Once again, war had a significant impact upon the advancements made in American medicine.  The War of 1812 and the the Napoleanic War that pretty much occurred over the same number of years offered military surgeons and regimental physicians important insights into disease treatment and prevention.   Due to the troubles faced at many military encampments, medical staff were able to define the most importnt preventive activities to engage in, ranging from isolating small pox victims from all other soldiers, a practice learned in the revolution, to working harder to keep camps safe and free of “contagion” the cause for all diseases.

The contagion camp officials mostly had to contend with human sanitation practices, ranging from maintaining a clean living environment to preventing refuse to build up in certain parts of the camp or preventing water from becoming too polluted with human garbage and waste. 

This meant that some rules had to be set regarding encampment sanitation.  Such a book was written by past military officer and physician Dr. James Tilton.

A number of other very important events in medical history happened during he years following the War of 1812.  These events in medical history include:

  • the establishment of the first official alternative medical sect, with growing official and governmental approvals (Thomsonianism)
  • the initiation of the Andre Jackson legacy in medicine–“Be Your Own Physician”
  • The initiation of the first promotions of Thomsonianism in the Hudson Valley, in the form of practicing doctors as well as apothecary stores.
  • the establishment of a more industrial (though still small farm related) herbal medicine industry by the Shakers (ca. 1820s)
  • the first meeting of a multistate, regional medical association with an “irregular” practice (Friends of Thomsonianism meeting 1820) [Regular = regular MDs trained in traditional schools.]
  • the establishment of a professional medical school devoted to “Reformed Medicine” (NYC, Wooster Beach), the common term then for “irregular” medical forms (1817, 1824/5)
  • the development of the first offshoots of alternative medicine groups, resulting in regional features regarding regular and irregular medcical practices
  • the establishment of numerous medical schools in state settings with the need for more physicians and medical training

The following new Dutchess County physicians are noted for this time:

The Doctors




BENEDICT, ABIJAH G. 1790-1862.  Licensed by Society 1815.  soc. Dutchess Co., 1816.  Born Salem, N. Y., 1790; student of Dr. James Downs of Pleasant Valleylicensed by Dutchess County Society, 1816; Society, 1816; member of the State Legislature, 1835-6; Lower Red Hook, 1816; died October 3rd, 1862.

HURD, MILO. –.  [1785] d. nd.  cp. Northeast, 1806?  Soc. Northeast, 1806.  Northeast and Society, 1816.

L’HOMMEDIEU, ELIAS.  Society, 1816.

SLEIGHT, ROBERT A.  Sprout Creek and Society, 1816.





DODGE, DANIEL L. –.  [1787]-1861.  soc. Hyde Park?, 1817.  d. 1861.  Society, 1817; Hyde Park, 1861.

EDDY CASPER W. –.  [1787]  soc. Rhinebeck, 1817.  Rhinebeck and Society, 1817.

FRISBY, JOSEPH.  1787-1814.  Society, 1813.  Died Rhinebeck, August 11, 1814.

HICKS, ROBERT L. –.  [1787]  d. 1819/20.  soc. 1817.  Society, 1817. On June 2d, 1819, Dr. Hicks moved to just below the Poughkeepsie Hotel on Main street.

BEERS, VILLEROY.  1789-1846.  B. 1789, soc. 1817, d/ Poughkeepsie, Feb. 28, 1846.

CANFIELD, CALVERT. 1793-1860.  cp., nd. Pleasant Valley.  soc. Pleasant Valley, 1817.  Born 1793; Pleasant Valley and Society, 1817; died August 11th, 1860.

SCHENCK, PETER D. 1793-1837.  cp. 1817, Fishkill. Edu. Dr, White.  Soc. Fishkill, 1817.  Born 1793; pupil of Dr. Bartow White; Fishkill and Society, 1817; died Wappingers Falls, April 29th, 1837.

HASBROUCK, STEPHEN. 1794-1881.  cp. 1815/6, Poughkeepsie.  Soc. Ed. Phys. and Surg., 1817. soc. Poughkeepsie, 1820-23. rmvd NYC.  Born April 24th, 1794; A. B., Union College, 1815; student of Dr. B. White, M. D., P. and S., 1817; Poughkeepsie and Society, 1820-23; New York City to 1864; Jersey City, where he died December 28th, 1881. Decided in his convictions, temperate in his habits, upright in all his ways, he commanded respect among all who knew him. He was a scholar of more than ordinary attainments, and took an active editorial part in the Christian Intelligencer.

WORTMAN, DENNIS. 1796-1864.  cp. East Fishkill, 1817.  soc. East Fishkill, 1817.  Born Brooklyn, February 21st, 1796; East Fishkill and Society, 1817; died May 3d, 1864.

CROSBY, THOMAS.  Society, 1817.  Removed to Putnam County.

EDDY, CASPER W.  Rhinebeck and Society, 1817.

FOWLER, PETER D.  1790-1836.  Society, 1817. Born January 7, 1790,  Died June 15, 1836.

