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August 28 1768


James Osborn

For his Prusiel in

Physick a Short

Scetch on Disorders

Insedent to human body            by Cors Osborn


As To Come To Criticise on Disorders

would Take too much room a way in So

Small a volm which is not the Intention

but to Cut as Short as posable if you would

Look into Disorders and Their nature

You must Look to your Authors as HBoorH

James Shaw or Sidenham or Such Like

which Treats Large upon Such Cases

more butifull then I am Capabel of Doing

and Their fore refer my reader to them

and at the same Time am your most: humble

                           Servant  Cors Osborn


                For A Consumption

Rx        Take This Electuary as folowes Thus

              Take Spermisity       4   Loaf Shuger       4  

1:           Sal C:C      4  Flor Benzon       ij    Bals

              Sul anis      ss    ol. Sweet almons Suficient

              to make it in an Electury or Linctus

or  ____    ______    ______    ______     _____     ______

Rx   Take Bals Locitil       ij   Conservered Rose  

             ij      Diascord         i   Spermisit        ij   with

2:          of maden har

         a surrop make a Linctus the Dose of

         both as big as a nut magg 2 Times a

         Day make a Dia Drink Bear put down


Rx   Pectrol Bals of hunney as Thus

       Take hunney  lb i  west inda rum  lb ii  

   3: Bals Tolue        ss     Bals prue          ss 

Gum Stirax        ss   put all to gether in a botil

or flask and Let it in Corperate in the heat

of the Sun or in a Gentel Sandheat Shaking

well 2 Times a Day and after 3 or 4 Days–

Let it Setel and Then Decant in a nother botil

for use    Dosse 2 Tea Spoonfulls or Thus–

_____     ______     ______    ______    ____

Rx   Take a Strong Tinctr of madenhair

  made with good rum and ad lb iii of this

   4:          Tinct to lb i  hunney bals Tolue        iij 

  bals prue        ss    Gum armonic         iij 

flor: benzon        ii   Gum Stirax        ss   Incorperate

as the other and Then Decant   Dose 1 or 2 Tea Spon

Or Thus

   _____   _____    ______    ______     ______    _______

Rx   Take pitch pine mass Sun Due rosemary     

5:      a:         ij    make a Tinct. in good rum and

         To every poynt of this Tinct made Strong

         as hunney        3    Gum benzon        iij   Gum

         Stirax         iij   Shalap in pouder         ss  and scunk

         root in pouder       ss   make a Bals    Dose 2 Teasp.

