The following are related to the and Google Books searches I performed and reviewed for a number of my pages. This approach played an important role in part of my research on African American history, slavery and medicine, but since has been applied to studying the history of disease mapping and presentation by journal articles and books.

The links that follow are meant to serve primarily as links to key references, not an actual bibliography since it lacks any mention of physical books I own, books referred to in my research notes, and information pulled using the Index-Catalogue of the Surgeon General Office, which perhaps represents half of my work over the past twenty years. For each link to a journal, expect to find even more information with each reference. These cited publications are not in any specific order, such as alphabetically by author or temporally. They are arranged using major topic headings for now. They appear in reverse order to being located, for the most part, and some series of research projects were performed in chronological order.

This bibliography is or will be more refined on the specific pages designed for these topics, such as those found in the African American Slavery section or at the end of certain special topic pages. The maps will be dealt with as a collection, or in some cases separately with their own unique pages. On occasion, a major section has an or Google Search provided as well. The map publication searches were usually done in 10 year increments from 1790 to 1930. The following are stored links to many of these references.

Google Search: Disease Medical Maps

Richard Mead. A Short Discourse Concerning Pestilential Contagion.

New York Literary Journal and Belles-Lettres Repository.

Richard Pococke. A Description of the East and Some Other Countries.

The Critical Review, or Annals of Literature. See pp. 32, 76.

James Boswell. The Scots Magazine.

Sir William Cookes. Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science.

The Literary Panorama and National Register. Urban health article.

The Metropolitan. Future of cholera.

The Literary Magazine and American Register.

The European Magazine. Early Pox article.

Jeremiah David Reuss. Das gelehrte England . . ..

John Buffa. Travels through the Empire of Morocco.

Benjamin Rush. Medical Inquiries and Observations. Possible mention of first medical maps in the City.

The Madras Quarterly Medical Journal. Second map possibly.

David Hosack, John Wakefield Francis. American Medical and Philosophical Register. Notes on first medical maps.

Samuel Latham Mitchell. Medical Repository. DeWitt’s map mentioned.

Jared Sparks, et al. The North American Review. Warden on America.

Thomas Nuttall. A Journal of Travels into the Arkansas Territory. During the Year 1819.

H. Biglow, Orville Luther Holley. The American Monthly Magazine and Critical Review.

The Manchester Iris. Early Inuit description.

Sir Richard Phillips. The Monthly Magazine. Early example of the use of Valerian for epilepsy.

Thomas Campbell et al. New Monthly Magazine.

The Oriental Herald and Journal of general Literature. Oriental medicine and philosophy?

George Campbell. A Dissertation on Miracles, containing a description of the principles. . . .

The Asian Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India.

John Linnaeus Edward Whitridge Shecut. Shecut’s Medical and Philosophical Essays. Essay on Yellow Fever.

D. Uwins. The London Medical Repository. Life-power concept.

The London Medical Repository and Review.

Samuel Emlen. Journal of Foreign Medical Science and Literature. Andalusia.

James Hardie. An Account of the Yellow Fever . . . in the City of NewYork . . . In the Year 1822.

American Medical and Philosophical Register.

Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal. Mauritius cholera.

The Medical and Physical Journal.

Google Search: Englishman’s Magazine Cholera (for article on Russian history)

James Anthony Froude, James Lullock. Fraser’s Magazine.

Harper’s Magazine – Making of America Project.

The Methodist Magazine and Quarterly Review.

James Holmes Agnew. Walter Hilliard Bidwell. The Eclectic Magazine; Foreign Literature.

Museum of Foreign Literature, Science & Art.

Francis Bisset Hawkins. History of the Epidemic Spasmodic Cholera of Russia.

Daniel Drake. The Western Journal of Medical and Physical Sciences. Cholera types.

The Medico-chirurugical Review and Journal of Medical Science.

Nile’s Weekly Register.

John Wakefield Francis. Letter on the Cholera Asphyxia . . . now Prevailing in the City of New York.

E. Moxon. The Englishman’s Magazine. Folded Map.

Google Search: disease medical maps (continued)

Healthside. Thomson and Scarlatina.

Charles C. Cochrane. Journal of a Residence and Travels in Columbia during the Years 1823 and 1824.

Reuben Percy. The Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction.

The Tatler: A Daily Journal of Literature and the Stage.

The Medico-chirurgical Review, and Journal of Practical Medicine.

The American Quarterly Review.

Museum of Foreign Literature, Science and Art.

Francis Boott. Memoir of the Life and Opinions of John Armstrong.