HICKS, ROBERT L.  Society, 1817.  Moved to Poughkeepsie Hotel on Main Street, June 2, 1819.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM S.  Society, 1817.



PLATT, Eliphalet. 1797.  d.  1868.  cp. Rhinebeck, 1818?  Soc. 1818, Rhinebeck.  State Booard of Regents, 1848.  Born June 6th, 1797; Rhinebeck and Society, 1818; M. D. Hon. State Board of Regents, 1848; died May 16th, 1868. A prominent member of the profession, and in civil life; a scholar, reading his Bible regularly in the Greek text up to the last week of his life.



JUDD, STODDARD. 1797-1850 (d. WISC).  Cp. 1819?, Union Vale.  Soc. Union Vale, 1819. Rmvd Lagrange, ca 1832. Mbr Leg. 1836.    Born Sharon, Conn., May 23d, 1797; Stanford, Dutchess County, 1798; Union Vale and Society, 1819; LaGrange previous to and after 1832; Member of Legislature, 1836; 1850 at Waushaba, Wis. A nephew of Dr. Uri Judd.

SCHENCK, JOHN P.  1798-1872. edu. 1819, Phys and Surg., cp 1820, soc. 1820.  Born Matteawan, February 2d, 1798; graduated P. and S., 1819; Society, 1820; died September 7th, 1872.

DUNNING, PHILO.  Society, 1819.

HILLMAN, JOHN.  Society, 1819.


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ESSELSTYNE, RICHARD. 1795-1868.  cp. 1820?  Soc. 1820, Rhinebeck?.  Society, 1820. In the cemetery of Stone Church, just north of Rhinebeck, there is a well-kept lot and a stone with this inscription: “Friends of the late Dr. Richard Esselstyne, feeling that some insignia commemorative of his worth and services is justly due to him, have placed this stone and epitaph over his grave. Born in 1795, he died February 12th, 1868, in his 73d year. Of him it may be truly said, he was a Christian and philanthropist, and professionally self-sacrificing in the extreme; for neither inclemency of weather nor calls at unseasonable hours, or even the certainty of services illy repaid, ever deterred him from performing his duty to his fellow-man; and thus he left to the world, at least, this proof of his love for his Creator.”

CUS, JOHN R.  Society, 1820.

HASBROUCK, STEPHEN.  1794-1881.  Born April 24, 1794.  A.B., Union College, 1815.  Apprenticed by Dr. Bartow White; M.D., P. and S., 1817.  Poughkeepsie and Society, 1820-3.  Removed the NYC to 1864.  Removed to Jersey City, until Dec. 28, 1881 death.  Editor for “Christian Intelligencer.”

MARRIOT, JONATHAN.  Society, 1820.



HAMMOND, THOMAS.–.  [1790]-1880.  Soc. Dover, 1821.  War of 1812 Surgeon.  Surgeon in war of 1812; Dover and Society, 1821-69; died Port Huron, Mich., May, 1880.

ANNAN, DANIEL D. 1792-1834.  soc. 1821.  War of 1812. Born Fishkill, June 11th, 1792; Surgeon in war of 1812; Society, 1821; died Matteawan, November 28d, 1834.

COUCH, JOHN.  Amenia and Society, 1821.  Buried at Brattleboro, Vt.

EVERETT, ELMON.  Northeast and Society.  1821.

NELSON, THOMAS J.  Society, 1821.  Removed from the county about 1825.



WILBER, BENJAMIN S. 1795-1871.  soc. Pine Plains, 1822.  appr.   Born July 22d, 1795; student of Dr. Uri Judd; Pine Plains and Society, 1822; died June 26th, 1871.

HOOKER, WILLIAM. –.  [1790]  d. nd.  Soc. 1822.  cp. Dover?, 1830. Society, 1822; Dover about 1830.

HUGHSON, BENJAMIN.  1799-1856.  cp. 1821/2, Fishkill.  soc. Fishkill, 1822.  Born Hughsonville, January 2d, 1799; Fishkill and Society, 1822; died February 9th, 1856.

PLUMB, OVID.  Washington and Society, 1822.



NELSON, THEOPHELUS. 1798-1872. cp. 1820/2?, Pleasant Valley.  Soc. Pleasant Valley, 1823.  Born October 17th, 1798; Pleasant Valley and Society, 1823. A partner of Dr. Platt of Rhinebeck, and the surgeon of that section. Died April 4th, 1872.

HURD, CURTIS J. –.  [1795]  d. nd.  cp. Millerton, 1823?  soc. Millerton, 1823.  rmvd Manlius, 1837. Millerton and Society, 1823; moved to Manlius, N. Y., 1837; dying there.


PERRY, JOHN. 1770-1852. cp. nd, Pine Plains.   soc. Pine Plains, 1824.  Born 1770; Pine Plains and Society, 1824; died April 22d, 1852, at Perry’s Corners.

BLASS, SAMUEL.  Soc. 1824.