

Beem Herbert L., Ohio.                                   McMurtry William P., Illinois.

Buffington Burnett V., Ohio.                           Owens Henry, Kansas.

Bates David, Illinois.                                       Robertson Ainasa P., Ohio.

Canfleld Moses S., Indiana.                             Sharp Robert W., Ohio.

Collins Almer M., Indiana.                              Short Hiram S. Illinois.

Ellis Leon, N. Carolina.

 Fickle James M., Indiana.                           Taylor Henry, Canada. Tracy John M., Missouri.

   Fitta Melvin H., Ohio.                                  Taylor Joseph L., Canada.
   Gerald Francis L., New Hampshire.          Williams William C., Michigan.
   Gow Alexander N., Ohio.                           Warren John A., Illinois.
   Gum William L., Alabama.                           Webster Henry H., New York.
   Hazelton William F., Kansas. –                   Whitson Eli M., Indiana.
   Jerman William L., Indiana.                       Walker Williams, Illinois.
   Leffingwell Josiah W., Illinois.                  Watson B. T. C., Tennessee.

        –                        WINTER SESSiON 1873-4.

 Asire Jacob L., Pennsylvania.                      McGuire William H., Indiana.
– Austin James M., Ohio.                                Mott Benjamin F., Ohio.
 Bennett Joseph L, Iowa.                               McGrew Henry, Ohio.
 Bradley James N., Ohio.                               McNeil Francis A., Illinois.
 Baldri dge Robert A., Indiana.                      Poppele Charles F., Mass.

–   Beer Simon B., Illinois.

Coleman John C., Iowa.-                              Pipher John, Iowa. Prichard James M., Kentucky.

   Cormack Wesley A., Kansas.                     Powell Hiram C., Indiana.
   Clark Thomas J., Indiana.                          Reynolds John W.. Iowa.
   Coffield James, Illinois.                              Riggs Samuel W., Kenthcky.
   Denman William 0., Illinois.                       Sneaker Joseph B., Kentucky.
   DeCrow Herbert, Ohio.                               Smith W. Scott, New York.
   Herron Charles S., District Columbia.       Switzer Wallace W., Michigan.
   Hill James W., Kentucky.                            Teeters Sidney C., Ohio.
   Rowland Frank P., New York.                    Van Trump Peter, Ohio
   Ingraham George, New York.                    Winans Ira C., Pennsylvania.
   Jenson Thomas, Minnesota.                     Waterbury D. Newell, New York.
   Lake Samuel K., Canada.                            West David H., Texas.
   McLean Samuel H., Illinois.                        Woolbouse Oliver B. Ohio.
 McKinney George W., Tennessee.                    Wiggins Minor, New York.
   McConnell George W Indiana.                  Walker William S., Illinois.
   McClanahan John T., Missouri.                Yarlot Edwin L., Illinois.


Alfrey John, Massachusetts.                             Gagstatter Charles A., La.

 Ault Mary A., Texas.                                       Heath John H., Indiana.
 Ault Adam T., Texas.                                       Knowles J Sidwell, Illinois.
Barnes Cass G.. Indiana.                                   Laycock Reuben T., Ohio.
 Baxter James H., Kentucky.                             McDowell James 0., Illinois.
 Cromor James R., Indiana.                               ONeal Joseph F., Illinois.
 Cooper Isaiah A., Iowa.                                   Pierce Cyrus, Missouri.
 Curryer William F., Indiana.                             Putt William F., Illinois.
 Cam phell ‘A. Butterfield, Indiana.                   Porter Thomas, California.
 Dunnington Robert H., Missouri.                     Simon Rubellus J., Ohio.
 Dick Peter B., Indiana.                                     Soliss John P., Nebraska.
 Doom Memory L., Idaho.                                Shannon Samuel, Ohio.
 Davis George M. F., Michigan.                         Watson Thomas M., Illinois.
– Duff Oliver J., W. Virginia.                             West Joseph S., Virginia.
 Edwards Alvin T., Texas.
           WINTER SESSION 1874-5.
Andrews J. Steele, Ohio.                                  Leister David R., Indiana.
 Botilden George A., Illinois.                             Marsh E. Jay, New York.
 Broyer Constant, Australia.                              McClain John D., Tenn essee.
 Bryant William B., Ohio.                                  Merrill Eben B., New Hampshire,
 Bates Joel, Canada.                                        Maynard Orlando T., Ohio.
 Blancliard John A Illinois.                                 Miller Samuel, Canada.
 Behymer Edwin, Ohio.                                    Muebmore Benjamin P., Iowa.
 Beeler Jerome S., Indiana.                              Powers Joseph A., Missouri.
 Cole Thomas J., Ohio.                                    Perkins Elam E., Wisconsin.
 Conrad Samuel J., Pennsylvania.                   Pratt Philip N., Ohid.
 Crabtree Joseph A., Ten nessee.                  Post George Hazleton, N. Y.
 Cormack Allen W., Kansas. –                         Sober Warren E-, Michigan.
 DeRoss David E., Pennsylvania.                    Stout Luther C., New York.
 Evans Thomas B., Ohio.                                 Schneerer Frederic W., Ohio.
 Forward Chauncey, Ohio.                              Sloan Elias, Ohio.
 Francis John H., Tennessee.                         Smith Isaac N, Ohio.
 Greene Frank E, Massachusetts.                  Smith John H., Illinois.
 Gabel Henry G, Illinois.                                   Thoman Alonzo E., Ohio
 Grauel Henry W., Ohio.                                  – TenEyck John, Indiana.
 Hans Ephraim H, Ohio.                                   Windlo Jacob H., Ohio.
 Jenkins John S., Ohio.                                    Winniagham Francis W., Mo.
 Jones Jasse R., Mississippi.                          Weyl Henry J., Illinois
 Jordan David C., Ohio.                                   Warner R.Elton Pennsylvania.
 Klyce James R., Ten nessee. –                      Welker Perry W., Ohio.
Kimball Minor C., New York.                            Work William F., Indiana.