George Hamilton Bell. Treatise on Cholera Asphyxia, or Epidemic Cholera, as it appeared in Asia . . . .

Calcutta Magazine and Monthly Register. Cholera in India.

Reginald Orton. An Essay on the Epidemic Cholera of India. Early Indian Cholera.

James Johnson. Medico-chirurgical Review. Another Link. Mapping proves contagion theory.

New York Mirror. New York Cholera Asphyxia.

The Metropolitan. The term ‘asiatic Cholera” is noted on page 337.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Scouttetten’s book is reviewed.

The Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences. Sir William Blane on East India Cholera.

The London Literary Gazette and Journal, of Belle Letters, Arts and Sciences. Map is referred to.

The Lancet London . . . . Russian cholera referred to.

The Medical Magazine.

The London Medical and Surgical Journal.

The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal.

Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal. Bolton Le Moors.

The Medical Quarterly Review. Leeds Map mentioned.

John Read. An Appeal to the Medical Profession . . .

The American Journal of the Medical Sciences. Influenza maps mentioned.

James Copland. The London Medical Repository and Review. The Diseases of India.

The Maryland Medical Recorder.

The Spectator.

The Cincinnati Lancet and Clinic.


Local conditions of the labouring population in Great Britain. Poor Law Commissioners.

First and Second Report of the Commissioners . . . inquiring into the health of large towns and cities . . ..

Report of the Commissioners of Large Towns and Populous Districts. Filth.

The sessional papers printed by the order of the House of Lords. Poor laws. Another. Mapping Services Costs.

Report to her Majesties’ Principal Secretary of State . . . Poor Law.


The Knickerbocker, or the New York Monthly Magazine. Drake’s pamphlet on north versus south and disease.

John Davy. Notes and Observations on the Ionian Islands and Malta.

The New York Journal of Medicine. Cholera.

The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal. The Wernerian Society referred to with Thomas Jameson as member.

Journal of the Statistical Society of London. Mention of Map Displayed.

Transylvania Journal of Medicine and the Associate Sciences.

The Seasonal Papers. XV. Accounts and Papers. Plans to map disease.

The American Medical Intelligencer. Influenza.

The British Foreign and Medical Review, or Journal of Practical Medicine. Prostitution and health.

The Medico-chirurgical Review and Journal of Practical Medicine. Medical Statistics.

Robley Dunglison. Dunglison’s American Medical Library.

The Dublin Journal of Medical Science. Maybe has a map (not found).

The Madras Quarterly Medical Journal. Choleroid.

The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal.

Joseph Ewart, Sr. The Sanitary Condition and Discipline of Indian Jails.

Louisville Medical Lectures from the Durrett Collection.

United States Medical and Surgical Journal. Military Tract.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

The Lancet. Vital stats by William Farr.

The Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science.

Report du Comite Consultatif; Report of the Advisory Committee . . . . Suicide map mentioned.

The American Journal of Medical Sciences.

New York City Inspector Annual Report.

British Medical Journal. Geography of Epidemics.

The Half Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences.

The Chicago Medical Journal. California climate and consumption, p. 102.

Buffalo Medical Journal and Monthly Review. Yellow Fever.

Chicago Medical Journal. Chicago map.

Robert Garner. Eutherapaeia.

American Medical Monthly. Yellow Fever Map.

Edward Headlam Greenhow. On Diphtheria.

Henry Wentworth Acland. Memoir on the Cholera at Oxford, in the year 1854.

John Snow. On the Mode of Communication of Cholera.

Thomas Laycock. Lectures on the Principles and Methods of Observation and Research.

Meredith Clymer. Dr. Benjamin Rush. Annual Oration.

Meredith Clymer. Epidemic Cerebro-spinal Meningitis. Folded map.

Medical Press and Circular.

Lombe Athill. Grimshaw. Clinical Lectures on Diseases Peculiar to Women.

Frederick William Headland. On the Actions of Medicine in the System.

Lectures delivered in a Course before the Lowell Institute, Boston, Massachusetts.

Annual Report of the Surgeon General in the Public Health Service. Folded Yellow Fever Map.

The Medical Times and Gazette.

The Medical Times and Gazette. Cholera.

Medical Time and Gazette. Wm. Aitken advt.

The Galveston Medical Journal. Wm. Aitken advt.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

The Dublin Journal of Medical Science. Dr. Little on Ireland.

Reports of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council and Local Government. Folded map.

The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

The Chicago Medical Journal.

Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania.

London Medical Record. New Invention.

The Indian Medical Gazette.

Edinburgh Medical Journal.

