This appendix is meant to give a brief description of the medicines, including foods and beverages, used by Dr. Osborn.  A lengthier discourse on these medicines is being prepared for publication.

The following format will be used for each medicine:

 Name of drug/plant (arranged alphabetically, according to         proper spelling)

      (Latin name–for plants/animals)

 Alternate spelling(s)      Ailment: page in manuscript

  (as given by Osborn in his manuscript)

 Recipe(s) noted by Osborn that include this medicine.

       Description of the medicine/recipe including:

             Some of the other common names in use.

             Whether it is Native (to Dutchess County),  Imported, and/or grown in Gardens.

Other pertinent information, including history of the drug and its uses.

Note:  A few medicines have not been identified with one-hundred percent certainty and are so noted.

      During the description of these medicines, numerous herbalists, chemists, apothecarians, and physicians are noted.  A brief concordance of their works is given in the References section.