    Alford John W., Kansas.                               Loomis Enos 0., Indiana.
    Abbott Mano, Indiana.                                   Mulboland John M., Penn.
    Abbott John M., Ohio.                                   Michael Norman B., Illinois.
    Bloom Daniel M., Ohio.                                 Miles T. Willis, Illinois.
    Byers Henry V., Iowa.                                  McConnell Henry C.. Indiana.
    Blair James S., Indiana.                                McConnell William H., Indiana.
    Burson Harrison S., Ohio.                            Morris Robert, New York.
    Bonhan, David M., Ohio. –                            Murphy John LI., Tennessee.
    Chase Reuben L., New York.                       McElhinney Frank 13., Ohio.
    Conaway Henry 0., Ohio.                             Norman John H, Ohio.
    Conawa y Alpheus B., Ohio.                         Pierce Franklin P., New York.
    Carper John H., Illinois.                                Pretzinger Moses, Ohio.
    Clayberg Perry C., Illinois.                            Rugg Jonathan G., New York.
    England Cornelius M., Kentucky                  Sherman Sylvester M., Ohio.
    Floor John M., Ohio.                                     Sager Louis A., Texas.
    Granger William R., Ohio.                             Taylor Frank G., Ohio.
    Gabbart William H., Indiana                          Tucker Thomas C.. Iowa.
    Harvey Asa Missouri.                                   Woodward John H., Missouri.
    Johnson Henry C., Illinois.                            Wright John A., Indiana.
    Klahr Frank P.. Ohio.                                    Whittaker Frank E., Ohio.
    Leech, Jr. Joseph A., Mississippi.                Williams James W., Ohio.
    Levering Charles K., Kansas.                       Zahn Philip, Ohio,

By the kindness of Dr. W. H. Davis I am able to give the missing lists of the Winter Session of 1846-7 and the Spring Session of 1847.


    Avery I. J., Ohio.                                          Miesse Gabriel, Ohio.
    Ball Joseph P., Ohio.                                  McQuaide A. G., Pennsylvania.
    Blakesley Lucius, Kentucky,                       Shoot Milton W. D., Missouri.
            Childs Charles J, Missouri.                Snider Jacob, Indiana
    Gallup B. A., Michigan.                               Stillman Charles G., Indiana.
    Judd George B., Ohio.                               Thompson Alexander, Penn.
    Jones Oliver C., Ohio.                                Treat Robert B., Indiana.
    Leonard Park M., Ohio.                              Williams B. B., N. Carolina.


 Bowen Charles G., Virginia.                         Nicholson Henry C., Kentucky.
– Chase Silas H., Ohio.                                  Parker William Toll, Ohio.
 Davis Win. H., New York.                              Smith Moses Kentucky.
 Dolley Parris Clark, New York.                     Sells Holmes, Ohio.
 Davis George W., New York.                        Stanton Alpheus C., Indiana.
 Dolley Lester Clinton, New York.                 Strong Seth R., N. Carolina.
 Gilbert Chauncey G., New York.                  Willis Amos H., Ohio.

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