  _____   _____    ______    ______     ______    _______

Rx    TurLington Bals of Life

6:      Take West inda rum   1/2 Gal  

        Gum Stirax       ij   Gum benzon       ij   aloes       ss 

                Turnover  ______    ______     ______    _______ 

merrah        ss     pul.  angelica       iss 

Pul.  St. Johnwort       iss 

6:   put all to gether in

a flask and Stop Tite and set in the Sun

Every night Take it in and in the Day Set

it in the Sun again and in 10 Days it is

fit for use    Dose a Tea Spoonfull —-

_____   _____    ______    ______     ______    _______

Their may be 2 Times new Spts —

aded to the in gredents and be good–

and all be put to gether and the Dose

2 Tea Spoonfulls   ——  ——  ——  ——

These be the pectrol Expectrants 

That may very freely be Given in all

astumac Disorders and Consumptions–

whare Expectrants are wanting as the

practioner will Judge most proper  I shall

now put Down Such Surrops Decocts and

Dia Drinks as I shall Think proper and

Leave the Reder to be Judg of or the practiner

in whose hand this Shall fall  Their is 

6 poticuler Lincts. and Balsms- which I

Shall place accord to their Being Sutid wth


what a Dir^tions   I Shall make on the

other Side as will more plain appear

Rx     Take Golden Rod  Bea: Balm  and

no 1:  Large Dayses and Scabious  aa:  make

no. 1  a Decoct for a constant Drink in a

          hectick if this fails  Take the pouder

          of a ratil Snak 2 parts and Spec Diascord

          1 part mix to Gether Dose Gr. 18 [?] as need Shall

          requir and the Linct  No 1  To be Given 2 Times

          a Day  or Thus — — —  — — —  — — —  — — —  

 Rx     Take balm Madenhair and bitony

     2:    make a Decoct for a Drink no 2:  to Take

No 2:    with the Aboue Sd Tea and make it

            your Drink or Thus on the other

        or Thus to be taken with

Rx   Take alacampain Spignut Garden

    3:  Colts:foot root ana: Isop and inside

no 3: bark of peperidge make a Surop

         and Take the bals with it 2 Times

         a Day  —–  ——  ——-   ——–

Rx  4  Take The inside bark of wite pine

no 4:    The bark of pricer ash the inside

           bark of Tarmerack and horehound

           make a Surrop To Take (ye) Bals with

           To be Taken 2 Times a Day the

           numbers are Conected to gether or may

           be alterd as Shall best sute ye patient

Rx         Take perseley roots fenil root mash

              malla roots Cumphrey no 5: roots and rock

     5:      poly pod Tops and roots and make a Surrop

No 5:      to Take the bals 2 or 3 Time a Day —

___   ____    ___  ___   ____   ___   ____   ____  __

Rx       Turlington may be Taken in any of

     6:    the foregoing Decoct: or Surrops– or in

no 6:    a glass of wine or in poticular in

     a Tea mad of Goldenrod balm and


add-       maden heair and that Kept for Drinke

to aboue

            the bals to be Taken 2 or 3 Times a

            Day and So Continued a while–

                     another Elect. for ye Same

Rx  7: Take barbades Tar       ii    Pul:

allacampain       i    Ginger in pouder       ss   

Gum Stirax        i   mix and make an Electry  

ad bals Sulph annis         ii  to this Electr 

and it will be much beter to be Taken in

Boleses as big as a Chesen nut 2

Times a Day and while these pectrols

are a [Using?] bracers would be proper —

which will be mentioned at the Last

after have gown through Dia.

Drink and bears which will have

                                             a scech

a Dia Drink Bear for all Decay

       Rx  7:      Take   Sasaprila Sasafras: Lignum vite

          no 7:      Cardis Benedict hore hound maden

   hair hisop: Golden rod Rock polypod


     ash bark     Bitony and ageramony made into a


                        Bear with barley malt put half the Quant:

   rose wilo   of  Guac: ass the other Ingredents—


                 all The rest to be put in at Discration

                  This is one of the best Drinks that Ever I

                   found in old Lingering Disorders of the

                   hectic Kind in a bear or barley water

   Rx  8:     For to Cause an apetite and

     a grait anty fibrick in the hectick 

     Take Q Qui in pul. Galengil aa:   ii 

     good       Zidor      i    Gentian  ss   poudr of ratl

   aramat:    Snake      ii  put in a half Gal of wine  


      Cardemons      i  put in half Gal moteg

     or wine all the Ingredents first in

     pouder and Then put in the wine or

     metegolen  Either is good 

     Take 1/2 Jill at a Time  I shall speak

   To Them all in poticular at the Later Class

   when I have wrote Them Down ___________

Rx  9:  if there Should be any spiting

            of Blood Then This Tinct

  no 9:   

Take  blood root in pouder    i  

Elecampain     ij   Clowns heal all    ij 

Salmons Seal    ij   Cumphre    iij  

Yarrah    ii  to be put after all is

pouderd put the aboue Ingredents in

3 Quarts of rum and after it is well

Tincter risd Decant for use Dose—

 a good Spoonful once or twice a Day

Rx  8:   or these ingreadents may be made

              into a Surrop and add  Tansey and

  no 8:    burrage to the Same and it will be

              Exceeding good for the Same purpose. 

Rx  9:   Make a Surop of bay berrys and roots

Calamus aromat angelica and Gerden

no 9:

Coltsfoot and pricere ash bark

and wite pine and wite ash bark of ye

root, all to be made in a Surrop together

Dose 2 Spoonfulls at a Time  2

                                     Times a Day

Rx  10:  purging pills or Boleses in a Decay

 State are as folowes viz

Take aloes and Casteel Soap

ana: with Elix: p:p:t Suficent to

make the mess suficent for to form

them into pill of These Take 3 at

night and 2 in the morning and Eatt

afresh  Diat and Eat but weak Diat

                     or Thus

Rx    11:  Take aloes and hemp Seed aa:

   Safron pouder fine and make all

   into a mess with venis Turpentine

   and Give 4 pills at night & Two in the

             morning—  —  —  —  —  —

[photo missing]