Report of the Sanitary Commission . . . Bombay. Folded maps.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.

United States Sanitary Commission. Contributions Related to the Causation and Prevention of Disease . . . . p. 246 map.

William John Macquorm Rankie, Peter Guthrie Tate. Miscellaneous Scientific Papers.

Sir Robert Kennaway Douglas. China, with map.

Medical and Surgical Reporter.

Rapport du Comite consulktatif; Report of the Advisory Committee. . . .

Memphis Medical Monthly. see p. 185.

Transaction of the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania. Folded map.

Medical Record.

The Sanitary Record.

Journal of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Antione Marie Nicolas et al. Guide hygienique et medicale du voyaguer dans l’Afrique centrale.

Wizirat al-Dahkili yah. Report on the Epidemic Cholera in Egypt, during the years 1895 and 1896.

The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Denison’s work.

The Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes . . . Medical Essays of 1842 to 1882.

The Dublin Journal of Medical Science.

Hugh Hamilton. The Sanitary Condition of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

American Public Health Association. A Sanitary Survey of St. Louis.

Medical Record. Cancer map.

Report du Comite consulatif; Report of the Advisory Committee.

Alder Smith. Ringworm, its diagnosis and treatment.

Mary Isabel Bryson, Mrs. Bryson. John Kenneth Mackenzie-Medical Missionary to China.

The Lancet. Calculous Diseases, map?

Charles Creighton. A History of Epidemics in Great Britain.

Harry Campbell. The Causation of Disease; An Exposition of the Ultimate Factors that induce it.

Monograph Series. Tuberculosis Maps.

Transactions. Epidemiological Society of London. Folded map.

Report of the Department of Health of the City of Chicago. 1904/5.

Report of the Surgeon-General of the Army to the Secretary of War for the United States. pages 94, 121.

Arnold Lupton. Mining; an elementary treatise on the getting of minerals.

Public Health Bulletin. Rabies dot map.

Report of the Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever in U.S. Military Camps . . . Surgeon-General’s Office . . . James Copper, Edward Shakespeare, Walter Reed. Page 530 has Camp Map.

William Sydney Thayer. Lectures of the Malaria Fever.

New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal.

American Medicine.

Samuel Edwin Solly. A Handbook on Medical Climatology.

British Medical Journal. Plague belt described.

Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt. A System of Medicine. page 110, map by Clemow.

Sir Patrick Manson. Manson’s Tropical Diseases. A classic.

Cleveland Medical Journal.

American Journal of Science. ARCHIVES.ORG-p. 194.

American Journal of Science. 1857. ARCHIVES.ORG-Brick Stove.

A Statement of Occurrences during a Malignant Yellow Fever Epidemic in the City of New York . . . 1819. (with 1 map)

Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever in Camps during the War.

Abstract of report on the origin and spread of typhoid fever in camps during the war.

Popular Science Monthly, Feb 1879. Typhoid.

An Example of the Original Map containing Typhoid Cases. Figure 8. NIH.

Early Sanitation Movement, ca. 1800-1825

John Roberton. 1809. A Treatise on Medical Police.

Yellow Fever

Alexander Philips Wilson. 1803. A Treatise on Febrile Diseases: Including Intermitting, Remitting and Continuous Fevers . . . .

Dr. Gillespie’s Report on Yellow Fever in Brooklyn, NY in 1809. Medical Repository.

Richard Bailey. An account of the Epidemic Fever which Prevailed in the city of New York. 1795 epidemic. Published 1796.

Conrad Malte-Brun. Jean Jacques-Nicolas-Huat. 1834. A System of Universal Geography. 1834. p. 345. Miasma in the West Indies, versus stellar reasons for disease. p. 213 Matlazahault associated with Yellow Fever; discussion of its behavior in Middles and Southern North America.

Benjamin Rush. 1795. An Account of the Bilious Remitting and Intermitting Yellow Fever as it appeared in Philadelphia in 1794; Together with an Inquiry into the Proximate Cause for the Fever, and a Defence of Blood-letting as a Remedy.

Paula Young Lee. Meat, Modernity and the Rise of the Slaughterhouse. 2008. Contemporary book; partial view. Butchers were considered to cause for some of the putrid miasma in urban settings.

Dr. Ferguson on the Yellow Fever. pp. 397-407. Medico-chirurgical Review. 1839/40.


Charles Girdlestone. Seven Sermons Preached during the Prevalence of Cholera.

Daniel Drake. A Practical Treatise on the History, Rise and Prevention of Cholera.

John Wakefield Francis. Lecture on Cholera Asphyxia prevailing in the city of New York..