These purges is the best of any I no of in

all Decays to purge 2 Times a weak while

the pectrols are in use and to use the

Drinks ordered with the pectrols are

a using and if no pectrols are

wanting then restoritives will Come

most in use and the purges at the

Same Time Except in too Relaxt


State of the body and then Strength

are very much to be used which must

be inspected in acording to the State

   of the patient which in a two

   Relaxt State a Stringnts may be used


no8:  Shuch as the Stumac Aramats mention

 1:    with Electr of Lincts mentioned


 2:     which in Such Cases will be best

         and while you are using these meds 

  Care must be Taken to keep the

  body in as Rigoler State as posabel

         I have Given Rhei as a purge and

  if the vesels was very much Cloged

  or pend up   Calomel at night and —

Rhubarb in the morning in the morn-

and if not wanting to astring So much


the Calomel at night and the first menti

pills in the morning which answers

to purge of and Evacuate the humors

and make them Give way more Eisear 

to the Expectrants then they would

Do other wise  I have often purgd or

Relaxt with Elix p.p.t which is a good Stum

but in all Relaxt States Give the

 Elix vitrol which is a good Stomat

and as you See the State of the patient

meds must be aplyed the bals of huneys

are grait pectrols which are very much

in use if the Lungs be ulcerated and

many more Such as the Tinct Sulphr

mad mention of by Lemere and the

bals Sulph anisum the bals Sulph

Terpentine  altho the Last mentioned

is naseious to Take but of good Service

Elix ppt. with Salermo or with

Sal. C:C which vols Seams much to

restore and Strengthen the Tone of ye

Stumac  the Confect alchermes is

a very good restoritive and much Strength

the Stumac. but if the fevour Should

prove to be hard the pouder mentioned

no1  under the Decoct: to be Taken 2 or 3 Times

a Day and at the Same Time to use the

aramat the Quin Qui will Take Great

impresion on this feviour if their be

inter vails that you Can make use of them

the anty hectic poteara Is a good febre

fuge in these Cases these are the Cheafest I

 made use of in Such Cases

an observation you are to make is

if your patient Swels much roud the

ankel and feet its a Dangers Simptom

or the rists all These are Simptoms

that are very Dangeres but often times

a Drapsie folows a Consumption—

and makes the Cure Intirely Dificul

and have on the other Sid spoken or given

a small Scatch of it and Sum times a Jandis

will folow which I shall Give a Small Tuch

of becuse the authers in General Speek large

of and give a full acount in a plainer maner

              then I Can   So I rest


           for The Drapsie

As This and the foregoing Disorder has

at it was an atendence to Each other

or in Sum measur a Conection together

Thought it not improper to put Em

Down next to one a nother as they often will

be in Conection with Each other Shall

Treat them first apart and Then together

as the Consumption oft Times by impovising

the blood and by that means Those Sharp

humers pases through the whole mess of blod

and Leaves the nerves Relaxt, I refer you

                                        to the authers

In a Reail Drapsie Should

Take this rule.  which in Such Cases

I allways observed   ———-

Rx        Calomel to be Given at night

and Jalop the next morning to work

it of  this rule to be observed Every

3 day and at the Same Time to make

Rx  add  use of this Dia Drink  horse redish


   ash      root  lbss  Alecampain lbss  fenil roots


and persely roots of Each lbi  make

a Strong Decoction for a Constant Drink

Except ye Day that the physick is Given

an then fresh brought to make it work

            and at the other 2 Day Give as folows  –viz

Rx      Take Sal absinth Gr3  Sal Tarter Gr4 

     To mix to gether and give a Dose of 

     This pouder in the aboue Decoct: Taken

     warm and Take it 3 Times a Day with

     The aboue Sd Decoct: and Every morn

     ing Tak a half Spoonfull of rust of

Rx      Iron  The 2 morning you Dont take ye:phys

            and if the Swelling Should abate the

Rx      Elix: p.p.t to be Given 60 Draps at a Time

     Every after noon in ye aboue Decoct.

     and after the Sweling is a a good Deal

     abated brasers would be good Such as

Tinct Q Q which will Graitly Strenghth

and brace the nerves or Take the no 8

Stomac biters which will be beter and

use Them Till you Think the flewds are

braced if their Should be a Cough and

a Stopage on the Lungs Then the Expectr

would be of Service Look at the balsms

of huney are in this Case preferabel to ye

others and many Times must be Treated

as a Consumption and use the Duritick

with it as th Consumption many Times

folowes a Drapsie and makes the Cure

Intirely Dificul if not Incurubel —–

For a Durat in the Drapsie as folows

To be used between wiles is Juniper

bows with the berryes burnt to ashes and

the ashes of wormwood of Each after its


pouderd 3 Spoonfulls put in the first mention

Decoct. in a bout 1/2 Gal: and Take a Jill

at a Time 3 Times a Day and Continue

The purging as be fore I have Given

Gut Gamb with good Success and

The Croc mart apparent and

the aboue Duraticks as at first

mentioned but the meds must be used

according to the Sitiuation the pation

                                                  is in

If the Consumption be not Set

in with the Drapsie the Cure is more

Easey and and (sic) will be preformd

according to the first Directions  

but if to the Conterary then you

must treat him with Expectrants and at

the Same Time use Drasticks and the

Elix ppt. with th Duratis before if you

must Come to tapping Should refer you

To Sharp Turner or Shaw. ———-

but I have usd blis ters to the Legs at ye

Same Time the Drasticks and Duriticks

   ware Given but have acare of a mortificati


which often happens in such Cases which if not

Timely Taken Care of may prove Dangeris  I Drest

Them Thus with a poltice of the insid bark of wite

pine bark and Spignet root boyld in new Milk

and Layd on and fomented it with wormwood

Catnip and Tansey as hot as Can be in Dured

and Sum Times I Drest Them with Implas

Demeni but this Dus not happen not aboue

one Time in Twenty that a mortifycation

happen and when it Dose I Treated them in

This maner as a boue Derected ——

but blisters Layd on the Legs at the Time that

the Duratick and Drasticks is usd Dus Draw of

a vast Sight of water how Ever they Sum times

prove Dangers as a boue said and then they

                     must be Drest as aboue Derected

but I a consumption Sets in with it its

for the most part Dangeris and but Litil

To be Don for it Except anodines and Such

Like to Eas them and Expectrants often

Eases them mixt with anodines and

Contin their their (sic) use with Durats

may be used but not with any Grait

Success as to the Cure and to Say any

more on this Subjact I Shant but under

the nex head of the Jandes as it hapend

Sum times to Joyn in with a Drapsie

and Lik wise with a Consumption.


           of The Jandeys

As This Disorder oft happens of an

overflowing of the Gall Should Think

proper to give first an Emetick and

af that is workt Give the folowing

Decoct  Take barbery bark wild Chery

bark and Dog wood bark ana: 1 hanfull

blood root 1/2 hanfull make a Strong Decoct:

Take of this 3 Times a Day a Jill at at (sic)

Time with 30 Draps of Elixter ppt.


and if the Load Should remain on the Stum

Then moderate Cartherts would be of Servic

and after the Carthert which pil Coche

I think is best Give the folowing pouder 

Take Ivere Casteel Soap Gum merrh and


aloes  make a pul: Dose     ss  this may Either

be given in pouder or made in an Electury

with the Tinct of Safron and ol Juniper  

These rules In the Jandice Scarce fails but

Sum Times it happens with a Consumption

and in Such Cases the pouder must be

used and the pill mentioned for the Consump:

 no_ Class 10 or the pouder mad up in boleses

and then use the Ex pectrants

with it as mentioned in the Consumption

.      .             Sum Times it happens with a Drapsie

and in Such Cases their must be used

the rules observed in the Drapsie and at

the Same Time Chelebeats whih will

Carry of the Jandes Such as the Steeld

wine to be given plentiful that is

3 Times a Day and to be Continued

ill Such Times that the Jandice


Dose abate and the Sweling to moder  

the Calomel and Jalop and the Drink

to be made use of as was Derected in the

Drapsie I Sall Stop and Leave you.