Frank George Clemow. The Cholera Epidemic of 1892 in the Russian Empire. See map on page 36.

Henry Walter Bellew. The History of Cholera in India, from 1862 to 1881. Has a fair map.

William Baly. Reports on Epidemic Cholera. Maps not visible.

William Aiton. Dissertations on Malaria, Contagion and Cholera.

James Christie. Cholera Epidemics in East Africa, from 1821 till 1872. Map is okay.

James Bryden. Report on the General Aspects of Epidemic Cholera in 1869.

James Bryden. Report on the Cholera by 1866-1868.

Nottidge Charles Macnamara. A History of Asiatic Cholera.

George Chandler Whipple. Typhoid Fever; its Causation, Transmission and Prevention.

Annual Report. Philadelphia Bureau of Water. Partial Map.

Report of the Joint Committee of Legislature. Topic is mostly Croton Reservoir Water and New York. Hering’s Disease maps and reports elicited this meeting.

Kari S. McLeod. Our Sense of Snow: The Myth of John Snow in Medical Geography. Social Science and Medicine 50(2000), 923-935.


Transactions. Epidemiological Society of London.
Von Eisenmann. Bericht Ueber Acute Krankheiten. Historically important German article on typhoid.

London Medical and Surgical Journal. Typhoid.

Journal of the Franklin Institute. Typhoid.

M. Boudin on Pulmonary Phthisis and Typhoid Fever. British and Foreign Medical Review.

Votes & Proceedings. New South Wales Parliament. Decision to map typhoid.

Disease/Medical Geography, General

ARCHIVES.ORG Search For Medical Geography, 1809-1839.

Medical Geography, 1840-1849.

Disease Maps, 1800-1839.

Bulow. Interesting Travels in America. (Translated from German book by Bulow.) The Port Folio, v. 2, no. 36.

Memoirs of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester, vol. 3. Benjamin Rush’s Sequent Occupancy theory; the revival of the Vital Principal theory.

Alfred Haviland. The Geographic Distribution of Disease in Great Britain.

John Hennen. Sketch of a Plan for Memoirs on Medical Geography.

Hunting Sherrill. An Essay on Epidemics as they Appeared in Dutchess County, from the years 1809 to 1825.

Samuel Forry. The Climate of the United States and Its Endemic Influences.

Compte de Constantine Francois de Chasseboeuf Volney. [Translation] View of the Climate and Soil of the United States of America.

Race, Negroes and Slavery

Google book search: Lydia Marie Francis Child. Another search. Child is a famous Quaker author on writings pertaining to human health rights and slavery.

Howard Washington Odum. Social and Mental Traits of the Negro.

Popular Science. Geography of Race.

The Journal of Medical Research. Holmes, Fever, 1836

The South African Medical Record. Bantu Colony Tb map.

The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. see p. 1.

Studies from the Institute for Medical Research, Federated Malay States.

The Modern Traveller. vol. 7. 126-8 mentions negros moving to Brazil for slavery, and their spread of disease to Brazil.


Internet Archives Search Engine Link.

ARCHIVES.ORG SEARCH – African Medicine

ARCHIVES.ORG SEARCH – negro health Another Search.

Lecture and Addresses on the Negro in the South.

The Effects of Emancipation upon the Mental and . . . .

To the Good Health of All North Carolina.

The Health and Physique of the Negro American.

The Necrological Appearances of Southern Typhoid Fever in the Negro. . .

Peter Arrell Browne. The Classification of Mankind; by the Hair and Wool of their Heads . . .

Samuel Cartwright. Ethnology of the Negro or Prognathous Race. A Lecture delivered November 30th, 1857.

The Influence of Race in History

Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Negro doctoring, p. 401, Solar Asphyxia p. 384.

Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery.

Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery.

Charles D. Drake. Union and Anti-slavery Speeches delivered during the Rebellion.

Natural and Statistical View, or Picture of Cincinnati . . . . Medical Topography chapter.

Daniel Drake. A Systematic Treatise, Historical, Etiological and Practical, on the Principal Diseases of the Interior Valley of North America.

Obi, or Early African-American Voodoo

Benjamin Moseley. 1799. A Treatise on Sugar. (Book Review). In The British Critic, A New Review.

African Health

Sylvaine Meinrad Xavier de Golbery, William Mudford. Travels in Africa, Performed during the Years 1786, 1786 and 1787 . . ..

Thomas Dobson. Encyclopaedia, or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Miscellaneous . . . Senegal Slavery, medicine.

John Williamson. Medical and Miscellaneous Observations Relative to the West India Islands. About Negros.

William Balfour Balkie. Narrative of an Exploring Voyage up the Rivers Kwora and Binue.

Robert Smith. The Friend. African health in Liberia.

Oliver Peschel. The Races of Man and their Geographical Distribution.

The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

Weekly Medical Review.

Benjamin Franklin Riley. Alabama as it it; or, The Immigrant’s and Capitalist’s Guidebook to Alabama..

Army Medical Department Report for the year 1895. Folded map.

Journal of the African Society.

Reports of the Sleeping Sickness Commission . . . Royal Society, Great Britain.

James Crowle Prichard. Researches into the Physical History of Mankind. v. 5. Focus is on Yaws.

James Boyle. 1831. A Practical Medico-Western Account of the Western Coast of Africa.

African and African-American Labor/Slavery

Website: Economic History Association’s page Cotton gin history.

Google Book Search for Cotton Slavery Injury Disease

Reprint: An Historical Account of the Rise and the Growth of the West Indies. 1690. Letter to Sir John Danvers. Pages 403-444. In The Harleian Miscellany.

Carey’s Library of Choice Literature. volume 2, 1836. see F. Harrison Rankin. A Visit to Sierra Leone in 1834 (pp. 276-348). Esp. Chapter XVI Slavery and Chapter XVII Slave Liberation. 320-323, 324-7. Chapter XVIII Health and Climate pp. 327-332.

American Journal of Medical Sciences. 1841. p. 275. Article pulled from Western Medical & Surgical Journal. Mentions Cotton as a Medical Plant, used by slaves to induce abortion.

The Factory System. Museum of Foreign Literature, Science and Health. Work in the industrial setting, with emphasis on the impact of the cotton Cotton Gin. pp. 301-321.

M. Greiner. Code of Practice of the State of Louisiana. 1844. Has much on the Slavery laws.

The United States Magazine and Democratic Review. Vol 19, No. C, October 1846. Slaves and Slavery. pp. 244-254.

The Friend of India. v. 7, no. 48. March 1824. Slavery. pp. 65-71. This item is full of writing related to slavery and the missions.

L. W. Spratt. A Series of Articles published on the Value of the Union to the South; Lately published in the Charleston Standard. 1840. The New York Tribune versus The Charleston Standard

Thomas Price. Slavery in America. 1836.

William Falconer. On the Preservation of Health in Persons Employed in Agriculture. In Letters and Papers on Agriculture, &c. pp. 341 – .

Cotton Industry Safety Report.

Occupational Lung Diseases report/tables.
Culturally-bound or linked

Allen’s Indian Mail. Malay Amok, p. 697.

India-China, Buddhism

Yijing. A Practice of the Buddhist Religion as Practiced in India and Malay.

Mexican Health

The London Medical Repository and Review. Pinta.

Jewish Medicine

The Medical and Physical Journal. vol. 13. 1804. Letter about Dr. William Brodum, of Copenhagen, Prussia, Russia, Heidelberg and London, a Jewish physician who made, sold and used botanical syrups on his patients. pages 258-267.

Water Cure

Edinburgh Journal of Medical Science. The Peat Water Bath.

The Living Age. Graefenberg and water cure, map.

The Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Invalid use of Springs.

Stiles Kennedy. The Magnetic and Mineral Springs of Michigan.

Saratoga Mineral Waters Analysis.

Memoir. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. See p. 43, about Saratoga.


The Medical and Agricultural Register, for the YEars 1806 and 1807. p. 99. Humane Society.


The Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal. Good description of Infinitesimals theory on p. 295.

The Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal. March 1874. Igneous Agency in the Production of Disease. Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Cholera.

Charles Follen Folsum. Diseases of the Mind.

James William Ward. The Agnostic in Medicine.

Horatio Gates Spafford. 1809. General Geography and Rudiments of Useful Knowledge, in Nine Sections. Miasma described, p. 121, items 213 and 214. Folded maps World (tp face), US (149 face).

Domestic Medicine

Thomas Hodgkin. The means of promoting and preserving health. 1841. Chimney sweepers cancer, p. 254.


Google Search: 1850-1859

Edward John Spry. 1827. An Outline of the Homeopathic Doctrine, or the medical theory of Hahnemann. pp. 61-71. Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal.

Kinesipathy and Gymnastics

American Medical Journal.

Moritz Schreber. Illustrated Medical Indoor Gymnastics, or a System of Medico-Hygienic Exercises. 3ed. Translated by Henry Skelton. 1856. With 45 Woodcuts. Apply to Oregon Dr. John Kennedy Bristow work.