                of a Plurisey and Cure

.      In this Case if you Can by Times be with

your patient bleedin will be by all means

nesery and after that to give a Sodrific

of Unicorn root and Ginger mad in a Strong

Decoct: and to Every 2 Spoonfulls Take about

a Gr and half of opii for a Dose this will

Give a butyfull moderat Sweat and at

the Same Time proveas a good anodin   

after the Swet be over and the pain Should

be very Smart bleed a gain and when the

Cough Comes on then Expectrants to be

Given freely and Such Drinks as

.      Cause Expecteration  I in general give


a Decoct: made of Lether bark bark (sic) and hys

boyld Strong to gether and when boyld

pour it on 3 Spoonfulls of flax seed that

has had boyling water pourd on it  and

Stood on it till it is Cold and then pourd of

and The other Tea pord on the Seed boylin

hot and when Cool Keep for your Constant

Drink the feviour with out Dout will

Com on Smart and if So the Compound

pouder of Contrayerva to give frequent

in order to Keep this patien in a Constant

Diaphreses and let the nurs take poticuler

                            Care the patient not Taken


.      If the patient Should be very Quamish

or Sick at the Stumac then Give a

vomit Just after bleeding will be very

Servicebel and Then to Sweat as at first

but put a cag  of boyling Water in it to his

Sid when you Sweat him it will be

much the beter and the pain will Cease

much Quicker and as Soon as he Should

Git Stuft and the Cough to Rise or Raisin

of blood the Expectrants and Gentel Soderific

and Sum Time Coolers answers best in

Case so Then Niter and Tarter are

best or the magnesea alba

.      Sum Times by being neglected to Long

at first before bleden or Sweating they

will have Impost and then when you

Should find is So Give Expectrants frely

and Keep them on a week Diat and if you

perceive it to Swell  The outside apoltice of

Water Lilleys boyld in new milk and applyed

as warm as Can be in Durred to the place

and Dresed their with 2 or 3 Times a Day

blisters to be in Curraged by all means

if the feviour Should prove any Thing of ye

molignant Kind on ye Legs and arms

.      and by having the Impost or Such Like

Tumors Very often Will bring on a

Consumption and then must be treated

after the manner Spoken of under that

Subjact and manney Times it brings

them Drapsical I if So the Chlebates

mention und the head of the Jandeis and

Decoct mention undr  the Clas of the Draps

and the purges Likewise to be made use of

and Delt with Lik a rail Drapsie as

farther Expearence will Teach by Constant

use of the practice


of a Belies Collict & Cure

.           The Cheafest to be observed it This Disorder

is to Keep the body relaxt the best remedy

I Know of is morrisons pill 3 to be given

once in 5 or 6 ours and make a Strong 

Decoct of Seaney Camamoil flors and

and (sic) annis Seed or fenil Seed and the

patient to Drink plenytyfull of this

in Steed of fresh brought and make it

Strong with Seanne  I Expect this not to

fail but I often Give Calomel Gr15 and

the pills after it and then Decoct

.      I these fails that that (sic) the patient Cant

Keep them Down his Stumac which is often

The Case then I Should recomend this

Glister   Take the Insid bark of buter

nutt and the Inside bark of Elder and

boyl it to a very Strong Decoction

and when boyld pour it of from ye

barks and put in a   iss of Colocynth

and   i of aloes in a poynt ad when

boyld and the aloe Disolved Strain

and ad a half poynt new milk 4 Spoon

fulls molases and 2 Spoonfulls hogs Lard

and Devide for 2 Times when one is Come ye other

.      These rules to be observd I make no Doubt

it will meet with Grait Success but in

Case their is a Continual vomiting the Glis

ters must be made Continualy made

use of Till Such Times you Can

Give the physick and Then by all means

to Let it be given and the rules to be

observed as was first Derected and

and (sic) them rules to be poticuler observed

and they being observed  I need not Say no

more on this Subjact


             For The Piles & Their Cure

.      I Shall not Speek farther then

only of the Cure and that as Short

as posabel ———-

Take    Elect Lenitive       ss and

flower of Sulph      ij  mix to gether-

Dose as big as a nutmag morning

and Evening and mak a oyntment

of Sulendine and Cat nip aa: Strong

with hogs Lard and when the herbs is Crisp

Strain Clean and put in a Leden mortr

.      and Stir it till is blue and keep for use

to anoynt The fundement with all and to

put it in the fundement as as (sic) Convenant

Can and to use this ungt 3 Times a

Day to the anis and To boyl Calames

Strong and Set over the Decoct: as hot

as Cleverly Can be in Dured if the

patent be bad to Do this 3 Times

a Day  Their is Grait benift found

by a block of a wite oak Stick Sawd of

and mad hot against the fire and after

it is hot first anoynt ye anis and then Sit on

                                  this block as hot as Can bar

.      Take flower Sulphr       i  medara

wine half Gal:  mix to gether and

Take a wine glass or a 1/2 Jill at a

Time 2 Times a Day and So Continue

Taken for Sum Time and if the

patient be Extream bad make a

poltice as follows Take  wite Lilley

roots boyld soft in new milk and then

mad into a pulp with ol olive and

fine bole and Sealed Earth and Lay

This to it and Dress with This 2 or 3 Times

a Day and So Continue and So Forth

.      often from the Piles their will

Proceed a fistolow by all means try to

Scater with poltice before observed

and that if it Should fail and will

Come to Seperation which I Shant

Speek of now as that is a branch of Shurg

and Shall Speek of in another place

when I Come to Treat on that head  

These are the Cheafest rules I observed

in this Disorder which i Speek Short of

as practice will Soon Teach more


 of The Rheumetism & Cure

as this Disorder afords a vast many

Remedeys and the most fail of a Cure

I Their fore Shall Give Such rules as

I have Experenced which are as folows


1th: Take Tinct: Guac: with Sal niter Disolv

in it and Give a Tea Spoonfull 3 Times

2ly:  a Day and at the Same Time Cuping

3ly:  would be good and a ungt: of pond lileys

roots and the in Side bark of popel mad with

hogs Lard and when Crisp Strain Cleand

and ad Camphor ol Terebimth mak an ungt

to Greas the Joynts with all ———

4ly:  This recept has been my faver rite

`in this Disorder That is as folows —–  

Take pricere ash bark lbss biter Sweet

root lbss rasping of Guac: lbss put in a

Gug or an Earthen pot and put to it

1 an 1/2 Gallon of Sider and Sto Tite

and put it in the oven with a batch of

bread and Let it remain in the oven

Till Cold and Then Take a Jill or 1/2 pount (poynt?)