Prisons, Jail Fever, Insanity

Google Search: Gaol Fever

John Hutton Balfour Brown. The Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity.

The Philadelphia Medical Museum. cjxx. Jail Fever.

Richard Burn. The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer. Gaol fever.

George Fordyce. Five Dissertations on Fever.

Richard Mead. The Medical Works of Richard Mead. Vol. 2.

Remarks on the Act for Preserving the Health of Prisoners. The Gentleman’s Magazine. vol. 44, p. 345-7.

Tuberculosis, Outdoor Treatment

Google books search: Royal open air society tuberculosis treatment.

Google Books Search: Treatment Tuberculosis Pneumonectomy Sun Therapy

Google Books Search: Open Air Southwestern treatment Tuberculosis Heliotherapy.

Frederick Rufenacht Walters. 1909. The open-air or sanitorium treatment of tuberculosis.

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. Vol. 63, no. 1. Guy Hinsdale. Atmospheric Air in Relation to Tuberculosis. (93 plates).

International Medical Journal. 1916. On Outdoor Tuberculosis Sanitaria. Article on heliotherapy. Has Glen Springs, Watkins Glen in advtg pages at end.

Journal of the Outdoor Life, vol. 12. p. 54,128 about Tb in negros.

Charles Fox Gardiner. The Relation of the Sun, as the Source of Electric Energy, to Health and the Vital Functions. The Medical Herald. p. 202. Heliotherapy.

Guy Hinsdale. The treatment of ‘Surgical’ Tuberculosis at the Sanitoria on the French Coast and in the Swiss Alps by Heliotherapy. Recent Studies of Tuberculosis.

Sigard Adolphus Knopf. 1922. A history of the national tuberculosis association. Edward Livingston Trudeau.

The British Journal of Tuberculosis. v.1,no.1. Jan. 1907.


Retreats and Sanitaria

Annual Report of the Battle Creek Sanitarium and Hospital.

A Medical Guide to Nice.

Special Topics

Sir Thomas Longmore. Gunshot Injuries.

John Lambert. Travels Through Canada, and the United States of North America, in the Years 1806, 1807 and 1808. Small pox and the Indians.

James Lind. A Treatise on the Scurvy, in Three Parts.

John Pringle. Observations on the Diseases of the Army in Camp and Garrison.

Monsieur Antoine-Augustin Parmentier

Catholic Encyclopedia Biography

Wikipedia biography

Sylvia Parmentier, family Genealogy.

Find a Grave memorial.

The Napoleanic Society notes.

Netherlands Search of Ancestors page.

Wikipedia Enghein.

Google Books Search inauthor: Parmentier

Google Books Search: topic potatoes parmentier health

Google Books Search: Parmentier Corn

Google Books Search: Parmentier.

D. Ph. Mutel. Vie D’Antoine-Augustin Parmentier. 1819. Biography.

The Historical and Geographical Diction of America and the West Indies. Note on Parmentier and the Potato (Papas), and its previous use by another culture for making bread.

The Gardener’s Magazine & Register. p. 421 Has a Review of Downing’s book entitled A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening . . . . Has Parmentier mentioned as an influence of gardening in general, but important to Hosack’s garden developed in “Hyde Park” NY just prior to 1806.

A. Parmentier. Traite sur le Late. 1788/9.

The Monthly Review. 1783. p. 545 has review of Parmentier’s work Observations on Vegetables. Followed by Cullen’s theory in a letter to Scotland, about resuscitating a dead person, stated 1776, based on vital principle and heat in the body. See p. 455 for more amusing medical book reviews.

The Gentleman’s Magazine and Historical Chronicle. March 1800. p. 242 has a Review of Parmentier’s Some Information on the Use of Indian Corn.

Sir John Sinclair. The Code of Health and Longevity. notes Parmentier’s work. This book competed with Ricketson’s book for sales via the Medical Repository; the two had drastically different prices.

Medical Climatology

Richard Reece. 1814. Medical Guide for Tropical Climates, Particularly the British Settlements.

Medical Education

Circular, Medical College of Ohio.

A Narrative of the Rise and Fall of the Medical School . . .

Jedediah Morse. The American Gazetteer. New York, New York City, Medical schools discussed.

Health Laws of New York.

An Act to Incorporate Medical Societies. New York. ca. 1806.

Laws of the State of New York. Another.

Geological History of Manhattan. Has early Manhattan Geology Maps.

Medical Electricity

Google Search: Medical Electricity

Thomas Gale. Electricity, or Ethereal Fire. 1804. Of major influence on the entire Hudson valley, published out of Troy, NY.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. 1809. pp. 301, 408 or 508, 534, 700.