3 Times a Day and So Continue or Thus 

5ly:  Take new milk a Quart and as much good

medara wine to it as will Turn it and then

Strain and put the whay in Sumthing that

hath a Cover to it and to a Quart of this

wha put a Spoonfull of fine musterd Seed

to it a Take a Tee Cup full at a Time

or Three Times a Day and So Continue

6ly: or Tak pricere ash bark and wite ashs

bark of the root mak a Strong Decoct and

ad a Litil rum in Every Dose and Take

a half poynt Ever morning fasting

7ly: and Take it for a Dusen mornings runin

Takeake in Case a Sceatick or hip

Gout Cald the ungt a fore mentioned 

a a (sic) Sod Taken from a Claye Soil and

after anoynting Lay the Sod on the part as

hot as Can be indurd and repeet 3 or 4 Times

as need Shall require ———–

Isues in This Case very benificel ————

Antymony in pouder in pouder (sic) a bout

5 Gr at a Time once a Day I have had

Good Success with and helpt many

and whare The pain is very Stubern

I have Given a Dose of Terbeth minr

8ly: once in 3 Day as a Emetic and workt

it with warm water and Kept on a fresh

              Diat for about a weak


This I have used and Seen used with Succe

9ly: Take hors Radish root       ij   Garlick 

             iss  Musterd Seed in pouder        i  put in a

Quart of rum and That Take a Small

Glass full Every morning fasting


        For The Desentery & Cure

1th: In the first place Give a good Dose

       of pul: Rhei after that if ye feviour Should

2ly: Com on fast bleeding would be of Service

or whare the patient voyds a grait Deal


of blood in this Case I have bled wth good Suce

3ly: Take Tormintill  Unicorn  black

Snake roots aa: mak a Strong Decoct: to

Every pint of this Decoct Desolve    ij  of

alom roop and in Every spoonfull of


This ad of opii Griss for a Dose and Take

one (oce) in 3 ours ——-

4ly: The Speces Dias. Cordm and Tormentil

in fine pouder in Case the Decoct:

Dont Stop the flux use this pouder wth

it   i at a Time in Case no alteration

a Dose of Rhei again and purge as at

 first and then use as at first  

if These fails Then use the folowing

5ly  Tormintill wite oak bark Spiderwort

Unicorn root and black Snake root 

make a Strong Decoct as at first

with the alum rup and opii as was

Their orderd and used in the Same

manner its more asstringt

6ly  Absorbents are to be used while the

astringts are used such as Crabs eys

Corals Calcind harts horn and Such

like Meds ——————

10ly Spt vitrol in a Litil water as a

Stipt: may be of Exelent Service

and Keeping the body open then

Coolers Sum times is of poticuler use

with Crosives or Stipt. so far for

the Desentery ————–


For a Comon Colic

all Carminitives are good Such as

ol: anis and Trac: andro make a boles

Carminitive Glisters phys Such as

Jalop with ol annis or Juniper

ol Succin is in Sum Colicks good

anodines with Carminitives are good 

The Cure in a grait measure

Depens on noledge what its origanl

proseeds from and then the Cure is

Easly preformd  I am with Sencerity

For a Gravil and the Cure Thus

1th: Take wild holy hocks Roots perseley Roots

       wild brambel roots a: make a Strong

2ly  Decoct: of This Drink 3 Times a Day a 1/2 poynt

       at a Time and Take 15 Draps of ol Junip

  2 Times

   a Day on Shuger and Continue or Thus Take

3ly: harlem oyl 2 Times a Day and Take

       the folowing Decoct Radishes and

4ly: Rushes Such as they Scower with and aspara

       Grass roots  make a Strong Decoct: to

       Drink 3 Times a Day ————–

5ly: Sperit Niter Dul 35 Draps 3 Times

       a Day in the first Decoct is good

or Take if the rest fails —-

6ly  Take a g bea hive with the beas

Comes and hunney all in it and

put the hive in water So that you

Drown the beas and when Don tak

all out of the hive and put in the watr 

Let their be 10 Gal water boyl all Strong

and put on a peck of barley molt and

mak a bear and Drink 3 Times a

Day a Jill at a Time and Continue

Till its Drank up and Take the

Spt: N: Dul: all the Time    So far on this

                                                Subjact —-

For St. Antony’s Fire ye Cure

       If the patient be bad Cooling purges


       Such a Ipsm: Sal: or Sal Globr Either

2d:  then bleed if need requir if the Inflamation

       be Grait or it runs fast over the body

       or part be much in flamd and: &c:&c:


       Take ungt alba Camphorated to anoynt.