The Monthly Anthology and Boston Review. Medical Electricity and Ricketson’s book advertisement.

Medical Botany

Constantine Samuel Rafinesque. Medical Flora, or Manual of Medical Botany of the United States of America.

John Monroe. 1824. The American Botanist and Family Physician . . . Likewise, A Large Number of Indian Medical Discoveries, Never Before Published. . Compiled by Silas Gaskill, Wheellock (Vt.). Danville.

Samuel Stearns. 1801. An American Herbal, or Materia Medica. Comprises North, Middle and South America, and Caribbean plants.

Samuel Robinson. 1829. A Course of Fifteen Lectures, on Medical Botany.

Native American topics

Google Book Search: Indigenous Botany, 1785-1810.

William Fisher. New Travels among the Indians of North America, being a compilation taken partly from the Communications already published by Captains Lewis and Clark, and partly from the Authors who travelled among the Various Tribes of Indians . . . 1812.

Edward Chappell. Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson’s Bay. Cree and smallpox.

John Dunn Hunter. Manners and Customs of Several Indian Tribes located West of the Mississippi.

Pacific Northwest

Samuel Parker. Journal of the Exploring Tour Beyond the Rocky Mountains.

Hudson Valley Specific

Botanico-Medical Recorder. Poughkeepsie Thomsonian topics.

A System of Geography. Has NY section.

The Poughkeepsie Casket. Egbert B. Killey, Benson John Lossing.

The American Journal of the Medical Sciences. Another Copy. 1833. A Review of Dr. Sherrill’s book. p. 463. Legalizing the study of Anatomy in Connecticut, 553. Page 490 begins a review of Prof. Mojon, Genoa, whop claimed cholera was due to an animalculae, a theory supported by Hahnemann according to the reviewer. Animalculae theorists listed as: Varro, Lucretius, Vitruvius, Kircher, LeGandre; miasmists listed as Langius, Lancisi, Fabra, Linnaeus, Paul Ricca, Mouflet, Scuderi, Crawford; Hautman, Plenitz, Desault, Rasori, Puccinnoti, Targioni, Acerbi as contagionists.

Mr. Sabatier. On the Health and Cleanliness of the City of NewYork. Medical Repository. pp. 37-48.

Classical Theorists

Dr. W. P. Alison. 1842. No. 2. Observations on the Generation of Fever. Sanitation Theory–Scotland Reports on the Sanitation of the Labouring Population of Scotland. pp. 13 – 32. Numerous essays, including some on poverty and disease.

General Books/Journals

James Carrick Moore. An Essay on the Materia Medica, in which the Late Dr. Cullen . . .

Francis Barret. 1815. The Lives of Alchemical Philosophers

Henry Barham. Hortus Americanus. Mostly West Indies medicus.

Robert Thomas. The Modern Practice of Physic . . . and Improved Method of Treating the Diseases of All Climates. 3ed. London, 1809.

Medical and Philosophical Commentaries. Vol. 14. 1787. p. 186 Cullen’s theory, p. 413 – Humane Society of London revived a drowned person.

Medical Observer. 1806. On the various “Quack Medicines”.

David Hosack. A Statement of Facts relative to the development and Progress of the Elgin Botanical Garden. 1806.

The Analectic Magazine. Vol. 11. Jan 1818. The Vegetable Materia Medica of the United States, or Medical Botany. By Wm. P. C. Barton. A Criticism of Barton’s books and the materia medica proposed, claiming them to be weaker than the British medicine. Lists the plants.

System of Surgery.

William Cullen. First Lines of the Practice of Physic.

Daniel Drake. The People’s Doctors: A Review.

Western Journal of Medicine and Surgery.

Philadelphia Medical and Physical Journal.

John Parkinson. Theatrum Botanicum. Theater of Plants.

Henri Griffet. Histoire des hosties miraculeuses . . . .

David Hosack. A System of Practical Nosology.

Robert John Thornton. The Philosophy of Medicine, or Medical Extracts on the Nature of Health . . .

American Museum or Universal Magazine. 1790 Report on weather and diseases.

J. Livingston Van Kleeck. The New York Magazine, or Literary Repository. Report on Identical Twins.

Consumption and Fever. Medical Repository. Rule stating two diseases cannot coexist.

James Thomson Callender. Sketches of the Early History of America.

The Balance and Columbia Repository. February 1805. Herb Pills Doctor brought to court; bastions to be torn down for fuel for the poor.