       with  all 3 Times a Day for 3 or 4 days

4ly: or Thus  Take the blood of a Cat and

be smare the whole Inflamed part and

Skin to be Stript of  and the besmared to

be Cuvered with the Skin and Doso (sic) 3 or 4

Times and when the Skin begins to Stink repeat

5ly: or Take Ducks meet it Grows in

boyling Springs boyl Strong and


Wash and foment with: and make

an oyntment of the Same Ducks

meet with hogs Lard and put wite

Lead in it and after the washin

and fomenting put on the oyntment

6ly: or if it be the Shingls Then take

Lime water and Salermonic

and wash there with and oynt as a

fore and Continue the use  So far on this



For ye Feviour an ague ye Cure


       First Give an Emetic and when ye


       Stumac is well Clensed Give Ferdenan

2ly: pouder:  3 mornings going fasting in Cold

       water 3: 4 or 5 Grains the most for a Dose

3ly: or Tulleys pouder once in 3 or 4 ours

       when the feviour is from the patient 

          i: or      ss in a Dose but not to Exceed ye Later

4ly  Macleens Electury once in 3 or 4 ours

       The big ness of a nutmag at a Time —-

5ly  or The Tinct pru: which Every one nows the use


When the fitts Com Every Day

its Deamed to Incline to an Intermitant

and The Same rules must be observd

in this, as was spoken on the other of the

feviour an ague but in all these Cases


  1 ly:  Let their be a vomit given first if ye

patient Can bare it and after that if

their are proper intermisins then Give

as is Derected on the other Side and to

Observe the Same rules will answer

for ye Same End only to observe no to give

while the feviour is on the patient

For The 3d Day agues and its Cure


After giving the vomit and the Stum

is well Clens then Deal with

the patient as was Derected for ye

feviour and ague  Exceping as was

said befor Tuleys pouder or mc:leens

Elect or the Tinct. pru: not to be given

while the feviour is on the patient

which in them 3 preperations is all what

is to be observed for farther poticulers

I refer you to Huxom


For A Continual Feviour

1th:  an Emetic in the beginning is

       nesery and in a very full pulse

2ly: bleeding is nesesary and after then

       To have a Corse to febre fuges Such as 

3ly: the Compt pouder Contrayerve to keep Em

in a moderate Sweat with by Geving


Sage Tea make Em Sweat the more freely

to with the Same pouders to incorage the Sweat 

4ly: for 2 or 3 Days and if after that Coolers—

       Tarter and niter are Cheifest

       If it Comes to any intermisin then

5ly: Then Treat with the Cort. prue: at Every

intervail or intermision and if After all these

 the feviour Should Continue hard Clap blisters

to his Legs and arms and the Contrayerve

to be given once in 3 ours a Dose and if

it Should Efect the nerves so as to Cause

an a Traction or a Twitching in the

6ly: Sinnews then in that Case Sal. Succin

6 Grs in a Dose and Give a Dose once in

3 or 4 ours for 5 or 6 Doses going is Exceed

ing good in the nerves feviour ———-

7ly  The Comp Cooling pul is of poticuler

       use in a Continual feviour but for ye

       most part a Decoct of Rad: Contrayer

8ly  and Rad virgine Serpentin aa. and the Compt

       pul: Contr Scarce fails of bringing the feviour

       to a Crises and after it Comes to a proper

       Crises the Compt Cool. in puls. is Exceeding

       good as to farther poticuler Description Look

  To huxom his Treatise on feviours which will

       Give a plain Demonstration of all their

       Simptoms and the manner of acting and

       Cure   —————-


 Rx       for The Wites or Flor albes

This Causes Grait Weakness in the

back pain in the hips and many runin

pains with a faintness at the Stumac

and if it has been of a long Standing it

Causes a grait pailness of the Countenance by

ye vesels being relaxt and weekend in this

Case Astringents and Aglutanes meds–

with Strengtheners in the first place

1th: purge with Rheii after that Give a poud

              as folows

       Take alm: rup: Sang: Dra: & nutmags

2ly: and make a poudr Dose “Gr15” Every

       Day one for 3 or fore Days going and-

3ly  or Thus after the aboue is used Take

Cumphre roots  Spignet  Solomons

Seal and burdock roots aa:  mak

a Strong Decoct or Surrop to be

Taken 3 or 4 Times a Day and to

Continue this use Sum Days

4ly:  or Thus Take Corcus mart astring

is very good and Trocle boyled in new

milk and Drank or or (sic) 2 a Day ——-


For ye Overflowing of the terms

1th:  and Cure Thus Take Tormintil

and Sang: Dra. ana: Dose Gr 12 as oft

as need requires or Thus

2ly: Take the Juce of plantain 2 Spoonfulls

bole armon Gr15 for a Dose and 3 Dose

I bleave will be Suficent for the —

3ly:  or Thus Take about 6 or 7 ounces of blood

out of hir arm and       give the astringts

after words or if its been for Sum Stand in

4ly  Take Q Qui    ss  put it in a Quart of wine

 with  ss of fine bole and Take 2 Spoonfulls

at a Time–2 Times a Day and Continue


For a Stopage of ye Terms

In young weoman Especely when

They Complain of ther Stumac many

Times a palpetation of the hart and

a faintness: a pailness of the face and

Sum Times Convulst. and the High Ster

to a grait Degree &c &c ——–


       In the firt place Take Sum blood out

       of the foot and the Steal wine    ij of

2ly: Steal to a Quart of Madara wine

and to Take a half Jill glass full after

the win hath Inprignated 2 or 3 Times a Day

or Thus Take

3ly:  Ens veneris 8Gr in peroyel water

whare rusty Iron has red hot and

Squencht in 4 or 5 Times Take a half

Jill of this water 3 Times a Day 

with the Ens venris in it and Continue 

the use for Sum Time its Excelent

4ly  Take Spt: C:C  Spt Lavend ana: Dose 25

Draps in the aboue Sd Tea if the H.Str:

Should Troubel hir or for the high Ster:

5ly: Thus ol: Sucin 9 or 10 Draps on Shuger

6ly: Give hoopers pills 3 at a time Every other

       night ———–  ———-

or Thus —–

7ly: Take Elix: p.p.t with Spt: Salarmo

Given in a Tea made of wite hemp

roots Stink Seder that grows by

the rver Sid and Sows Thistil ana:

40 or 50 Draps in a Glass full of this

Tea 2 Times a Day and at night

Give pil fett —–  —–  ———-

8ly  Take Tinct: of black heleber Given

in the aboue Decoct: or Tea

but Care must be Taken with This

              poscript or Rx  

2Gr is a Dose Large Enof for any and

by that you Can make a Calcolation

For the Tinct and the Dose to be Calcolated

accordingly ——————–

NB  for woman that Takes Cold by Lying

3d:  Iin 3d: (In Bed?) articul to be used is by far the

best and woman That has Just Catcht Cold. 

Either in rum of the Tinct or Decoct

perscribed with the veneris ——-

2d:  Whare the Cold has been of a Long Standin

the Chelebets are best Except it be Just

                     before then the E:ven

and in Robustier Contitutions and a fresh

Countenance  Then The Heleb: nigrm

according to the poscription No.8:

the Elix ppt with Salermon. is of Exelent

Service whare the Constitution is weak

and the muscelery ves:ls Exhos or Relaxt

this Elix with the Tea mentioned under

 7:  that head No7  These rules to be

observed their will be no fear but itt

 will meet with Success by these

rules & by practice youl Soon have more


For The High Stericks & Cure

as To make mention of the Causes of Signs

of this Disorder it be needless because

That their by many Volms that mention

it in a poticuler manner more plainer than

I can   ye Cure is what I am at and is– 

all vol: Spts and Volitil Salts are good–

ol Succin mixt with anodines and The

pill fett and hoopers pills of all These meds

may be fetid its Spoken in Gineral but my

faverite med is Tinct Hpicre     ij  Spt harts

horn    ss    Spt Lavend:    Tinct Caster    i  mix for

to Give 25 or 30 Draps in a Tea mad of mugwort


For The Barring Down of ye Matrix

1th: Take and Lay a plaster of Galbanum

2ly: on the navel make a fume of assafett

       on Live Coles in a Chaven Dish or Thus

3ly: Take poteridge fethers put them in a

Chamber pot or Iron Kittil and Throw a Shuvl (of)


Live  on them and Stand over them as

hot a you Can bare and Do So 2 Times a

Day keeping your Coats Tite round the pot

or Else the Steem will fly away    or Thus

4ly: Take Stinking oris mother wort Catnip

Tansey and fether few to Set over as hot as

Can be in Durd  I am with respects

5ly: Take Spt: C:C:  Spt Lavend aa:  Gut 15

6ly: and To Take pil fett if it Should be nedful

7ly  anodines with volitils if the pain Should


       be grait or if Their Should be a weekn

8ly: in the back Emplas oxacrat would

be of Service and to Continue ye

fumes as was Said at first and if

by none of these means it will Stay up

Then their must be an insterment mad

of a waxt Cork or a ring made of whail bone

For Lying in woman or Delivr

1th  For Delivery to force the pains When they

       are Slack or their is ocation to hasten

2ly: Their are as folowes  borax or Ens ven

3ly: Gum merrh: Caster fetted: ol:Succin 

these are the Cheifest I ust to make use

of and as the intenshen of this Small

pamplet is only to Give a Small Scetch

of Desorders and the most approved remedys

I Shall Drap Speakin on this head as these

are the Cheafest Dificultys that weoman

are Troubeld with refer ———–


for The Green purges in Children

In This Case is oft Dangeres Causes

Grait pains and often Convultions

and other Dangers Simptoms with violent

pains in the bowels ang Gripings– 

if the Child be young Give in the first

place a Dose of manna and after its workt

Give Either in a Decoct or in poudr Tormi

Tormintil and Sum times a Litil Spec

Dias Cord.m mixt to gether and Give 3 or 4

Grains at a Dose 2 or 3 Time a Day


Rheubarb  ii  agaric  iiss  Cubwebs  ii   Lickrish

root  ss      seanea  iss   aniseed or fennil  i  

Cardis Benedictus 1 handfull  worm wood 1 handfu 

Sasafras flowers 1 handfull merigold 1 handfull

Lignum vita  lbss  Juneper berreys  ii  aloes  ii 

Cream Tart  ss     Leser Sentury 1 handfull 

Burnet 1 handfull  Gallingal  ii      Calamus 

iii   gentian  ii   sasaperila   ii    Manna  ii 

Zidery   i    Doct. Firdenand for the Consumtion


Doct. Hills Rx  for the plurisy to both the part

parts affected      ol Terbinth  ii  

                           Spt Salarmo  i 

                           Camphor  ii  ground or

              Mixt together——


The Epilipticks

Sal armoniac 1X Gr. 3 times a Day 

make a Decoct of Catnip  Tansey

wormwood suthernwood  mother worth

make a strong Decoct and ad a half

point of rum and foment the part


[End page;  preceded by three blank pages]




Library of Arts &. Sciences

Benjamin Martin

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