The Balance and Columbia Repository history–The Balance was commenced in 1802 by Harry Crosswell (Archives of the General Convention, p. 491). Health was always a consideration about where to serve, move and live due to yellow fever and the general attitude people had about place and disease.

The Balance and Columbia Repository. 1806. Hydrophobia treatment.

Ibid. Volume 4, 1805.

Ibid. Volume 3. 1804.
See articles on Corn, Perfecting the Human mind (9, with mention of Perkin’s Tractors, Speaker was a student? Mary Woolstencraft), Political barometer of Poughkeepsie mentioned (43), discovery of very valuable mineral springs (60), death due to hydrophobia (76), Exports list (77, $55.8M worth, 10.8M from NY), Livingston-Clinton family earnings (78, 107), Tavern Bill (86), Method of Reading for Female Improvement (100), Election Results (139, 158, 166, 190), The House that George Built (144), Mitchell’s Fredonia publication (149), Corn as a substitute for Hay (164), Walking in Sleep (168), Louisiana Day had a star (161), Origins of Porter Beer (172), Congress Representatives (174), Preserving Clover Hay (188), Slavery (197, 203, 365), Lawnmower invented (200), On Making Hay (204), The Catskill Recorder (206), Yellow Fever (223), Osage Indians (223), Raising Hemp (228, yes Cannabis), Alexander Hamilton’s Obit (231, followed by coverage throughout July 24th and 31st issues, pp. 257 – on has Aug 14th Editorial, continues into Aus\gust), Lebanon Meeting House in Ct destroyed by democrats (240), Resuscitation (253), old pat med revived (277), the Limner (313, 321, 329, 345, 353, 361, 369 – Oct 9,16,23, 30, Nov. 6, 13, 20), interesting notes on Burr (366), Ode to Sickness (376), Who shall be our next president? (379), Osage Indians (380), Pirates near Hayti (382, plus following–throughout the year this was a major issue, now peaking), Consumption (384, 412 Hoarhound tx), Bear Fight in the Finger Lakes region (408).

Ibid. Volume 2. 1803. With much on slavery, trade of tobacco for women (no. 3, p. 21), philosophic faith, duelling, cow or kine pox by Dr. E. Elmore (no. 7, p. 52), Mahomet (57), Balance of Forest Trees, Theory of Noah (p. 60), Suffrage of Aliens migrating in, building the right houses based on climate, Ben Franklin about storms and winds (145), Vaccine Pock (148), Mitchell’s Fredonia is a name recommended for US (156-6), Charles Caldwell from the Med Rep article on the diseases of America (173), the Ethics of Slavery (177,185), windows and health (213), War Announced by Britain against France (215, July 5), July 4th toasts (226), more on Fredonia (228), Livingston Memorial (227, before then aft, and 252), Hoxie’s Threshing Machine (244), Upas tree, Livingston’s words for slavery in the south (252), French blockade of a coffee house in the Carribean (255), Livingston note about soils (261), Yellow Fever starts Aug 15, 1803 (262), Reflections on the terrible epidemic of NY (300), the best woolen cloth (316), yellow fever (318), Lecture on Slavery (332), Observations on Population (338, 344 brings in slavery, 353, 361), Ventilation and Disease (365), an Ulster County Cave (372), Joseph Hamilton’s Botanic Garden (388), An Account of the French and Canadian Inhabitants in Louisiana (396,404), W. Cowper’s On Slavery and the Slave Trade (poem, 416). Notes on the Purchase of Louisiana Territory appear throughout.

Duke de Rochefeaucault Diancourt. Account of the Shakers, an American Sect. pp. 77- 81. Common Traits of Character, State of Education . . . of the Inhabitants of North America. pp. 81-96. Isaac Weld. Miscellaneous Observations, Anecdotes . . . American Indians. pp. 96-108. The New Annual Register.

Erasmus Darwin. Zoonomia; or the Laws of Organic Life.


The Ariel, a Literary Gazette. p. 123 has Charles Caldwell’s tribute to Benjamin Smith Barton.

Internet Historical Medical Map Searches on Yahoo/Google

The Balance and Columbia Repository. General Search in Google Books for first printings.

Hudson New York Doctors Search Note: These are for a very early period in Hudson Valley history.

Catskill New York Doctors Search

Troy New York Doctors Search


Beri Beri


Mountain Fever



Augustus Petermann’s maps. Another Link. Images, photos, illustrations.

Analysis of Pamphlets on Cholera. Lancet London. A Discussion including Petermann’s maps.

Google Search for David Hosack.

Google Search for: Naturopathy.

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